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"Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance. Just get on the floor and do the new kids' dance!" Are you ready to break out into a bit of harmony and maybe bust a few moves? If you are, let's take this quiz Step by Step! 

The '80s was a time filled with Rock & Roll. Michael Jackson was singing about "Billie Jean" while Bon Jovi was "Livin' on a Prayer." Def Leppard was begging you to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and Prince was focused on "When Doves Cry." It was during this time and decade that the coined term "boy band" came to life with the immersion of New Kids on the Block onto the music scene. 

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1984, this new boy band was ready to take the world by storm. With five members, they were ready to introduce the world to their harmonies. Releasing their debut self-titled album in 1986, it wasn't until their 1989 album Hangin' Tough that they shot to stardom. Before their disbandment in 1994, the group would release three more albums. 

Since then, the members of New Kids would reunite and even tour the world with fellow boy band, Backstreet Boys. With a career that spans 20 years and multiple singles, how big a fan were you of New Kids on the Block? Do you remember their smallest singles like "Stop It Girl" to their biggest hits like "Step by Step?"

Can you bust a few moves and prove you're an ultimate fan? The kids are watching!

How many members are in New Kids on the Block?

The five guys are all icons now.


In what decade did New Kids on the Block first gained popularity?

The group started during the early ‘80s but only gained popularity during the late ‘80s.


What is the shortened acronym of the group?

The group sometimes goes by this nickname instead of the full name.


What kind of group is NKOTB?

Boy bands were already popular since the 1950s but the term gained more currency during the 1980s and 1990s.


This star-maker was the one who created NKOTB.

Maurice Starr is a record producer who also managed boy bands to stardom.


Maurice Starr discovered this group, which was the precursor for his creation of NKOTB.

New Edition is the all-African-American boy band that became famous in the early 1980s.


In creating NKOTB, Maurice Starr auditioned singing talents from this city.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.


The first member of NKOTB to join the group was this guy.

Donnie was 15 years old when he impressed Maurice Starr and joined the new boy band.


Donnie Wahlberg pulled in his best friend to audition for NKOTB, too. Who was this member?

To this day, Danny and Donnie remain good buddies.


Another original member of NKOTB was because of Donnie’s connection. Who was this member who later dropped out?

Mark went on to become a rapper and later, a movie star.


Donnie also pulled in his Boston schoolmate into the group. Who was this third member?

Jordan also enjoyed a solo career when the group disbanded in the mid-‘90s.


Since Jordan was already in, he pulled in another member which will make up the fourth member of the group. Who was he?

Jonathan is perhaps the only member who didn’t really want to have a solo career after they earlier disbanded.


Since Mark Wahlberg dropped out of the original line-up, Maurice Starr auditioned this fifth member. Who was he?

Joey had a solo career, too, prior to reuniting with his boy bandmates again in 2000s.


New Kids on the Block wasn’t the original name of this group. What was it?

It’s a good thing that they dropped this original name and took on the name of their debut album.


The group’s 1986 debut album featured songs of this kind of musical genre.

Bubblegum pop is a kind of genre associated with boy bands, and it started during the 1960s.


Their second album was a huge departure from the bubblegum pop sound the first did. What was the title of this album?

Hangin’ Tough was released in 1988.


A ballad from Hangin’ Tough was the group’s first legitimate hit. What was its title?

The song was the group’s first Billboard hit.


One of their earliest gigs was as the opening act for this teen singing sensation of the '80s.

Tiffany became good friends with the NKOTB gang.


One of their earliest and most memorable professional performances of the group was done in this famed theater in Harlem.

The Apollo audience is known for being scathing but also very supportive if an act is good, amateur or professional alike. NKOTB got a standing ovation.


One of their earliest dance hits was “You Got It” from the Hangin’ Tough album. What was its parenthetical subtitle?

Jordan is the lead singer - and dancer - in this dance hit.


Since the members were also dance performers, one of them took the lead in choreographing their routines. Who was this member?

Danny’s breakdancing background proved helpful in creating cool moves for the boys.


The groups’ third album was a Christmas-themed album. What was its title?

Recording artists usually put out Christmas albums like these, which combine their rendition of Christmas classics as well as original compositions.


What was the biggest hit out of the Merry, Merry Christmas album?

This song went double platinum.


When 1990 came about, the group released a new album. What was its title?

The release of this album solidified the group’s stellar status by that time.


Their early ‘90s worldwide concert tour was sponsored by this beverage company.

The Magic Summer tour was for the promotion of their Step By Step album.


Because of the group’s popularity, this kind of TV show was created as part of their “merchandise."

Its title, is, of course, none other than New Kids on the Block.


The group came out with an album full of remixed danceable version of their biggest hits. What was its title?

A remix album is usually a record company’s way of capitalizing on a bunch of songs' popularity further.


The early ‘90s saw allegations thrown at music artists, like NKOTB, for doing this.

A singer can merely move their mouth when they’re lip syncing to pre-recorded tracks. This is usually done when performing live.


The group's last ‘90s effort was this album.

The album had a few hits, but they weren’t as huge as their earlier efforts, prompting the group to disband.


When the group disbanded in the mid-‘90s, Donnie pursued this kind of career.

Donnie acted in TV shows and appeared in films.


It’s but apt that Donnie ended up getting married (again) to a TV celebrity during the 2000s. Who is his wife?

Jenny is a comedian and actress, and a former Playboy model, too.


Due to their early popularity, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts declared this day in April 1989 as “New Kids on the Block day."

This kind of declaration is done by places that honor their residents.


Jordan, though, has his own special day, thanks to his continued success when he went solo. When is his?

The Boston City Council was the one which declared this day in 2015 as "Jordan Knight Day."


One of their members was accidentally outed as gay by former co-worker Tiffany in a 2011 interview. Which of the boys was it?

Jonathan acknowledged that he has been living as an openly out gay man for a long time; he just didn’t announce this fact in the media.


After reuniting for another go at it and staging comeback tours, NKOTB finally got their star in 2014 in this famed Hollywood landmark.

The boys’ star is located at 7072 Hollywood Boulevard, if you want to find it easily.


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