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Put down your dincher and giggle water and come with us back to when "bimbo" referred to a man, a "tomato" was a woman and a "wurp" was a buzzkill. It'll be the bee's knees. Ab-so-lute-ly.

Which phrase means you're on the run from the police?

If you're on the run from the police, you're "on the lam."

If you "got soaked with a bar rag" while "lapping" "hooch" at a "gin mill" last night, what happened?

If you "got soaked with a bar rag" while "lapping" "hooch" at a "gin mill" last night, you got tipsy drinking alcohol at the bar last night.

What was not slang for a bar serving illegal alcohol?

Speakeasies, juice joints and gin joints were all slang for a bar serving illegal liquor. Bunk is not.

Where are you if you're in the "cooler"?

If you're in the cooler, you're in jail.

What name was coined for passengers who insist on giving unsolicited driving advice?

We still call passengers who give unsolicited advice about driving, navigation and anything else auto-related backseat drivers.

Which was not slang for legs?

"Getaway sticks," "pins" and "stilts" are all slang for legs -- and so is "gams."

What part of your body hurts when your "dogs are barking"?

When your "dogs are barking," your feet hurt.

If you've ordered a cup of Joe and a sinker, what are you having with your coffee?

A cup of Joe and a sinker is '20s slang for coffee and a doughnut.

What were "flappers" also known as?

Among other names, a "flapper" was also known as a "barlow," a "chicken" and a "jazz baby."

What do you call a gangster's girlfriend?

A gangster's girl was called a "moll."

If you're sitting next to a "smoke eater" at the bar, you're sitting next to whom?

If you're sitting next to a "smoke eater" at the bar, you're sitting next to a woman who smokes cigarettes.

If you "know your onions," what do you know?

If you "know your onions," you know what you're talking about.

Where are you if you're in the "hoosegow"?

If you're in the hoosegow, you're in jail.

How do you refer to a man over age 30?

Once he's over 30, he's Father Time.

What about a woman over the age of 30?

Over 30 and female? In the 1920s, they may have called you a "rock of ages."

What's a half-smoked cigarette called?

A half-smoked cigarette is called a "dincher."

What do you call a divorced woman who's trying (and failing) to look young?

She's a fire alarm.

What does it mean if the conversation you struck up turns out to be just a lot of "static"?

Meaningless conversations are all just a bunch of "static."

If someone wants to see your "handcuff," what do you show them?

If someone wants to see your "handcuff," they'd like to see your engagement ring.

If engagement rings are "handcuffs," what are wedding rings?

Your wedding ring is a "manacle."

If you're told your date is "a canceled stamp," what's wrong?

If she's a "cancelled stamp," she's shy.

What does it mean when someone says they like your "kennels"?

Salvatore Ferragamo designed some beautiful kennels ... err, shoes. Kennels are a pair of shoes, for your dogs (feet).

Who is a "drugstore cowboy"?

A "drugstore cowboy" is a sharp-dressed man who hangs around, hitting on women.

What are you called if you are a flapper who can hold her liquor?

A young woman who could hold her liquor was called a non-skid.

Which was not slang for money?

"Clams" and "cabbage" were both slang for money. "Fin" meant $5.

If you're making "chin music," what are you doing?

You make "chin music" when you gossip.

Which slang for the police gained popularity at the end of the decade?

Calling the police "the fuzz" began at the end of the 1920s.

Which wasn't a male equivalent of the "flapper"?

Flippers, sharpshooters and sheiks were all terms for the male flapper. A "tabby cat" was not.

What would a flapper have called a man from "the sticks" (a rural part of the country)?

In flapper-speak, a man from the country would be called "apple knocker," "hick" or "otis," just three of several names for those living outside urban areas.

If you're taking a ride in your "breezer," what are you in?

Taking a ride in your "breezer" means you're out in your convertible.

Which phrase doesn't mean the same as the others?

All of these are exclamations of something good, except "it's the bunk," which means you doubt it.

If you want a nice "quilt" to warm you up, what do you want?

A "quilt" is an alcoholic drink to warm you up.

What are you wearing if you're in a "fig-leaf"?

You're wearing a one-piece swimsuit if you're wearing a "fig-leaf."

What's in your cup if you're drinking "noodle juice"?

If you're drinking a cup of "noodle juice," you're having a cup of tea.

What might you be called if you're a good sport?

A"lalapazaza" is a good sport.

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