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The thing about going boldly where no one has gone before is, well, sometimes you run into some mean-spirited space species. How much do you know about the weapons of "Star Trek"?

What's one of the most common weapons in "Star Trek"?

Phasers are common weapons of the "Star Trek" universe. They can be set to stun or kill murderous foes.


How do phasers work?

Phasers focus energy and then project it as a beam. They supposedly rely on fictional particles called "rapid nadions."


The bat'leth is a sword common to which "Star Trek" race?

The Klingons are a warrior race that prize wicked-looking weapons like the bat'leth, a curved sword with four blades and three handgrips on the rear. All the better to eviscerate you with, my dear.


What is a characteristic of phaser fire?

Phaser blasts look like one solid beam of energy. But in reality, the beam is a rapid pulse of fire that, when dialed up to its highest power, can be completely devastating to the target.


True or false: Phase cannons are the most advanced type of cannon on Starfleet ships.

Phase cannons are common in the 22nd century of "Star Trek." They are an earlier technology that predates phasers.


What effect do subatomic disruptors have on enemy starships?

Subatomic disruptors are incredibly powerful weapons that can tear apart the very molecules of the target ship. In some cases, it can disable a large ship's shields in just one blast.


True or false: Are phasers always hand-sized weapons?

"Star Trek" phasers come in myriad shapes and sizes, from sidearms to behemoths mounted on starships. They all harness pulsing energy to do their damage.


Why did the Federation ban Varon-T disrupters?

Varon-T disruptors were particularly gruesome -- they could rip the target inside out. The Federation banned them for inflicting such terrible agony.


Tetryon cannons are meant to damage which part of a starship?

Tetryon cannons are specifically designed to destroy a ship's shields. Hirogen hunters use them to capture starships undamaged.


Photon torpedoes are tipped with warheads containing _____.

Photon torpedoes contain warheads filled with antimatter. When detonated, the warhead creates a matter-antimatter explosion and fills the area with ion radiation.


Replicas of the Klingon bat'leth sword are common. Are they legal in America?

The Klingon bat'leth sword draws stares in public ... and in some states like New Jersey, you're likely to have the weapon confiscated. In some other states, it's totally legal, but if you walk around with one, you'll get a lot of (possibly unwanted) attention.


Which race developed the horrifying biogenic charge?

The Borg created biogenic charges and intended to detonate them in Earth's atmosphere. The result? Everyone on the planet would be infected with nanoprobe viruses.


True or false: Are phasers merely weapons?

In the true "Star Trek" spirit, phasers aren't just weapons, they can be used as tools, too. Many crew members use them for tasks like welding and cutting.


Photon torpedoes are equipped with which feature?

Photo torpedoes are often equipped with shields, allowing the weapon to penetrate a target, burrowing deep before detonation.


In the "Star Trek" universe, how are laser weapons regarded?

Lasers make a few brief appearances in "Star Trek." The Borg, for instance, use lasers against Federation ships. But lasers are generally regarded as a primitive weapon technology.


The Cardassian Dreadnought weapon is essentially what?

The Dreadnought is, at heart, a huge self-guided missile. By some estimates, it is powerful enough to destroy an entire moon.


Which "Star Trek" race was the first to use photon torpedoes?

In the 22nd century, Klingons commonly use photon torpedoes. Starfleet soon catches on to the powerful weapons and adopts them for its own uses.


Phasers on the Enterprise are so powerful they can destroy _____.

Starship-mounted phasers are so powerful that they can destroy entire continents. Fortunately, Starfleet captains don't typically have that kind of mayhem in mind.


What's a unique feature of chroniton torpedoes?

Chroniton torpedoes move in and out of what we perceive as normal time. This now-you-see-it, now-you-don't feature is handy for bypassing strong shield systems.


What's a cool feature of Starfleet katana swords?

Katana swords are centuries old, but the Starfleet versions are rather nifty -- they have a folding construction that makes them easy to store in tight quarters.


In 2009's "Star Trek" film, a phaser that fires red projectiles is set to _____.

In the 2009 film, it's easy to tell who's out to cause serious harm, because their phasers emit red projectiles. Phasers set to stun shoot blue projectiles.


Quantum torpedoes use what energy to generate their destructive power?

Quantum torpedoes use zero-point energy for their great powers. Zero-point energy is a real thing in quantum physics, but scientists can't fully explain how it works, and neither can I.


Starfleet's TR-116 Projectile Rifle is a lot like what?

The TR-116 shoots hard projectiles, not beams of energy. It's a fallback weapon in the (unlikely) event that energy weapons fail to perform.


Starfleet deployed transphasic torpedoes for the sole purpose of battling which race?

The Borg steamroll through much of the Federation and seem destined to control the universe. But Starfleet uses its powerful transphasic torpedoes to stop the Borg in their soulless tracks.


In Starfleet, the empty casings of photon torpedoes are often used for which purpose?

Photon torpedoes require sizable casings ... large enough for humanoid bodies. Starfleet often loads its dead into casings and then blasts them into empty space.


Which "Star Trek" race is known for using gravimetric torpedoes?

The Borg are a terrifying race known for subjugating civilizations around the universe. They fire gravimetric torpedoes, which create forces that can essentially rip starships to shreds.


Photon torpedoes are a replacement for which Starfleet weapon?

In the beginning, Starfleet relies heavily on nuclear weapons to fight its enemies. Photon torpedoes are much more powerful and come with incredible added benefits like blast power control.


What sort of effect do plasma torpedoes have on starships?

Plasma torpedoes are a high-energy weapon that, once detonated, create an implosion on a starship. These torpedoes are deadly but they have a relatively short range.


The plasma cannon is considered an upgrade from the ______.

Phase cannons are antiquated weapons, especially with regard to Starfleet. It replaced many of these older weapons with plasma cannons.


Which race often uses plasma torpedoes?

The Romulans are one race that relies on plasma torpedoes to damage the various systems of enemy ships. The Kazon and Cardassians also use this torpedo technology.


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