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Without the Emperor, there’d be no Luke Skywalker. Without Darth Vader, there would be no Han Solo. For every hero in the “Star Wars” universe, there are the equal and opposing forces of evil – the villains and their ugly henchmen. Do you know the bad guys who populate the galaxies of “Star Wars”?

Let’s face it, without the baddies, our heroes would have no one to battle. Instead, Luke would play endless games of “Space Invaders” and fiddle with the useless buttons on his lightsaber. Fortunately, his father is a truly terrible parent, so Luke can chop off his dad’s body parts with wild abandon. Do you really know anything about Vader and his evil streak? Do you think that maybe he just needs a stronger anti-depressant?

From the original “Star Wars” movies to the latest Disney films, all of these blockbusters are loaded with evildoers looking to maximize mayhem. Can you name the mastermind of horror in “The Last Jedi”? And do you recall how he meets his maker?

Some of the villains stretch out their fiendish plots over multiple films. Do you know the creatures of the Empire and those that belong to the First Order?

In this quiz, we’re going to sink to the lowest of the low, embracing the dark side in all of us. Take our “Star Wars” villains quiz now!

Anakin Skywalker is better known as ______.

Anakin is a testament to the power of the dark side of the Force. He falls prey to its evils and transforms into Darth Vader, one of the universe's most feared creatures.


Who is the famous bad guy who wields a double-bladed lightsaber?

Darth Maul has a terrible haircut that gives him an extremely bad attitude. He vents his rage via a double-bladed lightsaber that makes him the envy of other Jedi knights.


Which villain kills Han Solo?

Say it ain't so! Kylo Ren might be Han's son, but he's possessed by an uncontrollable rage. He winds up killing his own father and sending the "Star Wars" franchise in a dark direction.


General Grievous exhibits which chronic health issue?

General Grievous might be a cyborg, but he still struggles with weird health issues. He is constantly coughing, a sign that all is not well within his metal frame.


What color is the glowing blade of Darth Vader's lightsaber?

Vader's lightsaber is red, of course. All the better to sizzle off parts of his son's body. He didn't need that hand, anyway!


What is Kylo Ren's birth name?

Ren was born Ben Solo, the son of Han and Leia. But he became a soldier of the dark side, willing to commit all manner of atrocities against other people.


At one point, General Grievous manages to simultaneously wield _____ lightsabers.

General Grievous is a multi-talented lightsaber warrior. During a battle with Obi-Wan, he divides his own mechanical arms so that he can use four lightsabers at once … a rather unfair advantage if you ask us.


True or false, did Anakin Skywalker once fight alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi?

It's true, Anakin once fought for the Republic, and was a comrade to good men like Obi-Wan. The dark side got ahold of Anakin, though, slowly turning him into Darth Vader.


Who kills a hero named Qui-Gon?

Qui-Gon is determined to stop Darth Maul from kidnapping Padme. But he steps into the fray against Maul's double-bladed lightsaber … and falls prey to its mesmerizing powers.


Who served as Supreme Leader of the First Order?

In the ashes of the Galactic Empire arose the First Order, led by Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke is fully consumed by the dark side, taking pleasure in the suffering of other beings.


Darth Sidious is also known as _____.

Darth Sidious is perhaps better known as Palpatine. He's the freaky-faced Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Empire, and if you make him angry, he'll blast you with painful arcs of force electricity.


Boba Fett makes his living through which occupation?

Boba Fett is a fearsome bounty hunter who zooms around the universe in search of his prey. He's the guy who finally tracks down Han Solo for Darth Vader.


How does Supreme Leader Snoke die?

Snoke pokes and prods the young Kylo Ren, whom he suspects is too weak to fully embrace the dark side. Kylo strikes out, slicing Snoke in half using a lightsaber.


What is Palpatine's ultimate goal?

Palpatine is the ruler of the Empire, and he wants to destroy the Republic and wipe out the Jedi Order. But he'll have to contend with a whole lot of angry rebels in order to accomplish his dark goals.


Which villain looks like an oversized disgusting slug?

Jabba the Hutt is a pretty gross dude, scarfing down revolting creatures using his slimy tongue. He's also evil to his core, happy to serve the Empire, so long as it earns him some cash.


Who cuts off Anakin Skywalker's arm?

Anakin does battle with Dooku, who severs Skywalker's arm. Anakin replaces his arm with a robotic limb and continues on his path as a Jedi knight.


Which person takes the title of Supreme Leader from Snoke?

Kylo Ren murders Snoke and slays all of his security personnel. In the end, he takes control of the First Order, claiming the title of Supreme Leader.


Why does Anakin Skywalker give in to the dark side?

Anakin has a premonition that his wife Padme will die in childbirth. When Palpatine tells Anakin that he can use the dark side to stop Padme's death, he relents and embraces evil, becoming Darth Vader.


Which villain gets chomped by the giagantic Sarlacc near the Great Pit of Carkoon?

Fett may have captured Han Solo, but he soon gets his comeuppance. Luke Skywalker accidentally strikes Fett's rocket pack, which blasts Boba right into the Sarlacc's hungry maw.


Why does Luke Skywalker cut off Darth Vader's hand?

Vader threatens to use his influence to turn Leia to the dark side. Luke flies into a rage and attacks his father, slicing off his robotic hand and nearly killing him. Dude had it comin'.


Grand Moff Tarkin is in charge of which technological monstrosity?

Grand Moff Tarkin is the sourpuss who commands the Death Star. His menacing demeanor matches perfectly the evil of his big, bad gun.


Captain Phasma is _____.

Captain Phasma is a stormtrooper commander, one who ruthlessly guns down her foes. She's easy to identify because her armor is dark gray instead of Stormtrooper White™.


Darth Vader partially redeems himself by killing which character?

In the end, Vader shows that he still has a tiny bit of empathy buried somewhere in his black heart. To save his son Luke, he grabs the Emperor and chucks him into the Death Star's reactor, bringing the Galactic Empire to its knees.


Which villain was trained by Yoda?

Count Dooku was once a Jedi knight for the light side of the Force. Following the death of Qui-Gon, though, Dooku falls to the dark side and attacks the Republic.


Which character hopes to gain more power than Kylo Ren in the First Order?

General Hux is the guy who snivels his way through life, hoping to endear himself to powerful creatures like Snoke. In the end, though Hux can't begin to approach the power of Kylo Ren.


Which bad guy tortures Han Solo and then freezes him in carbonite?

After a long hunt, Vader finally gets his cold, black hands on Han Solo. He sets about torturing Han and then has him frozen solid into carbonite for safe storage.


Captain Phasma has a major confrontation with which hero?

Captain Phasma recognizes Finn as a stormtrooper deserter, and she thinks of Finn as "scum." Finn is more than happy to help Phasma to an early grave.


How does Grand Moff Tarkin die?

Grand Moff Tarkin wants to crush all dissenters who oppose the Empire. But his miserable life is snuffed out when the Death Star kicks the bucket.


How does Count Dooku meet his untimely end?

Let that be a lesson to you -- hang out with people on the dark side and they'll always betray you in the end. Anakin follows Palpatine's orders to execute Dooku, lopping off his head, thus beginning Anakin's long career of body chopping.


Which bad guy enslaves Leia and forces her to wear a famous skimpy bikini?

Jabba the Hutt isn't a human, so it's hard to understand why he'd want Leia parading around in a tiny bikini. No matter, she'll make him pay for his harassment.


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