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Sure, you might be a Boston Red Sox fan, but just how much do you know about the history of the team? Are you a diehard fan or is your Red Sox knowledge suffering from The Curse of the Bambino? Find out now with this Sox quiz!

In which division do the Boston Red Sox play?

The American League East has won more World Series titles than the teams of any other division in baseball. The Red Sox have won the AL East eight times since its inception in 1969, the third-best mark in the division.

How many World Series titles have the Red Sox won?

The Sox won five titles before 1918 and have won three since 2004. That is good enough to tie Boston for fourth-most all time.

Who is known as Big Papi?

Ortiz won a 2004 ALCS MVP and a 2013 World Series MVP. He is easily one of the great Red Sox players in team history.

How many years of Ted Williams' career were lost to World War II?

Those three years were in the prime of Williams' career. One can only wonder how much better his career numbers could have been.

Which World Series-winning Red Sox team had the nickname "Idiots?"

The 2004 Red Sox team had quite the group of characters and were able to make history by overcoming a 0-3 deficit against the Yankees in the ALCS.

Who was the first Red Sox player to win the Triple Crown?

Williams was able to achieve the feat twice during his career, once in 1942 and again in 1947.

This Red Sox first baseman had a ball go through his legs that ultimately led to the team's losing the 1986 World Series.

Buckner's error made him one of the most hated men in Boston history. Thankfully, all was forgiven after the Sox won in 2004.

How many years were between Carl Yastrzemski and Miguel Cabrera's respective Triple Crowns?

The 45-year Triple Crown drought was the longest in MLB history. In 1967, Yastrzemski hit .326 with 44 home runs and 121 RBI.

He is known as The Splendid Splinter.

The Hall of Fame outfielder finished with 521 home runs. Williams missed three of his prime years when he went off to World War II from 1943 to 1946.

Who is the Red Sox all-time leader in home runs?

Williams bashed 521 career homers and is the only player in franchise history to hit 500 homers with the team. David Ortiz and Carl Yastrzemski round out the top three.

What was Ted Williams' average when he hit over .400 in 1941?

Williams is the only player in MLB history to hit .400 or better in a season. Tony Gwynn came the closest to Williams' seemingly unbeatable feat when he hit .394 in 1994, a strike-shortened season.

Who is the Red Sox all-time saves leader?

Papelbon saved 219 games with the Sox. He helped close the door on the 2007 World Series for Boston.

Who is known as Mr. Red Sox?

Pesky had a six-decade long relationship with the Red Sox. The right field foul pole in Fenway Park is known as "Pesky's Pole."

Which Red Sox closer recorded the last out of the 2004 World Series?

Foulke saved 32 games during the regular season and pitched to a 0.64 ERA in the playoffs. The final out was a comebacker to Foulke.

Which Red Sox pitcher recorded the most strikeouts in team history?

Clemens finished with 2,590 strikeouts for the Sox, which is 500 more than the next closest player, Tim Wakefield.

This player's bloody sock helped propel the Red Sox to victory over the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS.

Schilling's bloody sock has become a thing of legend. Some question if that was actually blood under the sock.

Which one of these Red Sox players surpassed 3,000 hits with the team?

Yastrzemski is the Red Sox all-time hits leader with 3,419. Ted Williams and Jim Rice round out the top three in franchise history.

Former Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer was tossed aside by this Red Sox player during an on-field altercation in the 2003 ALCS.

Martinez got plenty of negative attention for tossing aside the elder Zimmer, who was beloved by Yankees and baseball fans alike. Martinez has since said he regretted the altercation.

This baseball legend was the subject of a supposed curse that haunted the Red Sox for nearly nine decades.

The curse started when Ruth was sold to the Yankees for $100,000. Before that move, the Sox were the most successful baseball franchise.

He was Pudge to Red Sox fans long before Ivan Rodriguez was to Texas Rangers fans.

Fisk played with the Sox from 1969 through 1980. The former backstop is best known for his huge Game 6 home run in the 1975 World Series.

Who was the last Red Sox pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Young's perfect game in 1904 was the first and only perfect game in team history. Young also threw a no hitter in 1908 for the Sox.

How long did the Red Sox World Series drought last?

The Sox last won in 1918 before their 2004 victory. The Curse of the Bambino was said to be the reason for this drought, of course.

Which of these Red Sox players did not win a league MVP award?

Despite several top-tier seasons from Ortiz, the former Red Sox DH never won an MVP award. Ortiz finished in the top five in MVP voting five times.

Which Red Sox pitcher won the most games in team history?

Young and Clemens both notched 192 wins from the mound while with the Red Sox. Wakefield finished just six wins behind both with 186.

This Red Sox player was the first player in MLB history to win Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season.

Lynn achieved the feat in 1975. In his rookie season, Lynn hit .331 with 21 homers and 105 RBI.

Which of these Red Sox pitchers have won a Cy Young award?

Rick Porcello was the fourth Red Sox pitcher to win the award, which he did in 2016. Clemens (three) and Martinez (two) won it multiple times.

Which of these Red Sox players did not win a Rookie of the Year award?

Yastrzemski hit .266 with 11 homers and 80 RBIs in 1961, his rookie season. Starting pitcher Don Schwall, his teammate, won the award with a 15-7 season and 3.22 ERA.

Which Red Sox manager has the most wins in team history?

Cronin is the only manager in team history to compile 1,000 wins or more with the Red Sox. Cronin won an AL pennant in 1946.

Which Red Sox player has won the most World Series titles with the team?

Two players, Harry Hooper and Heinie Wagner, were part of all four Red Sox World Series teams in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918. Ruth and Ortiz are tied with three titles apiece as a member of the Sox.

Which of these Red Sox players do not have their number retired by the team?

The last Red Sox player to have his number retired was Pedro Martinez. He was also the first foreign-born player in team history to get the honor.

This player won the 2007 World Series MVP award for the Red Sox.

Lowell hit .400 during the 2007 World Series victory. He also scored six runs and knocked in four RBI.

What Red Sox player had the highest single-season average for a right-handed hitter in team history?

Williams, of course, was a left-handed hitter and hit over .406 in 1941. Garciaparra's .372 in 2000 is good for second-best in club history.

Which of these Red Sox players also played for the Yankees?

Clemens and Boggs both won rings with the Yankees, while Youkilis' one-season stint with the Yanks in 2013 was an injury-plagued disaster.

Along with Bill Carrigan, which Red Sox manager is tied for the most World Series titles in team history?

Francona and Carrigan both won two World Series titles for the Red Sox. No other manager has more than one.

Which of these Red Sox pitchers have not thrown a no-hitter while with the team?

Despite his incredible success with the Red Sox, Clemens never threw a no-hitter. Lester was the last Red Sox pitcher to do so in 2008.

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