Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Canadian Rules of the Road?
How Well Do You Know the Canadian Rules of the Road?
By: Steven Symes
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About This Quiz

The rules of the road are essential to follow to make sure that everyone makes it to their destination safely. These rules are often different depending on where you are. Many laws in Canada differ from even the neighboring United States! What driving laws do you have in your country?

Do you know what unit of measurement is used on road signs that indicate the speed limit? Do you know what a white and red triangular sign means? How about what you should do at a red light? Reading the signs and signals is only part of the rules, obeying them is just as important.

Do you know the age in which you can get a driver's license? What about the laws when it comes to distracted driving? Do you know which way you drive when you come to a roundabout? Driving laws in Canada are taken very seriously, and they are always being improved.

The questions on this quiz will make driving through the country a breeze. If you're a Canadian driver, this will be simple. If you're not and you just know your rules of the Canadian road, then this will be simple for you too! Prepare for a road trip throughout the Great White North and take this quiz to see your score!

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All Canadian speed limits are marked in what units?
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How much do children need to weigh to not use a booster seat while riding in a car?
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What language other than English are some Canadian road signs printed in?
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Which side of the road do Canadians drive on?
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Where in Canada is it illegal to turn right on a red light?
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What does a flashing green light at an intersection in British Columbia mean?
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Who has to wear a seat belt in Canada?
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What's the minimum driving age in Canada?
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At a four-way intersection, who has right of way?
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If a school bus has flashing red lights, what must you do?
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In Quebec, the zero alcohol rule applies to all drivers under what age?
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What can't you use in anger while driving in Quebec?
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From December 15 to March 15 in Quebec, which of the following isn't a seasonal driving law?
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Which way do you go in a roundabout?
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In Quebec, when can you hold a phone while in the driver's seat?
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Where can't cyclists ride, unless a road sign explicitly allows it?
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You're going to turn into a private driveway off a road, but a pedestrian is crossing in front of it on the sidewalk. Who has right of way?
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What does a green circle around a symbol or text on a Canadian road sign mean?
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What kind of road sign is triangular, with a white triangle inside a red one?
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A red light at an intersection means what?
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In New Brunswick, you can't do what in a car with minors riding in it?
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In Ontario, the law states you can't race what furiously on a highway?
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In British Columbia your can't put your vehicle into what while going downhill?
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In British Columbia, you can't do what in the left lane?
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If you're using a horse-drawn sleigh on a highway in Ontario, it must be equipped with what for a warning sound?
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In Saskatchewan, you can't do what to a car you're not riding in on the highway?
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What must motorcyclists wear in Canada?
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What's the minimum fine for street racing in Ontario?
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Where in Canada is it illegal to drive barefoot?
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In which province can you legally cross solid road lines?
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When passing in Prince Edward Island, what are you legally supposed to do?
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What can't you have on the front windows in Alberta and a few other provinces?
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Which Canadian province bans eating while driving?
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When can you text as a driver in Canada?
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