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The sport of golf is defined as much by the etiquette of the game as it is by the actual shooting and putting. But, do you know all of the little details of golf etiquette? Could you pass this quiz that goes through all of those details? Why not give it a shot?

Since the beginning of modern golf in the 19th century, the sport has had a set of formal rules that make the game flow and work. However, it's the informal rules which have developed over the years that really define the game for everyone to enjoy. After all, golf etiquette keeps everyone on the course safe and helps protect the equipment as well as the course. If the etiquette of golf did not exist, the sport would not be the same because there would be no universal language for the different groups playing to adhere to.

Are you an expert on everything golf, though, including golf etiquette? Do you know all of the little details that allow the game to flow smoothly each day for everyone playing? If you think you really are a golf expert, then take this challenging quiz and put that knowledge to the ultimate test!

Why do you follow golf etiquette?

Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. However, influence for the game came from Holland and Belgium.


What do you scream if your ball is going to hit someone?

Originally, golf was played with pebbles as golf balls. The pebbles were knocked around with clubs made from sticks.


Never cross a player's what?

When golf popped up in Scotland, natural courses were used from everyday environments. Courses included natural sand dunes and fields with holes dug into the ground.


Don't do what when someone is hitting?

The holes in the ground are what make golf unique from other games with a stick and ball. That's why the game can't be compared directly with kolven, which was one of its influences.


What else shouldn't you do when someone is hitting?

The sport of golf was introduced to England by King Charles I. Charles was also the king of Scotland and Ireland at the time.


Never do what on the golf course?

The name "caddie" came from Mary Queen of Scots. The term originally meant helpers from the French Army.


What should you wear?

The Leith golf course in Scotland hosted the first-ever international tournament. The tournament was played between golfers from Scotland and England.


What should you NOT wear?

Leith was also home to the first golf club. It was known as the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith.


Keep what up?

The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith hosted an annual tournament. The winner of the tournament received a silver golf club.


What do you always accept if someone offers it?

The Gentlemen Golfers of Leith also drafted a set of rules. The rules were primarily drafted by Duncan Forbes.


What should you do with the sand when you exit a bunker?

In 1759, stroke play began in golf. Not long after that, the standard 18-hole course became popular.


Replace what at the hole?

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews did a lot to promote golf in the 19th century. This included a publication of rules for the sport.


What determines who tees off first in the honors system?

The Golf Club at St. Andrews also held the first women's golf club. It was established in 1895.


What determines who hits first after teeing off?

Old golf clubs were handcrafted for the players. This made the clubs quite expensive.


Never drive your golf cart on what?

The first golf club outside Scotland was formed in England. It was called the Royal Blackheath.


Where should you leave your cart while teeing off?

Thanks to the British Empire, the game of golf spread around the world. During the 19th century, courses popped up in countries as far as India and China.


What should you do while someone is shooting to speed up the pace?

The first major championship was played in 1860. The game was played at the Prestwick Golf Club.


When should you write down your score?

One of the earliest winners of the major championship during its first decade was Old Tom Morris. He won the event in 1862, 1864 and 1867.


Before starting your game, bring plenty of what?

The son of Old Tom Morris, also called Tom Morris, won the event four times in a row. His first win came in 1869.


What else should you bring plenty of before starting your game?

The earliest golfers made a living by betting against their opponents. They also had to pay their caddie, of course.


How do you find your golf ball after teeing off?

The Augusta National Golf Club is a course and club located in Augusta, Georgia. It is one of the four major tournaments played today.


If you exit your cart on the course, bring what?

The Augusta National was started by Bobby Jones, an amateur golfer. The first tournament was played there in 1934, known as the Masters Tournament.


You should help your opponent do what?

The lowest score ever shot at the Masters was a 63. This score was shot by Nick Price in 1986.


Don't spend more than how much time looking for a golf ball?

No player has more wins at the Masters Tournament than Jack Nicklaus, who has six. The next closest golfer has four.


Always look for what when teeing off?

Jack Nicklaus also has the most major wins of any golfer ever. He finished his career with 18 wins.


Where should you park your cart when playing the green?

Tiger Woods has the second most majors. His first major was in 1997 at the Masters.


When playing a hole, you should NOT do what?

Tiger Woods also has the second most PGA Tour wins with 79. In fact, his rookie season he was named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year.


Do NOT seek advice from who?

Sam Snead is first all time with PGA Tour wins. He finished his career with 82 wins.


You should tell your opponent what information if they ask while playing?

Sam Snead never won a U.S. Open. It was the only major tournament he never won.


If players can't determine which ball is furthest from the hole, who decides?

Sam Snead's nickname was "Slammin' Sammy" because of his driving distance. Many fans believe he had the best swing ever.


When should a player take their shot on a provisional ball?

Bobby Jones is the only golfer to achieve a Grand Slam in a single year. He accomplished this in 1930.


What happens to a ball that falls off a tee without a player touching it?

A career Grand Slam is when a golfer wins all of the major tournaments at least once during their career. The first golfer to accomplish this was Gene Sarazen.


What should you do to divots you leave in the ground?

Only five golfers have ever achieved a career Grand Slam. The last golfer to do this was Tiger Woods.


Don't stand in the way of another player's what?

Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy are tied for the lowest score at the U.S. Open. Both players shot 16 under par during two different tournaments.


Always enter a bunker from where?

The PGA Championship was first played in 1916. That year the tournament was held at the Siwanoy Country Club in New York.


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