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With over 600,000 members across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands, the National Future Farmers of America has been a nationally recognized organization since 1928. With famous members like Tim McGraw, John Mellencamp, and Jimmy Carter, it's no wonder it has been a long-standing favorite with students. With such a long history, how much do you really know about it, though? 

Formed in Kansas City and modeled after the Future Farmers of Virginia, the National FFA has grown in size over the years. Despite all the changes, nothing has changed about the organization's official dress. Although many other things like the FFA magazine and the revised FFA creed have changed, the foundations of the group and the desire to continue agricultural education has stayed steady. 

Throughout this quiz, you'll get the chance to prove to us that you know all there is to know about the National Future Farmers of America. Whether you are a greenhand or an alumni or not a member of the FFA at all, this quiz should challenge you in ways you might have to research. Do you know the FFA as well as you think you do, or will we send you back to farming school? 

How many symbols are on the FFA emblem?

On the FFA emblem, there are five symbols: the eagle, the owl, an ear of corn, a red rising sun and a plow. Each of the symbols have a different meaning or association.


What are the FFA's official colors?

The official colors of the FFA are blue and gold. Adopted in 1929, blue is said to represent the blue in the American flag while the gold is reflective of cornfields at harvest time.


What does the eagle on the FFA emblem represent?

There are five total symbols on the FFA emblem: the eagle, the owl, an ear of corn, a red rising sun, and a plow. The eagle is said to serve as a reminder of America's freedom.


What year were girls allowed to join the FFA?

Although the FFA was originally formed in 1928, girls were not allowed to become members until 1969. These days, women make up nearly half of FFA memberships and hold 50% of leadership positions.


What famous song is the FFA's salute?

After forming in 1928, the FFA began to choose its motto, salute, and official emblems in 1929. The national anthem was chosen to be the FFA's salute.


What year was the FFA jacket declared official dress?

The blue corduroy jacket was adopted as the official uniform of the FFA in 1933. After emblems are attached, the blue jacket is later embroidered with gold thread for personalization.


Where did the FFA start?

In 1928, the National Future Farmers of America was formed in Kansas City, Missouri. The FFA's headquarters are currently located in Washington, D.C.


How many FFA jackets are manufactured every year?

Every year, at least 70,000 new FFA jackets are created: 50,000 are imported; 20,000 are made domestically. Each jacket costs around $50, and the price has remained the same for over 20 years.


Which state boasts the most FFA members?

As well as operating in all 50 states, the FFA also has chapters in Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands. The state with the most FFA members is Texas.


What does the ear of corn symbolize on the FFA emblem?

Because every state can grow corn, the ear of corn on the FFA emblem symbolizes unity. The ear of corn rests at the bottom of the FFA emblem and serves as the foundation.


How much did a FFA membership cost in 1928?

In 1928, a FFA membership would have cost you approximately 10 cents per year. These days, it's still a bargain at $7 every 12 months.


What year were African American students allowed to be in the FFA?

Prior to 1965, African American students were only allowed to be a member of the New Farmers of America. Thanks to the Civil Rights movement, the New Farmers of America merged with the FFA.


Which former US president was once a member of the FFA?

In addition to several celebrity members including Taylor Swift, former president Jimmy Carter was also a member. Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States.


How many chapters of the FFA are there?

Across the nation, the FFA operates 8,630 chapters including chapters Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands. To date, the FFA boasts 669,989 members throughout its organization.


What is the FFA's motto?

Since its beginning in 1928, the FFA's motto has been "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve." The National FFA's mission statement is very similar.


How many levels are in the FFA's structure?

The FFA's organization structure consists of three levels: local, state and national. The local level is mostly comprised of students instructed by local agricultural educators.


What was the first FFA magazine called?

The FFA's magazine was called the National Future Farmer Magazine, and it was first published in 1952. These days, it's called FFA New Horizons.


Which of the emblem's five symbols represents labor?

Amongst the five symbols on the FFA emblem, you will find a plow. The plow is said to represent labor and tillage of the soil.


How many types of FFA membership are there?

FFA memberships operate on a four-tiered level. They are: active, honorary, alumni and collegiate. Those with the longest membership time serve at the higher levels.


Can anyone wear an FFA jacket?

Wearing an FFA jacket is a symbol of unity and pride. The FFA has strict restrictions about only members being allowed to wear the coveted jacket.


What year did the Smith-Hughes Vocational Education act pass?

The passage of the Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act in 1917 plowed the way for organizations like the FFA to move forward. The act allowed federal funding to be given to schools for vocational education.


What does MFE stand for in the FFA?

If you were cruising through FFA literature and saw the letters MFE, they are an abbreviation for a type of conference called the Made for Excellence conference.


Who is responsible for creating the FFA creed?

E.M. Tiffany, educator at the University of Madison, wrote the original FFA creed before it was adopted at the third convention. The most recent revision took place a few years ago at the 63rd convention.


Which state's organization served as the model for the FFA?

Founded in 1925, the Future Farmers of Virginia served as the model for the National FFA. It was an all-boys organization that served their communities.


What is the name of the first national FFA female president?

In 1982, Jan Eberly became the FFA's first national female president. These days, females make up almost 50% of leadership position within the FFA.


What year did the FFA nominate its first African American president?

For the first time in FFA history, Corey Flournoy became the first National FFA president in 1994. He was also the first urban student leader.


Which words are on the FFA emblem?

Along with the five symbols found on the FFA emblem, there are also two words. At the top of the emblem, you will find the word agricultural. At the bottom, you will find education.


What is the first degree you receive as an FFA member?

The first degree any FFA member will receive is that of Greenhand. Subsequent degrees include: Chapter, State and American.


What does the emblem's owl represent?

The owl symbol on the FFA emblem represents knowledge and wisdom. The owl is positioned in the center of the emblem and is stationed by the advisor.


Who was the first national FFA president?

The very first national FFA president was Leslie Applegate. Mr. Applegate was an educator from New Jersey that brought a lot of growth to the organization.


What is the highest degree you can earn as an FFA member?

The highest possible award an FFA member can earn is American. It is the highest of the four levels of membership that include: Greenhand, Chapter, State and American.


When did the FFA magazine last change its name?

In 1952, the FFA published its first magazine - National Future Farmers magazine. However, the name was changed to FFA New Horizons in 1989.


When was the first FFA band established?

The first FFA band was formed in 1947 under the direction of Henry S. Brunner. The first FFA choir was established in 1948.


Who designed the FFA jacket?

The FFA jacket was designed by an Ohioan named Dr. Gus Lintner. The jacket's design has not changed since Lintner's original design that was adopted as official dress in 1933.


Which US president was the first to address the National FFA convention?

In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first US president to address the National FFA convention. The second president to address the convention was Gerald Ford in 1974.


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