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"The rest is still unwritten..." Or is it?

While the jury is still out on whether it was scripted or not, your being here means you think you're the ultimate fan of "The Hills!" Let's see if you can conquer this hill of a quiz and make it to the end!

In September 2004, reality fans everywhere were introduced to the life of Laguna Beach teenager, Lauren Conrad. The episodes followed her last year of high school as she dealt with love, school, and her future. In 2006, Conrad said goodbye to Laguna Beach and moved to The Hills.

"The Hills" followed Lauren Conrad as she tried to make it in the fashion industry. As you watched her become her own person, you were introduced to friends like Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port. You watched her relationships with Brody and Jason begin and end. You even watched her pass along the torch to her former castmate, Kristin Cavallari.

After six seasons and over 100 episodes, a lot happened in "The Hills," but can you remember all the drama? Can you remember the boyfriend that ended LC and Heidi's friendship? Can you remember Audrina's combat boot-wearing boyfriend? If you can, you're ready for this quiz!

Are you ready to beat this quiz and climb to the top of The Hills? Today is where this quiz begins!

What other MTV show was "The Hills" a spin-off of?

Laguna Beach, which started off following a group of high school students, spun off into "The Hills," following the main character as she left to explore her professional and personal relationships.


Who was the original narrator of "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills?"

Although Kristin Cavallari took over both shows after her departure, "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" focused on Lauren Conrad before she went on to different opportunities.


Who does Lauren share an apartment with in Season 1?

When the series starts, Lauren is living with her roommate, Heidi Montag.


Which cast member did Lauren work with?

At the beginning of "The Hills," Lauren meets close friend Whitney when they begin working together. Whitney Port later gets a spin-off show called, "The City."


What city does "The Hills" take place in?

Although you might get confused with the name, Lauren moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles to go to fashion school.


What magazine does Lauren interview for in the first season?

When Lauren arrives in LA to attend FIDM, she always interviews and lands a job at Teen Vogue.


Who attends FIDM with Lauren?

Although both Lauren and Heidi attend FIDM together, Heidi later drops out to focus on her job.


What was the name of Heidi's boyfriend at the beginning of the series?

In Season 1, we see Heidi celebrating her 6 month anniversary with boyfriend, Jordan.


Which old love interest from "Laguna Beach" contacts Lauren with hopes of rekindling their relationship?

When Jason was introduced into the second season of "Laguna Beach," he was LC's boyfriend. In the first season of "The Hills," he reaches out to Lauren to try to get together again.


Who gets to walk on the runway for Teen Vogue?

When the workers of the fashion show liked Whitney's look and physique, they asked her if she wanted to use her model looks to walk in the show!


At the end of Season 1, where is Lauren offered an internship?

Lauren is offered an internship to go to Paris, one that she turns down to work on her relationship with Jason.


What is the name of Lauren and Whitney's boss at Teen Vogue

Lauren and Whitney worked for Lisa Love, a senior editor at Teen Vogue.


Which of these characters is introduced in Season 2 as Heidi's boyfriend?

When Heidi introduces Spencer as her boyfriend, it becomes a problem in her friendship with Audrina, who is convinced that Spencer is a player.


Which cast member does Spencer ask out on a date?

Spencer asks Audrina out on a date, going as far as to send her flowers. Audrina rejects the date.


Who was Lauren 'dating' at the beginning of Season 2?

At the beginning of Season 2, Lauren starts dating Brody, who is a friend of Heidi's boyfriend, Spencer.


Who's the 'super intern' who make Lauren and Whitney feel threatened at Teen Vogue?

Emily Weiss, an intern from New York, made LC and Whitney feel threatened at their internship because not only did Emily also intern for Chanel, but she was taking 18 credits at NYU.


Which person caused a rift in LC and Lo's friendship?

LC and Lo were seen as best friends in "Laguna Beach," but they reveal that they stopped talking because Jen Bunney came between their friendship.


Who does Heidi set up on a date with Brody that causes a problem in Heidi and Lauren's friendship?

When Jen's 21st birthday rolls around, Heidi sets her up with Brody, which causes problems for Lauren who has been out on dates with him.


Who tells Lauren that Spencer asked Heidi to move in with him?

When the friends celebrate New Years, Lo reveals to LC that Spencer wants Heidi to move in with him.


What TV show does Whitney get to model for?

As Whitney moves up in the Teen Vogue world, she is given the opportunity to model for GMA in a shoot for the Oscars.


When Heidi decides to move in with Spencer, who becomes Lauren's new roommate?

When Heidi and LC started growing apart, Lauren turned to Audrina who became her roommate when Heidi moved out.


At the beginning of season 3, Lauren thinks Heidi and Spencer are responsible for spreading a rumor about a sex tape with whom?

At Frankie's birthday in Season 3, Episode 1, LC accuses Heidi and Spencer for spreading the rumors about a sex tape, a situation that eventually leads to them ending their friendship.


Who does Audrina rekindle a relationship with in Season 3?

After having been introduced briefly in earlier seasons of the show, Justin Bobby makes a reappearance into Audrina's love life.


Why does Spencer stop being friends with Brody?

After finding out that Lauren and Brody have become closer friends while Spencer was visiting Heidi's family in Colorado, Spencer cuts all ties with Brody.


Where does Brody invite the group to spend his birthday, where he and LC rekindle their relationship?

When Brody invites the group to Vegas, the trip leads to a kiss between Brody and LC and the girls getting in an argument over Justin Bobby.


In Season 3, what designer does Lauren get the chance to help?

Before the Young Hollywood event, Lauren heads to New York where she works as an assistant to Marc Jacobs.


Who starts attending FIDM and is in one of Lauren's classes?

After a run-in earlier in the season with Spencer's sister, Stephanie, LC and Stephanie become friends after sharing a class at FIDM.


Where do Whitney and Lauren go after leaving Teen Vogue?

Although Whitney leaves first after being offered a job, Lauren is soon offered a position at People's Revolution working for Kelly Cutrone.


Who moves in and becomes a third roommate to LC and Audrina?

Lo moves into Lauren and Audrina's house, essentially causing issues between the house-mates.


Which cast member doesn't return after the middle of season 5?

During the middle of Season 5, Lauren decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities outside of MTV.


When Kristin Cavallari replaces Lauren in "The Hills," who does she immediately have trouble with?

When Kristin hits on Jason in front of Audrina, this immediately leads to problems between the pair.


Who does Kristin start having feelings for during her up and down relationship with Justin?

While Kristin and Brody were having tumultuous relationships with Justin and Jayde, respectively, they started building feelings for one another.


Who left the show at the beginning of its last season?

After Spencer ran into issues with a producer of the show, he was kicked off the show and put into anger management. After Season 6, Episode 4, Heidi and Spencer no longer appear.


Who received their own spin-off after the show ended?

After the series ended, Audrina PATRIDGE received her own reality show on VH1 about her and her family.


What song was used for the theme song of "The Hills?"

Although "Come Clean" was the song used in Lauren Conrad's first show on MTV, Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" was used throughout all 6 seasons of "The Hills."


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