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"The Honeymooners" is a television classic that will live on forever. Jackie Gleason is loved for his portrayal of Ralph Kramden and known for his unique and entertaining personality. The show offered a great look into the life of the average person in the 1950s when the show aired, something that other television shows had never done before. Do you think you're the biggest fan of the show? It's time to prove it!

If you know all about the lives of Ralph, Alice, Ed and Trixie, then this is the quiz for you. The four characters made for one incredible and memorable television show. If you can name things about them, such as their occupations, things that they did or other fun facts, then we're sure that you'll ace this quiz. You'll have to think back to all of the episodes and sketches. Did you know that the full episodes only total 39? They call them the "Original 39." The sketches aired on different television shows before and after.

So, if you want to call yourself the ultimate "Honeymooners" fan, then there's one thing left for you to do. Take the quiz to see if you can earn the bragging rights!

Hard-working and living in New York City, what did Ed Norton do for a living?

While Ralph worked above ground, Ed was found underground in the sewers. Despite working very different jobs, the two managed to get together to try and make some more cash.


The makers of "The Flintstones" drew inspiration from Ralph Kramden for what character?

Not only was Ralph the inspiration for Fred, but also the entire show was inspired by "The Honeymooners." Can you match each character from "The Honeymooners" to their Flintstones counterpart?


What was one item that Ralph bought after he found a suitcase filled with money?

Ralph found a suitcase filled with money, which quickly went to his head. He spent the money on many things, including a brand new suit. He got himself into one horrible situation!


A dancer made an appearance in one episode. What kind of dancer was he?

A mambo dancer was quite a distraction for Alice and Trixie in one episode, called "Mama Loves Mambo." Did you know that Perry Como sang a song called "Papa Loves Mambo"?


What borough can you find the famous Kramden apartment in today?

Jackie Gleason and his character Ralph Kramden both lived at the same address. 328 Chauncey Street was the address of Jackie's childhood home in Brooklyn. While the show wasn't filmed there, Jackie used it as inspiration for the set.


In order to get a position he wanted with the bus company, what did Ralph have to do?

Ralph always wanted to find a way to make a little extra cash, so he didn't want to lose a promotion opportunity. His way of trying to get it was to play golf and make his boss proud.


Who was absent from the first sketches of the show that aired on "Cavalcade of Stars"?

Ed was non-existent during the first sketches of the show, but Art Carney, who played him, was not. Art instead played a totally different role - a police officer - during the very first sketch.


In addition to "Cavalcade of Stars," "The Honeymooners" aired on what show before becoming its own?

The sketches aired on a few different television shows, including "The Jackie Gleason Show" and "Cavalcade of Stars." They went back to being aired on "The Jackie Gleason Show" after one season as a stand-alone show.


What happened when Norton was working in the sewers one day?

Ed was present during the time of an explosion, which really put his friendship with Ralph to the test. Thankfully, Ed was just fine, along with their friendship.


When Ralph believed that Alice's mother was coming, who actually showed up?

Ralph got a nice surprise after dreading that Alice's mother would be coming over to the apartment. He and Alice's mother did not get along very well from the beginning.


Ed had a condition. What was it?

In one episode, Ed was known to be a sleepwalker. The gang had to figure out how to stop Ed from sleepwalking, because he was not only leaving his own apartment, but he was also entering Ralph and Alice's!


Which character won the costume contest in one episode?

Ed stole the show in this episode when Ralph wanted to go to a costume party. Ed didn't have to put any effort into his costume, as he just arrived wearing work attire.


Who won Raccoon of the Year?

The club gave the award to Ed rather than Ralph, to his disappointment. Ralph thought the honor would be his, so he had his speech ready ahead of time.


Ralph Kramden's famous phrase sent you where?

"Bang! Zoom! You're going to the moon!" is just one of Ralph's famous phrases. Another famous line is "Baby, you're the greatest." Both were used when Ralph was talking to his wife Alice.


Which actress played Ralph's wife, Alice, before Audrey Meadows?

Pert Kelton was the first actress to play Alice Kramden. Unfortunately, because her husband was blacklisted during the McCarthy era, Kelton was replaced by Audrey Meadows.


While bowling, what did Ralph injure?

Ralph was always in some type of unfortunate situation, especially during the time that he injured his back. He skipped dinner with Alice's mother and had to have a physical examination the next day at work. He really got himself into a situation!


Ralph was a contestant on what game show?

"The $99,000 Answer" was a fictional version of an actual game show, "The $64,000 Question." Unfortunately, Ralph went out on the very first question, despite thinking he could win it all.


What job in the apartment building did Ralph take on?

Ralph decided to take on the role of the janitor in one episode, "Dial J for Janitor," after the other janitors in the building left. He had quite a bit of trouble with the tenants and their problems.


At one time, Ed was selling what product?

After losing his job, Ed had to find another way to make money. He resorted to selling irons door-to-door, which Ralph started to become interested in after witnessing how well it was going for his friend.


Ralph witnessed a crime in one episode. What crime was it?

Ralph witnessed a bank robbery, leading him to be quite fearful for his life and safety. What would you do if the criminals you witnessed arrived at your home shortly after?


What award did Ralph win at work?

He received the award and got his photo taken for the occasion. Ralph's cover was blown at the end after someone revealed that he had been in a minor accident with Ralph.


Ralph and Ed once tried to start what kind of business?

Ralph and Ed were always on a mission to make some extra money. The two decided one day to open a hot dog stand. Their business didn't last long after they revealed their real jobs!


Which item never made a return after being the focus of an episode?

Think of the show as almost being reset at the start of every episode. No episode picked up where the previous one left off, meaning that many items that were prominent in one episode were never seen again.


Alice bought what pet without telling Ralph?

Alice brought home a dog one day without Ralph knowing until he arrived home. Eventually, he decided Alice could keep the dog, but like many other items in the show, it was never shown again!


What did Ralph do when the landlord increased the rent?

Ralph was not happy about the increase in rent and decided he would not pay it. The landlord taught him a lesson by shutting off the utilities in order to receive his payment.


Alice Kramden had a job once in the show. What was it?

Alice worked as a secretary for a brief time after Ralph lost his job. Alice knew what she had to do in order to keep the family afloat.


What type of organization did Ralph owe dues to?

Ralph and Ed were both members of a club which charged monthly dues. Ralph was often in debt to the club, which was known as the Raccoon Lodge. You might remember the outfits that they wore when attending club meetings!


In the Christmas episode, what did Ralph sell?

Ralph was all about giving during the Christmas season, so he sold his bowling ball. The reason? He wanted to buy Alice a nice Christmas gift that she would love.


Ralph worked hard while living in New York City. What did he do for a living?

Ralph worked as a bus driver for the Gotham Bus Company in New York City. The show rarely ever showed him at work, however.


What signal did "The Honeymooners" actors use to indicate that they forgot their lines?

Jackie Gleason liked to go over the lines only one time before the filming of the show. If someone forgot their lines, they put their hand on their stomach so that the others knew and could help them out.


In one episode, Ralph was under the impression that he only had six months to live. What did he read that made him think this?

Ralph always had a knack for getting into misunderstandings, and this was no different. He read a veterinary report that said Alice's mother's dog only had six months to live, but he thought the report was about him.


Who put Ralph in their will?

Ralph was very lucky to be put into the will of a woman on his bus route. But it turned out to be bittersweet for Ralph, who only got a bird named Fortune that the woman left behind, rather than money.


When Ralph was sick with a cold in one of the sketches, what did Alice tell him?

In typical Ralph fashion, he was quite astounded and angry to hear this. To Ralph, it seemed like Alice was hoping for the money rather than his recovery.


Alice lost her wedding ring in one episode. What was Ralph's theory on where it went?

Alice cherished her wedding ring, just as any wife does, but she misplaced it. She had a live turkey at this time - for reasons - and Ralph believed that it had swallowed the missing wedding ring.


Why were the Nortons living with the Kramdens at one time?

The Kramdens opened their home to their good friends, the Nortons, while their apartment was being painted. However, none of them could sleep, due to the fumes of the paint, a collapsing cot and other misfortunes.


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