Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Military Alphabet?
How Well Do You Know the Military Alphabet?
By: Annette
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When it comes to the military, there is a whole new language with a common yet vastly different alphabet to go by. You're likely familiar with the basics "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie" but, what about "V" or "G" or "X?"

 Each letter corresponds to a word or name, but how many do you know? So, what's with all this phonetic confusion? Well, the military alphabet has been designed to actually avoid confusion between letters such as "E" and "D" or words such as "Me" and "Knee."

You're up for the challenge. You've either served in the military or have seen your fair share of war movies. But, what if you get thrown a little twist. You see, the military alphabet has changed through the years. During World War II, how would you have pronounced the letters "J" or "S?" Or, do you know how you would pronounce a "C" before the war?

However, understanding the letters and corresponding words is only the start. Unless you've served in any of the military's branches you may not be accustomed to their language. After all, by the end of this quiz, you may feel like it is FUBAR. Or, by the middle, you might be asking yourself Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? See how well you'd get along with the military alphabet and its lingo!

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'F' is said aloud as ______ .
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What does 'A' stand for?
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'V' represents what word?
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How do you pronounce 'B'?
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How do you say 'W'?
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'R' is pronounced as ______ .
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Throughout military history, 'X' has stood for ______ .
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And, what does 'E' sound like these days?
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How do you say 'C'?
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What's the word for I?
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And the word for 'L'?
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What is the word for the letter 'Q'?
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And 'Y' stands for ______ .
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And how do you say 'G'?
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How do you describe the letter 'N'?
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How do you say the letter 'U'?
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Currently, how do you say 'D'?
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Before 1957, how did you pronounce 'D'?
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And what's the word for 'H'?
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How do you say 'J'?
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What does 'P' sound like?
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What does 'S' stand for?
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How did you pronounce 'S' in WWII?
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In the '20s, what did 'M' stand for?
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Today, 'O' is pronounced as _____ .
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And what about 'K'?
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N ever A gain 'V '______ Y ourself
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And this gem: 'M' _______ A re R equired 'I' ______ N ot E ssential
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The most common earlier pronunciation of 'W' was _______ ?
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One more hard one. What is . . . . in Morse Code?
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Speaking of Morse Code, what does . stands for?
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In WWII, what was the pronunciation of 'J'?
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Which of these has been a pronunciation of 'Z'?
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Before becoming Tango, 'T' stood for what?
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