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It has been more than ten years since Stephanie Meyers' romantic story of a teenage girl and her vampire beau hit the bookstores and became a breakout hit that spawned several sequels, and was later adapted into four blockbuster movies. "Twilight" was born when Meyer had a dream featuring the two main characters, woke up, and started writing. It was a very quick process from concept to publication, and the first edition was an immediate bestseller.

"Twilight" owes its position to a great many pieces of vampire literature that came before it, from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" through Anne Rice to Buffy and beyond. The trilogy explores many of the same themes around immortality, sexuality, and coming of age. It did represent an interesting position in which the romance is centered, with the first book not even introducing an antagonist until 3/4 of the way through the narrative. This structural choice means that the protagonist begins the trilogy very passive, tossed on the winds of the male characters' actions, though this is corrected in later books when she eventually becomes as powerful as her vampire suitor.

Due to her immense success, Meyer was later ripped off and imitated by vast swaths of the fanfiction community, with first a variety of writers hopping on the vampire romance bandwagon, and later copycat stories about rich guys pursuing less-powerful women. Some of these have achieved fame in their own right. However, we're here to find out how well you remember the original, as portrayed on the screen. Let's find out!

What is Bella's last name?

The name "Bella Swan" implies both beauty and grace. Bella (short for Isabella) is lovely, but far from graceful. She's notably uncoordinated.


Bella moves to Forks, Washington, from which city?

The city of Phoenix was probably chosen as Bella's hometown for contrast. It's hot and dry, while Forks is one of the wettest towns in America.


Why does Bella have to move to Washington?

Bella likes both her mother and Phil, her stepfather. But he's in minor-league baseball, and Renee wants to travel with him. So Bella moves to her father's home in Washington State.


What job does Charlie, Bella's father, hold?

In the novels, Charlie is a more laid-back, gentle guy, described in one scene as slightly overweight. Actor Billy Burke brought an surly, tactiturn edge to the role. (He's also not overweight).


Who is the first person Bella meets at Forks High?

Eric Yorkie falls into step with Bella, introduces himself, and offers to be her "tour guide, lunch date, shoulder to cry on" -- all before she gets to her first class. As anyone who ever transferred into a new school can tell you, this instant appearance of a super-friendly fellow student does NOT happen in real life.


What is Mike's nickname for Bella?

Mike flirts pretty relentlessly with Bella. It's a pattern that will continue in "New Moon," after Edward leaves Forks and Bella is back on the market.


In the movie's opening moments, what is Bella reflecting on?

"Twilight" opens with a voice-over by Bella, who says she never gave much thought to the circumstances of her own death, but that "dying in place of someone I love" is acceptable to her. As illustration, we see a doe in a forest being brought down by a predator.


Who played Bella's airheaded friend Jessica?

Kendrick has called her character an "idiot," and we can't entirely blame her. Jessica is a foil for the moody Bella and the more serious-minded Angela, Bella's other close friend.


In their first biology class, Edward behaves as though he can't stand to be around Bella. Why is this?

Edward acts as though Bella smells bad, inching away from her, and later tries to drop their shared biology class. Why he later is able to resist her scent -- and spend long periods of time with her -- is never really explained.


The names of the nomadic vampire trio are James, Victoria and ________.

Laurent was played by Edi Gathegi. You might know him from a turn as a devout Mormon med student on "House M.D." or as "Darwin" in "X-Men: First Class."


What gives Bella her first clue that Edward is not human?

Bella is nearly hit by a van before Edward jumps in and saves her. She realizes that he was too far away to reach her in time, in addition to stopping the van just by putting a hand out.


While Edward can read minds, what is Alice's special skill?

Though it isn't explained in the first movie, Jasper also has a supernatural power. He can influence the emotions of people around him. (Does he hire out? We'd love to have him around just to make us feel better after rotten days!)


What is Carlisle Cullen's profession?

Carlisle's job clearly demonstrates his self-control, as he spends time around bleeding people every day. His job also allowed him to save Edward from dying of the Spanish Influenza.


Which of Edward's siblings does not take to Bella?

Rosalie seems to instantly dislike Bella. This is explained in later movies, but at first, Rosalie just seems to be a classic "queen bee" type.


What city do Jessica, Angela and Bella visit to look at prom dresses?

Port Angeles is the nearest sizable city to Forks. Bella only wants to go to find a book on Quileute legends. She doesn't plan to go to prom.


What kind of car does Edward drive?

Edward proves himself a skilled driver when he slews his Volvo around a corner at high speed, confronting a group of men threatening Bella. Well, he's probably been through driver's ed a number of times!


Where does Jacob reveal the legend of the "cold ones" to Bella?

At this point, Jacob who is not in touch with his werewolf heritage, laughs off the idea of the Quileutes being descended from wolves and having a grudge against the "cold ones." But Bella, after seeing the gory results of an "animal attack," has her doubts.


According to Bella's Google search, what is another name for vampires or "cold ones"?

"Apotamkin" is a monster from Native American mythology. "Lamia" is another name for vampires, while an "incubus" is a male demon that has sex with human females. "Millarca" was one of the names that Sheridan LeFanu's "Carmilla" went by in the classic short story.


When Bella asks Edward how old he is, what does he say?

Bella knows he's a vampire, but he is initially evasive. When she asks him how long he's been seventeen, he says, "A while."


How long has Edward been alive, actually?

Since "Twilight" came out in 2008, this means that Edward "died" in 1918. He tells Bella that he would have died of Spanish flu had Carlisle not cured him.


Where does Edward admit to Bella that he is a vampire?

On arriving at school, Bella simply walks off into the woods and Edward follows; neither of them report to class. Forks High seems to have no penalties for truancy -- the Cullens are evidently free to skip school any time the sun is out. Speaking of which ...


In "Twilight's" mythology, why can't vampires go out in the sun?

No aspect of the "Twilight" series got author Stephenie Meyer more grief than this one. "Sparkle vampires" became the emblem of everything wrong with romantic young-adult vampire fiction.


What is the nickname the Cullens give to their no-human-blood diet?

Of course, "hemoglobin-free" wouldn't describe an animal-blood-only diet, as animal blood has hemoglobin too. Nor would it necessarily be lower-calorie than human blood.


Which Cullen has the most difficulty controlling his/her thirst for blood?

One of the Cullens calls him "our newest vegetarian." This refers to the amount of time he's abstained from human blood, not his age overall. Jasper is later revealed to more than 150 years old, having fought in the Civil War.


What does Charlie say when Bella tells him she's dating Edward?

Of course, he's right. But Bella points out that Edward is "17," just like her.


What sport do the Cullens enjoy?

The Cullens play baseball whenever there's a thunderstorm. The peals of thunder disguise the very loud noises made when the Cullens connect the bat with the ball.


Who pitches when the Cullens play baseball?

This seems odd: Pitchers need to be tall, and Alice is described as the shortest of the Cullens, a "sprite." (Though in life, Ashley Greene is a half-foot taller than Alice).


Which of the three nomadic vampires becomes obsessed with hunting Bella?

For James, hunting Edward's mate will be entertaining sport, as Edward explains to Bella. It's the milder-mannered Laurent who betrays James by warning the Cullens about him.


When James marks Bella for death, where does she flee?

If only she'd known about the Quileute werewolves and their vampire-killing chops, she might have run in that direction, and been more safe. Instead, Bella heads south, with Jasper and Alice accompanying her.


Where is the climactic showdown with James?

Afterward, the director vowed never again to shoot in a room full of mirrors. There's almost nowhere to put the camera crew so their reflection won't appear in the footage.


Who ultimately kills James, by breaking his neck?

While Jasper and Emmet prepared a fire to burn James's body, and they who hold him still, it's Alice who leaps on him and fatally twists his neck. (It's always the quiet ones!)


Which of these guys ask Bella to the prom?

Bella attracts a lot of male attention in Forks. But Jacob can't ask her to the Forks High prom since he goes to school on the reservation.


What does Billy Black pay Jacob to do on prom night?

Billy pays his son $20 to relay the request -- and the warning that the Quileutes will be watching to see that she does. Several things are odd about this scene. First, Bella laughs off the request instead of getting angry. Second, Jacob seems to think this 60-second meeting requires him to put on a necktie, even though he leaves right afterward.


Who directed "Twilight"?

For a time, "Twilight" held the distinction of being the highest-earning film directed by a woman. Women also wrote the screenplay and the source novel -- Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer, respectively.


Which of the following "Twilight" actors were born in Washington state?

Burke is from Bellingham, and Gigandet was born in Tacoma. Ashley Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida -- which, incidentally, is where Bella's mother and stepfather settle in "Twilight."


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