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From Kirk to Picard, from the Borg to the Vulcans, the “Star Trek” film franchise is packed with scintillating characters and phaser-scarred storylines. Aside from those other “Star” movies (which shall go unnamed here), the “Trek” films are some of the most successful sci-fi productions in the history of moviemaking.

Do you remember the ominous villain of the second “Star Trek” film? We didn’t know it back then, but it was just the beginning of a long-running rivalry pitting his menacing plots against the adventurous spirit of Starfleet.

Do you remember how one of our favorite pointy-eared heroes met his early demise? And how his death turned out to be a temporary inconvenience?

Do you recall the race that attempted to assimilate the crew of the Enterprise, all as part of a much wider plan of annihilation? And do you know which movie featured this ominous plot?

Some “Trek” films take place at the ends of the universe. Others take place near the home planet, Earth, and its familiar landscapes. Do you remember the film that takes place largely in California?

It’s time to boldly go forth into our “Star Trek” movie quiz. Perhaps you’ll fend off the Tribbles long enough to ace every question … or perhaps the Klingons will drive you to an early end.

True or false, did the "Star Trek" films come before the "Star Trek" TV series?

In the late 1960s, the "Star Trek" TV series took the world by storm. The show's inventive, space-age themes and Hollywood production helped make it a popular television program that eventually spawned big-budget movies.


What happens to Data at the beginning of "Star Trek: Insurrection"?

In the opening scenes of "Star Trek: Insurrection," Data exhibits a strange malfunction and inadvertently exposes the Federation to a supposedly less-advanced race of aliens. But we soon learn that the aliens are far more sophisticated than anyone suspected.


The so-called Genesis Device is a technological marvel that's referenced in more than one "Star Trek" film. What's the purpose of the device?

The Genesis Device is a sophisticated terraforming technology. It's meant to turn inhabitable planets into areas that are suited for life, and later, colonization.


The terrifying cybernetic Borg make a major appearance in which film?

In "Star Trek: First Contact," the Borg go to incredible lengths to travel back in time and prevent humans from contacting extraterrestrials. It was the second "Star Trek" movie to feature the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


A Klingon moon named Praxis suddenly explodes at the beginning of which film?

As "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" begins, the Klingon moon Praxis blows up, sending the Klingon Empire into an emergency situation. Will Starfleet make peace with the Klingons … or will the situation spiral out of control?


In which movie does an enormous energy cloud hurl toward Earth, destroying everything in its path?

In 1979's "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," a destructive energy cloud blasts toward Earth, threatening life on the planet. It's up to the crew of the "Enterprise" to figure out how to stop the cloud before it's too late.


In "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock," a major plot point revolves around the death of which character?

After Spock dies in combat, his body is launched into space and, by chance, it winds up in the vicinity of the Genesis Device. In the end, his death turns out to be merely a passing phase.


During the turbulent plot of "Star Trek: Insurrection," ____ is nearly executed by an alien race.

In "Star Trek: Insurrection," Captain Picard unearths a plot by rogue Starfleet officers trying to take advantage of aliens called the Ba'ku. Picard is taken prison and sent off for execution.


What year did the very first "Star Trek" film arrive in theaters?

In 1979, the "Star Trek" TV phenomenon hit silver screens around the world. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," cost shiploads of money ($46 million) but did well enough to set the stage for more "Star Trek" films.


A character named Khan Noonien Singh is a devilish antagonist in which of the movies?

In "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," Khan Noonien Singh is a genetically altered being who blames Captain Kirk for the death of his loved ones … and he's out for revenge.


An out-of-control rogue Vulcan named Sybok is a primary character in which film?

In "The Final Frontier," a rogue Vulcan creates a hostage crisis in order to use a ship to find a mythical planet called Sha Ka Ree. But somehow he must get past a strange barrier at the far end of the galaxy.


In "The Final Frontier," a rogue Vulcan named Sybok concocts a twisted plan for what purpose?

Sybok is rather deranged -- he's hellbent on finding God, and he'll do anything to accomplish his mission. He teams up with the crew of the Enterprise, and eventually falls into a confrontation with a powerful entity.


In "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," aliens use a probe in an attempt to contact which Earth animal species?

In "The Voyage Home," extraterrestrials try to communicate with Earth's humpback whales, but when none of them respond, they begin destroying the planet. The Enterprise must somehow travel back in time to retrieve an extinct whale in order to save the planet.


In "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," the crew of the Enterprise detects a ______ inside a massive energy cloud that's heading toward Earth.

In "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," our heroes are attacked by an alien ship inside energy cloud. The crew must protect itself while somehow getting to the bottom of the cloud's mystery.


As "Star Trek: Into Darkness" begins, Captain Kirk loses command of the Enterprise. Why?

Captain Kirk, in a valiant attempt to save a vulnerable race on Nibiru, must expose the presence of his ship, a violation of the Prime Directive. He loses his command, but you already know that punishment won't last forever.


Which of the films relies heavily on San Francisco for filming locations?

In "The Voyage Home," humpback whales become a centerpiece of the plot. There are many memorable scenes of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in this film


In "Star Trek: Into Darkness," we abruptly learn that Starfleet operative John Harrison is actually _____.

John Harrison is no Starfleet operative. He's actually Khan, who is being used by the corrupt Admiral Marcus to develop illegal superweapons. At first, Khan seems willing to help Kirk … but we soon learn that he has ultimate evil in mind.


What terrifying event unfolds at the beginning of "Star Trek: Beyond"?

"Star Trek: Beyond" kicks off with a bang when the Enterprise is attacked and destroyed by a multitude of small unknown ships. The crew is stranded on a strange planet and must find a way to survive.


What is the name of the alien leader who manages to destroy the Enterprise in "Star Trek: Beyond"?

Shockingly, the Enterprise is doomed to destruction at the start of "Star Trek: Beyond." And it's all because of a devious alien that goes by the name of Krall.


Which character is kidnapped for the purpose of a blood transfusion during "Star Trek: Nemesis"?

In "Nemesis," a Picard clone named Shinzon created by the Romulans kidnaps the real Captain Picard. Why? Because he needs Picard's blood in order to keep himself alive.


How does Captain Picard manage to save himself from a Picard clone in "Star Trek: Nemesis"?

Captain Picard is bewildered by Shinzon, a Romulan clone that looks just like him. The two grapple in battle, and in the end, the real Picard rams a metal pole through his nemesis.


"Star Trek: Into Darkness" was the last film to feature Leonard Nimoy as which character?

No one will ever match Leonard Nimoy as Spock, who is perhaps one of the best-known sci-fi characters of the 20th-century. Nimoy died in 2015 at the age of 83.


During "Star Trek: First Contact," the Borg attempt to assimilate the crew of the Enterprise … and then do what?

The Borg want to assimilate the crew of the Enterprise so that they can then destroy Earth. But Captain Picard has no intention of allowing that to happen.


In the 2009 version of "Star Trek," _____ destroy Vulcan.

As the story begins, Romulans hailing from the distant future appear and then destroy Vulcan. Somehow, Starfleet must find a way to stop the Romulans from taking out Earth, too.


In "Star Trek: Generations," Captain Picard needs the help of _____ to stop a villain named Soran from completing a dastardly plan.

"Generations" brings together Captains Picard and Kirk for an epic adventure. By combining wits, they manage to derail the destructive aims of an El-Aurian named Dr. Tolian Soran.


Which character captures Data and tries to transform into a Borg during "Star Trek: First Contact"?

In "First Contact," the Borg Queen captures Data and begins to turn him into one of her own kind. But as the plot unfolds, we find out that Data is much smarter than the Queen suspects.


At the climax of "Star Trek: Beyond," the crew of the Enterprise disorients alien attackers by blasting a song by which band?

Our team of heroes realizes that it can stop an alien attack by jamming radio signals with a new transmission. So they broadcast "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys.


Why does corrupt Starfleet Admiral Dougherty want to steal the planet of the peaceful Ba'ku people in "Star Trek: Insurrection"?

Starfleet Admiral Dougherty wants the Ba'ku planet for himself because it has amazing powers of rejuvenation for anyone who lives there. The Enterprise's crew must stop his nefarious plan.


Which of the "Star Trek" movies made the most money at the box office?

The 2009 reboot of "Star Trek" struck a chord with audiences everywhere. It grossed more than $257 million worldwide, far more than even 2013's "Star Trek: Into Darkness."


How does Spock die in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"?

Spock heroically helps to save the Enterprise from certain destruction at the hands of Khan. But he's exposed to a lethal level of radiation, and he perishes just as Captain Kirk arrives on the scene.


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