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Is it Halloween yet? If you're thinking about spirits and ghosts, it might be because October 31st is rolling around. Another reason you might be thinking about them is that they're the stars of your favorite TV show. From seeing ghosts to being able to communicate with them, do you remember the TV show, "Ghost Whisperer"?

When it comes to TV, you'll always have a slew of shows dedicated to the supernatural. Vampires lead the way with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. You'd find their sometimes rivals, werewolves, in series like "The Originals or Teen Wolf." If you want the entire gang of supernatural creatures, all you'd have to do is watch "Supernatural," a series that features monsters, demons, and ghosts, but if the latter is your favorite, you'd do well with the CBS show, "Ghost Whisperer." 

Premiering in 2005, Ghost Whisperer followed a woman who had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. With a combination of friendly and hostile spirits, she was tasked with helping them cross over into the afterlife. Initially, she dealt with these spirits in her outside life, but soon they would infiltrate her personal life through the people closest to her. After five seasons it seemed that her job was done with the ending of the series, but your job isn't! After watching five years worth of ghosts and spirits, how well do you know the TV show, "Ghost Whisperer"?  Let's find out!

Who stars in "Ghost Whisperer" as Melinda Gordon?

Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in "Ghost Whisperer" as Melinda Gordon, a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts.


How many seasons of "Ghost Whisperer" were there?

There were five seasons of "Ghost Whisperer." The series premiered in 2005 and was cancelled after its 2010 season.


What kind of store does Melinda own?

In the series, Melinda owns an antique shop.


What is the name of Melinda's shop?

In the series, Melinda's store is named "Same As It Never Was." This is thought to be a reference to Jennifer Love Hewitt's own song, "How Do I Deal" where she sings the title in her lyrics.


In what state does "Ghost Whisperer" take place?

Ghost Whisperer takes place in Grandview, a small town in Southern New York.


What does Melinda's husband do for a living?

Jim Clancy is Melinda's husband. In the show, he is both a paramedic and a firefighter.


How many kids do Melinda and Jim have together?

Melinda and Jim have one son together, Aiden, who shares in his mother's gift of communicating with the dead.


In Season 1, who stars as Melinda's best friend, Andrea Marino?

Aisha Tyler stars as Andrea Marino in the first season of "Ghost Whisperer." She runs the antique shop with Melinda.


On what channel did "Ghost Whisperer" air on.

"Ghost Whisperer" originally premiered on CBS but now you can watch old episodes on streaming services.


When Melinda is helping the ghosts, she always asks if they see what?

In "Ghost Whisperer," as Melinda helps the ghosts cross over, she always tells them to move toward the light.


In Season 1, what is the name of the evil ghost that goes head to head with Melinda?

Romano is a ghost that Melinda comes across in Season 1. A former cult leader, he is trying to stop the spirits from leaving earth and crossing over.


What tragedy happens at the end of Season 1?

At the end of season 1, there is a plane crash where more than 300 people die. While Melinda is trying to help the people cross over, Romano is working against her to keep them earthbound.


Who dies at the end of Season 1?

At the end of Season 1, Melinda finds out that her best friend, Andrea, died as a result of the plane crash. Her car was in the path of the crashing plane.


What job did Andrea have before moving to Grandview?

In "Ghost Whisperer," Andrea is Melinda's best friend who runs the antique shop with her. Prior to running the shop, Andrea worked in NYC as a lawyer.


What is Andrea's brother's name?

Mitch is Andrea's brother. In the midst of the plane crash in Season 1, it is believed that Mitch died but it was actually Andrea.


In Season 2, what is the name of Melinda's new friend who helps her run the shop?

Delia is a new character who is introduced in Season 2 of "Ghost Whisperer." She eventually works at the antique shop with Melinda.


Jim became a paramedic because of whose death?

It is revealed in the first episode that Jim became a paramedic after watching his brother die and his inability to save him.


After Melinda dies and is revived, her father reveals to her that she has a what?

After Melinda's near death experience in season 2, her father, as a ghost, reveals that she has a brother named Gabe.


Prior to Jim's death, he was shot where?

In Season 4, Jim is shot and this injury eventually leads to his death, but Jim isn't gone for long!


What is the name of the man whose body Jim enters?

In Season 4, Jim is shot. This leads to his death. Unwilling to cross over, he enters the body of a dying man named Sam Lucas.


When Jim and Melinda have a child, who do they name him after?

In the series, Aiden is named after Jim's father. Aiden's middle name is Lucas, to honor Sam Lucas, the man whose body Jim entered.


What profession does Jim decide to pursue after being a paramedic and firefighter?

Jim reveals to Melinda that he wants to attend medcal school and by the end of the fifth season, he is a resident at Rockland Memorial Teaching Hospital.


What job did Delia have before working with Melinda?

Delia is working as a real estate agent prior to meeting Melinda. After sharing how difficult and stressful her job is, Melinda offers her a job at her antique shop.


How did Melinda meet Ned, Delia's son?

Melinda and Delia initially meet after Melinda calls Delia after catching Ned trying to steal items in her shop.


When Melinda caught Ned shoplifting in her store, he was trying to steal backstage passes. What rock band were they for?

Melinda initially meets Ned after catching him shoplifting. She soon finds out it was because a spirit was urging him to do so.


What does Ned end up studying in college?

Ned ends up at Rockland University studying anthropology of the occult so he can continue to help Melinda and Eli.


What is the name of the professor whose help Melinda seeks to help Andrea cross over?

Rick Payne is introduced in Season 2. Melinda seeks his help in order to protect Andrea's spirit from Romano.


Who killed Melinda's biological father?

At first, we are led to believe that Tom Gordon was Melinda's biological father. It is revealed that Tom Gordon actually killed her real father, Paul Eastman.


What is the name of the group of ghosts who wrote the Book of Changes?

In Season 4, Ned and Eli find the Book of Changers, a book that has important past and future dates written inside.


Which comedian stars as Eli James?

Jamie Kennedy is introduced to the cast in Season 4 as Eli James, a professor at Rockland University.


Eli died but was brought back after what kind of accident?

Eli had a near-death experience which is why he has the ability to hear ghosts. He died in a fire at Rockland University but he was brought back to life.


Who is the only one who can see the Shinies and the Shadows?

It is revealed that Aiden is the only one who can see the Shinies and the Shadows, two opposing spirit groups.


During the time jump in Season 5, what birthday is Aiden about to celebrate?

During Season 5, we see a time jump occur. Season 4 ended with Aiden as a baby and Season 5 begins with Melinda and Jim preparing to celebrate his fifth birthday.


Zoe Ramos is whose ex-girlfriend?

Zoe Ramos appears in the "Ghost Whisperer" as Eli's ex-girlfriend. Also a professor as Rockland University, she is an expert in the occult.


What is the name of the watcher that tells Melinda to convince Aiden that ghosts don't exist?

Toward the end of season 5, Carl, a Watcher, tells Melinda to lie to Aiden about the existence of ghosts. It is later revealed that he was being influenced by the shadows. In the final scene of the series, Melinda tells Aiden that they should both be proud of their gifts.


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