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Are you a Disney buff who knows the magic of its many characters inside and out? Did you grow up with Disney and know that there's way more to it all than princesses and songs? 

If you are an animal lover who would watch "The Lion King" over "Pocahontas" any day, this is the quiz for you. If you know the names of the animal sidekicks across many of the films then this is the quiz for you. Many people get so caught up in the human drama, they forget about all of Disney's quirky and wonderful animal companions, but you know all of these furry friends by name. They are a big part of what makes each and every film special, whether they take center stage or not. 

Disney is full of treats for animal lovers. These treats range from villainous sea creatures to friendly stray dogs to royal lions and aristocratic housecats. Dinsey has its share of friendly raccoons and fish and even mythic creatures. If you have a handle on all things that are Disney and pet-friendly, and you're ready to put your love of animals and love of Disney together, then give this animalistic quiz a barking try! 

"Hakuna Matata" is the catchphrase of which classic Disney pair?

Timon and Pumbaa are a lovable warthog and meerkat duo who raise young Simba. They are from the film, "The Lion King."


What is Eeyore's personality like?

Eeyore is a pessimistic donkey from the Winnie the Pooh franchise. His friends accept his attitude and always include him in their adventures.


"Lady and the ___________."

"Lady and the Tramp" is a 1955 Disney Classic. Tramp is a street mutt who falls for a house dog.


Who is the uncle of Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

Donald Duck is the uncle of these three precocious brothers. Though he is irritable, he loves them.


What kind of animal sidekick does Princess Jasmine have in "Aladdin"?

Princess Jasmine's animal sidekick is a protective tiger. His name is Raja.


Bruce is the name of which animal in "Finding Nemo"?

Bruce is the name of the film's infamous shark. He is known for the catchphrase, "Fish are friends, not food."


What kind of bird is friends with Pocahontas?

One of Pocahontas' animal sidekicks is Flit. He is a ruby-throated hummingbird.


The horse from "Beauty and the Beast" is named:

Philippe is a brown and white horse. He is the horse that Belle and her father own.


Why is it odd that Goofy is often pictured walking Pluto?

Goofy and Pluto are both dogs. This is why it's odd to see one walking the other.


Which Disney protagonist has a cool chameleon as a sidekick?

Rapunzel's friend in her tower is a plucky chameleon. This "Tangled" character's name is Pascal.


The names of the adult dogs in "101 Dalmatians" are Purdy and __________.

In "101 Dalmatians," the dog couple that gives birth to the initial stolen puppies are Purdy and Pongo. Purdy is short for Perdita.


The Cheshire ______________.

The Cheshire cat is one of Disney's most iconic characters. He is from the film, "Alice in Wonderland."


Thumper is in which Disney movie?

Thumper is a kindly rabbit who is baby Bambi's first friend. He is famous for the line, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."


Scar is the villain in which film?

Scar is the treacherous villain in "The Lion King." His character is voiced by Jeremy Irons.


Baloo is what kind of animal?

Baloo is a lovable bear who helps take care of Mowgli. He and the grumpy panther, Bagheera, make a classic odd couple.


What is the name of Hercules' winged horse companion?

Pegasus is Hercules' best friend. Zeus created the winged horse for his son from clouds.


Which of these Disney films does not have a tiger in it?

All of these films feature a tiger character, except "Mulan." Its main animal sidekicks are a dragon, cricket, and horse.


What is the name of the mother cat in "The Aristocats"?

Duchess is a white cat who is the mother of the kittens Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz.


Which Disney animal does not talk?

Dumbo may be one of Disney's most famous protagonists, but he actually has no spoken dialogue. This baby elephant with famously big ears stole our hearts anyway.


What is the name of the villainous snake​ sidekick in "Robin Hood"?

Sir Hiss is the name of Prince John's villainous snake sidekick in "Robin Hood." He is voiced by Terry Thomas.


What is the name of the crab in "The Little Mermaid"?

Sebastian the crab is a Disney icon. He was charged with the task of keeping Ariel out of trouble by her father, King Triton.


What kind of fish is Ariel's fish sidekick?

Ariel's plucky blue and yellow fish companion is a flounder named Flounder. He plays a key role in "The Little Mermaid."


What kind of pet does Aladdin have?

Aladdin's animal companion is the mischievous Abu. Abu means father in Arabic.


What is the name of Nemo's dad in "Finding Nemo"?

Marlin is an overprotective clownfish, father of Nemo. He traverses the entire ocean to find him.


What kind of pet does the villain Ratcliffe have in "Pocahontas"?

Governor Ratcliffe's pet is a small pug. Initially prissy and spoiled, his name is Percy.


Maximus the horse is in the film:

Maximus is a white horse. He is the sidekick of Flynn Rider in "Tangled."


Nala is the __________ of Simba.

Nala and Simba are a pair of lion mates. They rule Pride Rock and have three children.


What is the name of Alice's cat in "Alice in Wonderland"?

Dinah is the name of Alice's cat in this film. She does not follow her to Wonderland.


Which Disney film has a cat named "Lucifer" in it?

Cinderella's evil stepmother has a large black and white cat with a mean personality. His name is Lucifer.


What kind of animal watches over the children in "Peter Pan"?

Nana is a big lovable St. Bernard. She watches over Wendy and her brothers.


Sven is the name of a:

Sven is the name of the reindeer sidekick in "Frozen." He's a loyal friend to Kristoff.


This rat dreams of becoming a gourmet French chef:

Remy is the name of the little rat with big dreams. His film is called "Ratatouille."


Which of these characters loves to eat honey?

Winnie the Pooh is a lovable bear. He loves honey, his friends, and Christopher Robin.


Meeko is a:

Meeko is the raccoon sidekick of Pocahontas. He is always hungry and mischievous.


What kind of a dog is Lady?

Lady is a purebred American Cocker Spaniel. Tramp is a mutt.


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