Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Drama Class Words?
How Well Do You Know These Drama Class Words?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Did you take drama classes back in high school or college? Were you forced into it by friends, or did you really want to discover your "inner talents" in drama? Well, whatever the reason, this quiz might be a happy jog down memory lane. And since the world is a stage, let's act out our knowledge and see if we can still recall some of these terms we encountered back then.

It's easier than you think, promise! Why? Because many of these words are actually not so exclusive anymore to drama class. If you have continuously nurtured your love for drama, then chances are you are one keen theater junkie or pop culture junkie right now, watching many kinds of films and TV programs, and also listening to many musical theater show tunes, plus of course watching stage plays here and there. So that familiarity with many drama class words will still be there, for sure.

But if you have not pursued such a path, then actually, some basic knowledge would be rekindled upon watching today's film and TV offerings. Many of these drama class terms have also crossed over to that side of global culture. And since it's pop culture, then it's definitely very pervasive and present in one's entertainment choices.

So, let's try this, okay? Open the curtains, fix the spotlight, and here's looking at you, drama school person!

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What do you call the written text where you could read all the drama, elements and all?
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This person does the main writing of the stage play. Can you guess who?
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This character is the “hero” of the tale. What’s the term?
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This character is the “villain” of the tale. Can you pick the right word for it?
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If characters are in a state of disagreement or opposition, what does that produce?
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When performers need to know their location onstage, what do they need to master?
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When the actors pause to imitate a frozen picture or painting onstage, what is that called?
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What do actors in a stage play enact?
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The series of actions or events that happen in a play is collectively called what?
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This refers to the actual physical space where the play is being staged. What’s it called?
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A character does what he does because of this. What’s the term?
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When two actors are talking onstage, what do they deliver?
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These are the things and objects used within a play. What are they called?
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When an actor has a really, really long line that it sounds like a speech already, what is he or she delivering?
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When actors act out the elements of the story without using words, what is that called?
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A play can be divided into several sections called what?
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It’s the break taken halfway through the play. What’s it called?
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When the three walls are there to give the fictional boundary, what is broken if you want to cross over to the realistic boundary?
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It’s a list of the actors and who they’re portraying. What is its official term?
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A signal of any kind, in any part or technical aspect of the play or its staging, is called what?
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It’s a kind of play that doesn’t really end on a happy note. What’s it called?
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What you see on the wall-like far end of the stage is called what?
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This term means the conflict of the story suddenly gets resolved, no questions asked! What’s the term?
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When a line is spoken but it’s not part of the script, what is that called?
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When dance movements are also planned, what is that called?
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When a scene departs from the present and then shows events that happened in the past, what is that called?
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When inner thoughts suddenly get vocalized, what is that technique called?
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What do you call the area where performers can take a break from performing?
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It’s the periodic preparation needed before staging the play. What’s it called?
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When the drama happens in the middle and your audience is encircling you, what do you call that kind of staging?
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When you change from one status to another during a play, what is that called?
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What do you call the farthest area of the stage, away from the audience?
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When you’re also concerned with the audio set-up where a dramatic performance will be held, what will you look into?
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Stereotypical roles in dramatic performances are collectively known as what?
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When the dramatic staging is over, what action characterizes its end?
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