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Europe has been settled since before civilization was really a thing. Humanity arrived there even before constructing a home instead of dwelling in a cave had become the fashionable way to live. As a result, there has been history to remember since before history and writing, about tribes who coalesced into nations. A great many countries have risen and fallen on the continent since its dawn. Some became mighty empires who stood astride the world for generations. Others rose and then winked out in scarcely the blink of a dynastic eye.

These days, Europe has some 50-odd countries, if you count those whose borders reach beyond the continental shelf. Some of them are pretty new and others have been there for millennia. Some are wealthy and powerful, while others are relatively poor and fragile, depending on the American security umbrella to keep their borders secure. Most are democratic, though some are authoritarian - and one or two are flat-out dictatorships. Some are hot and sunny, while others are so northerly that they are snowbound for years and barely see the sun for months every year.

How well do you know them? Can you identify them from a single fact or three? Let's find out!

Which is often mistakenly believed to be part of the United Kingdom?

Guernsey is a Crown dependency and part of the British Isles, but it is not technically part of the U.K.


Which country bordering France once failed to have a government for over a year, without causing any problems?

Belgium kept having hung elections from 2010 to 2011, so they just couldn't get a government together - but they sorted it out eventually.


Which two countries make up the Iberian Peninsula?

The peninsula is the most westerly part of mainland Europe and home to Spain and Portugal.


Which two countries with a long history both lay claim to Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus remains divided between Greek and Turkish control.


Which country is sovereign over the island of Sardinia and is home to Naples?

Italy is mostly a mainland country, shaped like a boot. However, it also includes a number of islands, including Sardinia.


Which country has a famous daughter in Mother Theresa and has nearly three million residents?

Albania is where Mother Theresa was born. It is a predominantly Muslim country.


What is Norway's relationship to the EU?

The single market means that Norway's goods are freely traded with Europe, but they have to have customs inspection because they are not part of the customs union.


Which country is known for its castles, and its capital is Bucharest?

Romania is an eastern European country bordering the Black Sea. It is one of the newer members of the EU.


Which country is NOT one of the Baltic states?

The Baltic states include Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Finland is not one of them, though it is nearby!


Which country is only partly in Europe, and the rest is in Asia?

Russia is partly on the European continent and partly on the Asian continent. Only 23 percent is in Europe.


Which country was NOT a part of former Yugoslavia?

Poland is not a part of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian state broke up in the 1990's with the Balkan War. Fortunately now the Balkans are at peace.


Three of these countries were behind the Iron Curtain. Which one wasn't?

The Iron Curtain was the wall of communist control that divided the democratic Western Europe from the authoritarian Eastern Europe.


Which country on the Adriatic Sea is shaped like a horseshoe?

Croatia is a Balkan state that faces across the Adriatic towards Italy. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb.


Which small landlocked country is in the mountains between Spain and France?

Andorra is a small mountainous country between Spain and France. Its population is under 80,000.


Which country is the second most northerly in Europe?

Norway is the most northerly country, with Finland next.


Which country is host to Oktoberfest and borders Austria?

Germany is the richest and most powerful country in Europe. It is the lynchpin of the EU economy.


Which country is known as the land of the horse and is home to Dublin?

Ireland is a very horse-friendly nation. Its capital is the city of Dublin, birthplace of author James Joyce.


Which country is largely covered by the Alps and contains the beautiful cities of Salzburg and Vienna?

Austria is a mountainous country with a great many castles, noted for its history of fine opera.


Which country has almost no trees - though it used to - but has plenty of volcanoes?

Iceland is technically part of Europe, even though it is off in the Atlantic on its own. It is slowly trying to replant its once verdant forests.


Which country is an economic powerhouse and home to the second biggest city in Europe?

France is one of the main economic hubs of Europe. Its capital city, Paris, is second only to London in population.


Which country with a federalized system hosts the running of the bulls?

Spain has semi-autonomous regions, including Catalonia and Andalucia. The city of Pamplona has an annual tradition where bulls run in the streets with people - and every year, a few participants are gored.


Which country used to be two countries with one capital split in two - but is now one country with one capital?

Germany was divided during the communist period, as was its capital, Berlin, but now each is united. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989.


Which tiny country has the third highest population density in Europe?

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, not just Europe, but its population density is very, very high. As of 2018, an estimated 801 people live in Vatican City.


Which northerly country is known for its famous fjords and whales?

Norway is a beautiful nation with a high per capita income. Its wealth came from oil. Unlike most oil nations, instead of becoming a despotism with a wealthy elite, Norway put that wealth to work for all the citizens.


Which country is famous for its chocolate, clocks, and mountains?

Switzerland is a tax haven that maintains neutrality in most international affairs. The country is known for its wonderful landscape.


Which country is a principality in which gambling is legal?

Monaco is a tiny little nation with a ruling prince. Monaco sits on the coast of the Mediterranean, surrounded by France.


Which country was the center of the Ottoman Empire and colonized many other nations?

The Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful in the world for many centuries, colonizing most of the Middle East.


Which country between Germany and Russia was formerly known as Prussia?

Poor Poland has been crushed between two powerful nations for centuries, and it has never had a very good time as a result!


Which landlocked country was once in a union with Austria, during which time they colonized many nations?

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was very powerful and was defeated in World War One by the Allies, resulting in its collapse. Hungary and Austria became two nations.


Which very prosperous country is also known as Holland?

The Netherlands was formerly colonized by Spain but became an independent nation, which is also called Holland. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, but the government center is in The Hague.


Which mountainous country is home to the Parthenon?

Greece is a southerly country in the EU. Greece is home to many classical temples including the Parthenon.


Which landlocked state is the newest independent county in Europe?

Kosovo was subject to a violent ethnic cleansing in the 1990s. Fortunately, NATO was able to intervene and save the local population, resulting in independence for the state of Kosovo.


Which country is NOT part of Scandinavia?

There are five Nordic or Scandinavian countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.


Which country is the wealthiest in Europe by average income?

Unsurprisingly, the tax haven dedicated almost entirely to gambling and luxury hotels has a preposterously high per capita income! American actress Grace Kelly was once the princes of Monaco.


What do the flags of France, the Netherlands and Croatia have in common?

All three of these countries display red, white and blue flags.


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