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"That's my name, don't wear it out!" The 1990s were a virtual goldmine for all manner of cultural catch phrases and lingo. How well do remember '90s slang?

If something is super cool, it is _____

"Da bomb" means something is crazy cool. "Did you see that new 'Jurassic Park' movie? It's da bomb!"


What's a "crib"?

A crib is someone's house. "Yo, how 'bout y'all come back to my crib and we'll get crunk."


What does it mean if someone says, "cool beans"?

"Cool beans" is a phrase of agreement. So if you ask a cute guy wearing a flannel shirt to the Nine Inch Nails concert and he says, "cool beans," you'll soon be rocking out.


If someone is very long-winded in telling a story, you might repeat which word to describe them?

"OK, I get it, you met this nice girl and she told you about her Beanie Baby collection. Yadda yadda yadda."


If you had a moment of triumph in the '90s, which expression would you use?

"Boo-yah" expresses excitement. "Boo-yah! I got a "C" on my calculus quiz and scored tickets to the Alanis Morissette concert on the same day!"


If someone comes to your party and then says that they have to "bounce," what does it mean?

To "bounce" is to leave. "Yo, dawg, I see that you have exactly two other people here. Wild party and all, but we're going to bounce."


What does it mean if someone is "trippin'"?

"Everything's cool here, man, so you can quit trippin'. Just calm down and we'll go home and play Nintendo."


If someone says "whatever," what are they most likely expressing?

"Oh, you don't like my new parachute pants? Whatever." "Whatever" just means that you're expressing indifference.


If someone is "buggin'" they are _____.

"Yo lady, your dad was buggin' when he found out you were dating that guy without his permission!" "Buggin'" means that someone is freaking out.


True or false, if something is "phat," is it good?

Oh, it's good all right. It's downright great. Something that's "phat" is amazing.


What's a slang word for someone who is insignificant?

You don't want no "scrubs," right ladies? A scrub is someone who is, from a social standpoint, pretty insignificant.


If the cute boy you saw at the shopping mall is "all that and a bag of chips," what does it mean?

"All that and a bag of chips" means that something is completely and totally amazing. So that boy must be something special. That, or he really likes Doritos.


What's a one-word acknowledgment that you understand?

"OK, so you grab the pizza, the Coke, and the girls and head back to my place. Got it?" "Word."


What's the most likely emotional state of someone who is "clownin'"?

Clowns are often borderline scary. So if someone is "clownin'" on someone else, it's because they're angry or maybe even crazy.


If something is "wicked," what is it?

"Wicked" is very good, indeed. "Check out the wicked rims on that Cadillac! They must be 36 inches!"


If you purposely misdirect or mislead someone, you'd immediately follow it up with which word?

"Hey, I think this is the winning lottery ticket! You can just have it, OK? Psyche!" Then you take the lottery ticket and walk away.


If you want to express something that is very unlikely to happen, you might say _____.

"As if" means very, unlikely or flat-out "no way." "You want to borrow my vintage Soundgarden T-shirt for the Katy Perry concert? As if!"


If you don't have time for someone's inane or confrontational nonsense, you might say what?

"Talk to the hand, 'cause I don't have time for this." Then you just walk away, because you don't want that weirdo literally talking to your hand, or your feet, either, for that matter.


What does it mean if you ask, "what's the 4-1-1?"

"Yo, I hear you were out with that new chick at school. What's the 4-1-1?" It means you're asking for the news or the scoop on a situation.


If you tell someone to "step off," what are you indicating?

Telling someone to "step off" is a warning. "Hey, that's my girlfriend, so step off. She doesn't need your dirty paws all over her backside."


"All" can be used in place of which other common slang word?

"All" is frequently used in place of "like." "He got to class and he was all, you know all unshowered and unshaved. I bet he was all, like, partying all night long."


Why would you tell your mom to "take a chill pill"?

"Mom, I was home by midnight and we were just hanging out, I promise! Take a chill pill and calm down."


If someone says something that is blatantly obvious, you might say what as a sarcastic response?

"No duh" means, "obviously," but in a sarcastic way. "You think Bill Clinton might be lying to the media? No duh!"


If your friend is being "salty," how is she behaving?

If she's being "salty," she's being kind of angry, perhaps for no really good reason. "Calm down and quit being so salty!"


What trait does someone have if they are "fly"?

Someone or something that is "fly" is very cool. "Check out that cute cheerleader. She's so fly!"


Which word might you use if you see an attractive person?

"Cindy Crawford, she's so hot! Schwing!" "Schwing" is frequently used to indicate that someone is attractive.


If something is very exciting, it is "off the _____."

"Wow, did you see the new line of Beanie Babies? Oh man, they are off the hook! I'm going to buy all of them after I mortgage my house."


What does "hella" mean?

Hella means something is tremendously great. "Wow, that sandwich you just made me? It was hella tight!"


When your buddy called you on the phone in the '90s, what did you say?

Made incredibly popular by a Budweiser TV campaign, it became a catch phrase of the 90s. "Whassup" became a greeting for just about every situation.


If someone "goes postal," what are they doing?

In the '90s, a series of post office shootings spawned a new catch phrase: "going postal." It means to go crazy, potentially with violence.


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