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Do you still remember the most prevalent fads and trends of the 1990s? "No duh," you say? Then prove it. Go ahead and take our '90s fads and trends quiz now!

What was unique about Reebok Pump sneakers?

The Reebok Pump had a tiny air pump in the tongue. Wearers pressed it repeatedly, supposedly to increase the high-top shoe's stability, but in reality, it didn't do much.


What did many girls do to their hair in the '90s?

Many girls took to "crimping" their hair with a special iron, which made crinkly waves. Like so many hair trends, this one could actually damage the hair.


What was name of the little beanbag toys that took the '90s by storm?

In 1993, Ty Warner Inc. unleashed a plague of bean bag animals called Beanie Babies. The small toys began selling for huge fortunes on the secondary market.


Which product did famous boxer George Foreman endorse in the '90s?

Foreman began doing infomercials for a type of electric indoor grill. Unlike many fads, this one actually started a trend that's still going strong today.


What was NOT a name of one of the original nine Beanie Babies?

OK, so Bob the Bacteria wasn't one of the original nine Beanie Babies, which included classics such as Spot the Dog, Chocolate the Moose and Patti the Platypus.


Why did some Beanie Babies become exorbitantly valuable?

The manufacturer was clever -- it limited supply of some of the Beanie Babies, and demand for those creatures skyrocketed. People paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for one little toy.


What was special about Generra Hypercolor clothing?

Generra Hypercolor were T-shirts that changed color when exposed to heat. One flaw? The reaction was easy to damage if you didn't carefully wash the fabrics.


What did one do with "scrunchies"?

Scrunchies were elastic hair ties. Girls went wild for them, in part due to their imaginative color schemes.


This rubbery ball had stringy filaments that sprouted all over. What was it called?

The Koosh ball was a rubbery ball with rubbery hairs, and kids went crazy for it. Sometimes you would just sit there and...feel it.


In the '90s, which hair trend made waves?

Bleach, whether throughout the hair or just on the tips, discolored many a "do" in the '90s. Some people opted for bleach right out of the bottle. Word to the wise -- bleach isn't really very good for your hair.


What was the name of the owl-ish robotic toy that spoke weird gibberish?

In the late '90s, Furby was all the rage. The little toy looked a bit like Gizmo from "Gremlins" and cooed and babbled his way into millions of hearts.


Which dance fad took over dance floors in the '90s?

To the horror of wedding DJs everywhere, the Macarena arrived....and then never went away. It was the only song of note by one-hit wonder Los Del Rio.


The _____ bracelet was a major hit in the '90s.

Slap bracelets are back, and they were big in the '90s, too. Just take the flat piece of thin metal and "slap" it on your wrist -- ta-da! Now you're fashionable.


What was the Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi was a virtual digital pet. These small, handheld devices had tiny screens that represented a pet that you had to feed and clean up after. Neglect your responsibilities and the poor thing died.


In the '90s, T-shirts from one company featured this phrase: "No _____."

It became a rallying cry for rednecks and skateboarders across the land: "No Fear." Legend has it that in some parts of America, you'll still find tattered "No Fear" stickers peeling from old pickup trucks.


What did you do with "Lisa Frank" products in the '90s?

The Lisa Frank line of school products, from pencils to folders, were splashed with artsy designs that appealed mostly to girls. And for years, every girl had to have them.


What did you do with "Doc Martens"?

In the '90s, Doc Marten shoes and boots became outrageously popular. They often stood out thanks to their oversized soles.


Which recreational activity became exceedingly popular in the '90s?

If you were a klutz and had a hard time even with rollerskates, the '90s were a difficult era for you...because rollerblades got very popular, and they were tough for many people to master.


Which "Sesame Street" character became a major superstar in the '90s?

Elmo, the baby-talking, crimson demon spawn of all things evil, shot to fame thanks to the Tickle Me Elmo doll. The doll sometimes wouldn't stop laughing, even in your nightmares.


For women, it was one of the most popular hair styles of the '90s. It was ____.

Jennifer Aniston's hair in the sitcom "Friends" made the rounds in the '90s, and it was named after her character Rachel. For a time, every woman seemingly wanted "The Rachel."


Which '90s communications technology was a must-have item?

Maybe you're asking, "what's a pager?" And we envy you, because it means you probably don't have gray hair just yet.


What sort of pack became ultra-popular during the '90s?

Fanny packs were virtually inescapable in the '90s. Everyone from toddlers to businessmen wore fanny packs around town as if no one had ever before carried a "bag" in the history of human civilization.


What was "Surge"?

It probably should have been labeled as an illicit drug, but Surge was a Mountain Dew copycat that tasted a bit like battery acid but somehow didn't kill you.


What did a "Discman" do?

The Sony Discman was a popular compact disc player, and everyone wanted one. "Have you seen these compact disc things, man? They're amazing!"


What iconic words did America Online (sometimes) utter when you logged on?

In the early days of a thing called "email," people would log onto America Online. If one of their pen pals had sent them a message, America Online would triumphantly shout, "You've got mail!"


What was the purpose of the Thighmaster?

The Thighmaster was a spring-loaded exercise contraption that you squeezed with your thighs. The commercials were, shall we say, borderline sleazy.


Which music trend was big in the '90s?

The Seattle music scene exploded in the '90s thanks to grunge. The guitar-saturated sounds of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and other bands seized music fans in a way that no "scene" has managed since.


What was the purpose of Napster?

Napster was a peer-to-peer file sharing program that gained notoriety, in part because it could be used to distribute copyrighted programs and music. Many musicians, sensing lost profits, spoke out against the technology.


What sort of Pepsi was a big deal in the '90s?

In the '90s, Pepsi removed color from a bland cola and it became a strangely popular product. So popular, in fact, that high demand convinced Pepsi to bring it back decades later.


Who made the "Gameboy"?

Capitalizing on the success of its TV-connected gaming console, Nintendo released the Gameboy, a handheld gaming device. It accepted cartridges so that players could swap out the games at will.


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