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Some lived for centuries, others wreaked absolute havoc. Biblical kings are notable for their influence on the Scriptures and the times. Take this quiz to find out just how much you remember from Bible study!

What biblical king was responsible for the demise of Goliath?

During his pre-king years, David was also a musician.

Which king had a hand in writing the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon?

King Solomon appears in the Bible, the Quran and the Talmud.

Which king was known for his evil ways?

Ahaz was the subject of evil in the Book of Kings. Ahaz is short for Jehoahaz.

Which biblical king took the throne at age eight?

King Josiah was noted for Deuteronomic reform. He was also called Yoshiyahu.

What biblical king was most noted for his keen wisdom?

King Solomon, also known as Jedidiah, once applied his wisdom to a dispute between two mothers.

Which king was the son of Asa?

Jehoshaphat ruled the Kingdom of Judah as the fourth king. His name is associated with the exclamation, "Jumping Jehoshaphat!"

According to the Bible, which king was in power during Sennacherib's invasion of Jerusalem?

Hezekiah was the 13th king of Judah. His name is Hebrew for "Yahweh Strengthens."

What son of Solomon was king of the Israelites?

Rehoboam is said to have had 18 wives, 60 concubines, 28 sons and 60 daughters!

Which king, father of Jehoshaphat, ruled for 41 years?

Asa made Jehoshaphat a co-ruler when he became ill. Jehoshaphat later shared the throne with his son, as well.

Which king was the only survivor of a massacre ordered by his grandmother?

Jehoash was an infant when the massacre occurred. Seven years later, he ascended the throne.

The king of Babylon destroyed Judah during what king's reign?

Zedekiah ruled for eleven years. His eyes were gouged out by his enemies and he later died.

Which king came to power after his mother, Athaliah, murdered the royal family?

Athaliah probably took the throne when he was 22, according to historians, not when he was 42 according to the Bible. Historians believe that someone made a typo.

Which king was removed from power by the king of Babylon?

Jeconiah's rule lasted only a bit more than three months. He was released from exile after almost 40 years.

To what king did God give a "lamp"?

The "lamp" was a son, who would rule after him. Abijam had 14 wives, 22 sons, and 16 daughters.

Which king was born with the name Eliakim?

Jehoiakim changed his name when he took the throne. He ruled for 11 years.

Which king was praised for killing the people who assassinated his father, but sparing their sons?

Amaziah ruled for 29 years. He was the first king to establish an army of mercenaries.

Which regent disobeyed God and was struck with leprosy?

Uzziah reigned for 52 years. The years of his reign were prosperous.

Which king was assassinated because of his idolatry?

Amon ruled for only two years. He was considered a great sinner.

Which king was ousted by the Assyrians and replaced with his son, Ahaz?

Jotham is credited with the construction of the Upper Gate of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Which king reestablished unpopular polytheistic religious practices?

Manasseh's reign of 55 years was the longest in Judah. He is said to have persecuted prophets.

Which king ruled for three months before he was removed by the Egyptians?

Jehoahaz was popular among his own people but not among the Egyptians.

Which king killed himself with his sword to avoid capture?

Saul is mentioned in the Bible and in the Quran. He is believed to have been divinely appointed.

Which king married the daughter of Ahab?

Jehoram killed all of his brothers to ensure his right to the throne would not be challenged.

Which Persian king is referred to in the Bible as "the messiah"?

King Cyrus is the only foreigner described as a messiah in the Bible.

Which king was at odds with David?

Ish-bosheth was also called Eshbaal. He was assassinated during the second year of his reign.

Which Persian king is mentioned in the Bible as commissioning Ezra to handle Jewish affairs in Jerusalem?

Artaxerxes was said to promote the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

Which king ascended the throne after the death of David?

Solomon had a whopping 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Who was the first king of Israel?

Samuel told the Israelites that God had chosen Saul to be their king. Saul had sons with both his wife and his concubine.

Which king was the great-grandson of Ruth?

King David is said to have been favored over Saul by God.

Which king is said to have been rejected by God?

King Saul, the first king, was replaced with King David. Saul was a good king, but he did not always follow God.

From which king is Jesus descended?

King David is a figure in the Bible, the Talmud and the Quran.

Which king is credited with writing many of the Psalms?

David was rewarded with the throne after he slayed Goliath.

Who was the self-proclaimed first king of Israel?

Abimelech was a warlike king who was mortally wounded by a woman. He requested one of his fighters to kill him so he would not be known as having been killed by a woman.

Which king was married to Jezebel?

Upon his death, it is said that both dogs and pigs licked Ahab's blood.

Which Roman king ordered the Massacre of the Innocents?

Herod the Great was also said to have killed his wife and two sons. He was a prolific builder but a tyrannical king.

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