Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your BMW Numbers?
How Well Do You Know Your BMW Numbers?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Wiki Commons via Siegfried von Brilon

About This Quiz

BMW, or the Bayerische Motoren Werke as it is known in German, is one of the top car makers in the world. Their cars offer many things. First and foremost is luxury and comfort. But don't forget performance. Some BMW models are simply incredible when it comes to performance numbers. The brand also offers the latest gadgets in their cars including satellite navigation, parking aids, and every other driver assists.

For the past eight decades, the famous grille of BMW models is easily recognized around the world. Certainly, a BMW is a classy car. But did you know the company, founded in 1916, started out making aircraft engines? After the First World War, it moved on to first motorcycles and later, automobiles.

Its first car was produced in the late 1920s although it was a copy of an Austin model at the time. After that, BMW started making its own cars and designs, and the company quickly established itself as an important automaker, not only in Germany but the rest of Europe as well.

Following the Second World War, BMW took some time to get back into the business, and it was only in the 1950s that it began producing vehicles. Much like the company's start in the car manufacturing, it first copied a car under license. This small micro car has become a sought-after model today.

Some models followed with BMW building its reputation globally as well. And today, BMW has a range of incredible models in many different categories. But can you identify them?

Good luck!

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First seen in 2014, this is the very pinnacle of BMW hybrid technology. What vehicle is shown in this image?
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Perhaps the lesser known microcar when compared to the Isetta, do you know this BMW model?
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In this image, we have the first ever SUV made by BMW. What is it called?
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What a stunner! This roadster from BMW hit the streets in 2000. Can you identify it for us?
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A 400 brake horsepower makes this a super fast car. What BMW model is it?
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Name this beautiful BMW model powered by a 1.5-liter engine.
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The BMW model in this image is the __________
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Elvis owned not one but two of these BMWs. Do you know what they are?
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Any idea as to the model of this beautiful roadster?
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Name this mid-sized luxury crossover SUV from BMW.
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The BMW in this image is from a series introduced in 2002. Do you have any idea what it is?
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In this image we have the first car exclusively designed by BMW. What is it?
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Name this BMW coupe, please.
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Going green? This is the BMW for you! But what is it?
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The BMW in the image was the first that was mid-engined. Only 453 were made. Can you tell us what it is?
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The BMW in this image is a _______
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First introduced in 2010, in this image we see a compact car from BMW. Tell us what model it is, please.
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Can you name this vehicle, the smallest SUV offered by BMW?
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Any idea as to the BMW model shown here? It was in production for a period of nine years.
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BMW manufactured 16,000 examples of this four-door sedan. Name the model, please.
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Aimed at the US market, this BMW performed poorly sales wise. Do you know the model?
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This is one of BMW's top selling brands. What is it?
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Identify this BMW, please.
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The most expensive vehicle in the BMW range, can you tell us the model?
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Name this BMW that is powered by a 5.7-liter engine and is capable of 193 mph.
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Identify this BMW SUV model, please.
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This open top sports car is known as the BMW _______
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The BMW in the image was powered by a 2.5-liter V8 engine. Do you perhaps know the model?
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13,000 units of this BMW model were made from 1965 to 1969. What is it?
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Name this vehicle, the flagship of the BMW fleet.
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The first BMW with an automatic hardtop roof is shown in this image. What is it?
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A concept car from 1995, name this BMW, please.
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This compact crossover was introduced by BMW in 2014. Can you name it?
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Name the first car ever made by BMW shown in this image.
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This BMW model was fairly popular. In fact, 180,000 were produced. What is it?
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The BMW vehicle shown in this image a ________
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One of the most popular BMW models ever, over 1.3 million of these vehicles were produced in the 1970's and '80s. What is it?
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Identify this BMW coup, please.
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Name this all-conquering BMW race car.
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First launched in 1989, can you name this grand tourer from BMW?
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