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If you spend your free time on the internet, we're sure you'll ace this quiz. Maybe you grew up on the internet, or maybe you were introduced to it later on. No matter when you first connected to a router, you're bound to have seen a few slang words! Log on, and get ready to ace this quiz!

Have you heard the acronyms LOL, GTG, and OOTD? If you have, then tell us what they stand for! Do you know the meaning of the word troll? When would you use the acronym INB4? Did you know that some acronyms and slang words are more common on certain social media sites than others?

Do you know what the word "meme" means? Do you know what the acronym "lmk" stands for? Can you name the short form that is used for the word "because" on social media? If you could answer those, then tell us what social media platform "IG" is short for! It's short for internet. JK, you'll have to figure it out for yourself!

So, you think that you're the GOAT when it comes to the internet and its slang? Let's see how much you really know by taking this quiz to see your score!

Which acronym can you use to end a conversation?

There are a few ways you can end a conversation. "TTYL" is​ one option. The acronym stands for "talk to you later" and can be used as a promise to catch up soon!


In which case could you use the acronym "BRB"?

You could use this acronym when you leave the computer for a second or can't text back right away. It stands for "be right back," so use it for those quick getaways!


What does "JK" stand for?

The acronym stands for "just kidding." If you use it in a sentence, you could say, "I went to a water park today. JK!"


Which letter can also be used as a word?

The letter "C" is often used as slang for the word "see." There are a few instances like this, such as with "U" being used in place of the word "you."


What acronym is used when someone doesn't know something?

"IDK" is an acronym that stands for "I don't know." This one has been in use for a long time, on par with LOL and BRB!


If someone asks you to "FB" what should you do?

"FB" is short for "follow back." This term is most commonly used on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, where following each other is the key to having an audience.


What is a "troll"?

A troll is a word used for someone who stirs up trouble online, typically on social media websites. They'll usually say something controversial that can upset many people, but sometimes, they're easy to spot!


Which word is used for someone who is always reading and looking at things, but never contributes?

A person who does this is often known as a lurker, while the act is known as lurking. For example, if you're scrolling through Instagram, but not engaging, you might be considered to be a lurker.


Is it true or false that squad is short for a group of friends?

This is true. You'll often hear this term online when referencing a group of friends. When used in a sentence you can say: "I'm going out with my squad!"


Is it true or false that "YW" stands for "you're welcome"?

This is true. "YW" is often used as an answer when someone says thank you. It could also be used sarcastically.


If someone sends you a "dm," what are they sending you?

A "dm" is short form for a direct message. It is typically used on social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram, which include the feature.


Is it true or false that "shade" is slang for cooling down?

This is false. Shade is a slang term that means that something mean is being said about someone. It's commonly used as the phrase "throwing shade."


Which term is often used in place of the word "later"?

"L8R" is a short form of the word "later." This term was used a lot in the early 2000s, and it can still be seen today, just not as often.


What does the acronym "GTG" stand for?

"GTG" stands for "got to go" or "gotta go." When used in a sentence, you can say "I have to go to work now. I'm sorry, but I GTG!"


Is it true or false that "fire" is slang for something that's hot to touch?

This is false. Fire is actually a slang term that means something is amazing or incredible. For example, you could say: "This song is fire!"


Which number can be used in place of a word?

Instead of typing out a whole word, you can replace it with one character! When used in a sentence, you could say: "R U ready 4 the party?"


For which social media platform does the acronym "IG" used?

"IG" is a short form for the social media platform, Instagram. If you ever see a photo with a watermark that uses it, you'll know it originated on Instagram!


If you're surprised, what acronym could you use?

"OMG" stands for "oh my God" or "oh my gosh." You might see it in a sentence such as, "OMG you will never believe what just happened to me!" It is often used in excitement or disbelief.


What is a "meme"?

Memes are a form of media that are funny and spread all over the internet. You may know some popular ones, such as Pepe the Frog, Doge, or the Kermit meme.


Is it true or false that "btw" stands for "bring the water"?

This is false. The acronym actually stands for "by the way." BTW don't forget to keep studying up on your internet slang!


If someone says "lmk," what does it mean?

If someone says this to you online, it means "let me know." When used in a sentence, you could say: "I'll swing by and pick you up for the party if you want. LMK!"


This acronym was popularized by Drake. What is it?

The acronym "YOLO" stands for "you only live once." You might have heard it after the release of "The Motto" by Drake, which made the term very popular.


What does "AMA" stand for?

"AMA" stands for "ask me anything." This is a term that is most often found on Reddit, where individuals ask users to ask them any questions in relation to a certain subject.


Which acronym would you use if you think something is funny?

You've probably heard of this one before! "LOL" stands for laugh out loud, although it has turned into its own form of a word that can be used as a simple, and quick answer to something.


Is it true or false that "bc" is slang for "because"?

This is true. It's a short form of the word. You could use it in a sentence like this: "I'll be late bc I have to pick up my friend beforehand."


What letter can stand for "OK"?

The letter "K" is often used to mean "OK." There are many variations of this as well, where some people may use "KK" or "Kay" as slang for the word.


What is a "noob"?

A "noob" is a common term heard online and refers to anyone who makes it obvious that they are new to something. It can also refer to someone new to online gaming. There are also different variations of the word, including "n00b" or "newb."


What does the "h" stand for in the acronym, "IMHO"?

The entire acronym stands for "in my humble opinion" but it can also be used as "in my opinion." This term is quite self-explanatory as it is used for expressing your opinion online.


What does "IRL" stand for?

This acronym stands for "in real life." This can be used in a variety of ways, such as, "IRL, this won't work." Or sometimes it can be used in terms or streaming, to say that you are doing a hangout stream.


Is it true or false that "GOAT" stands for "greatest of all time"?

This is true. GOAT isn't about the animal like it may sound! It's often used in reference to people who are very good at what they do.


The term "OOTD" is usually tagged in photos of what?

"OOTD" stands for "outfit of the day," and is typically tagged in photos of outfits. The term is popularly used to show off an outfit to the internet that someone loves​ and wants to share.


What acronym is used for something that you probably should not view at work?

"NSFW" stands for "not safe for work." That means, you probably shouldn't view it while you're at work.


What is "inb4" used for?

This one can be a bit tricky! "inb4" is most commonly used on the internet to predict a response to a thread. To use it, you would say "inb4" then follow it with a phrase of what you're predicting.


"Bae" can be used as a word itself, but do you know what it stands for?

"Bae" is a slang term on the internet that is used to refer to a significant other. It also works as an acronym for "before anyone else," which is meant to be used in the same way.


The term "RT" is commonly used on what social media platform?

"RT" is a common acronym found on Twitter. It means "retweet." Retweeting is an action exclusive to Twitter, but it has also been used as a joke when someone relates to something online.


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