How Well Do You Really Know Your Famous NFL All-Pro Stars?

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The National Football League is America’s most popular professional sport, so it’s no surprise that every year pundits and league officials find new ways to heap accolades on the best players. The All-Pro Team is one such honor. Each season, a group of sportswriters casts votes to determine standout gridiron heroes. In this smashmouth quiz, do you really know much about the players who have been named All-Pros?

Some of the biggest names in the game are obviously shoo-ins as All-Pros. You already know that guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have been All-Pros, and in these cases, multiple times in their careers. Can you name the players who won the most All-Pro honors during their playing days?

Just the same, a lot of star players actually don’t gather as much attention as you’d think from the All-Pro committee. Do you think you know the men who’ve been mostly snubbed by this honor?

Not every rookie can turn into Otto Graham, Randy White, Ray Lewis or Shane Lechler. And for every Gale Sayers, there’s a burnout like Ryan Leaf. Cast your vote in this NFL All-Pro quiz now!

How are NFL All-Pros selected?

Each year, sportswriters cast their votes for outstanding NFL players. Many players rack up many All-Pro honors during their stellar careers.

Which player is tied for the all-time most All-Pro selections?

WR Jerry Rice is often called the greatest ever to play the game. So it's not surprising that he had 10 first-team All-Pro selections, tied for the most ever.

Jerry Rice is tied with which player for the most All-Pro selections?

Jim Otto, a legendary Raiders center, is tied with Jerry Rice for most All-Pro selections. Both men have 10 to their credit.

On the 2017 All-Pro team, who was the first-team running back?

In 2017, Todd Gurley ran for more than 1,300 yards in 15 games for the Rams. He was picked as the first-team All-Pro and scored 19 total TDs.

Which famous All-Pro QB played college ball at Michigan?

Tom Brady rode the bench for much of his career at Michigan. Then, he dropped to the sixth round of the NFL draft … and is now a three-time All-Pro.

How many times did iconic QB Peyton Manning become an All-Pro?

Manning had zero running ability but gashed defenses with his arm. That's why he was named All-Pro seven times in his unforgettable career.

What position did six-time All-Pro Tony Gonzalez play?

Gonzalez made a name for himself as an unstoppable tight end in Kansas City. In 2004, he caught 102 passes in a single season.

Infamous running back O.J. Simpson was a five-time All-Pro pick. He started his career with which team?

Before he became linked to crime, Simpson was criminally good on the field. In 1973, he ran for more than 2,000 yards with his first team, the Bills.

In 2017, which tight end was picked as a first-team All-Pro?

Even as he struggles with recurring injuries, there's no tight end quite like Rob Gronkowski. He was 2017's first-team pick and if he stays healthy, you can bet he'll pick up another.

Which of the following players had the most All-Pro honors?

He was the "Minister of Defense," an ordained minister and a beast on the field. Reggie White was an eight-time All-Pro.

How many times did swashbuckling QB Brett Favre pick up All-Pro honors?

Sure, it seemed like he threw almost as many picks as TDs, but Favre was a Super Bowl champ, too. He was a three-time All-Pro.

Nine-time All-Pro Ron Mix played most of his career with which team?

Ron Mix was an extraordinary right tackle who played mostly with the Chargers. He was a nine-time All-Pro who played 142 total games.

In 2017, WR DeAndre Hopkins became a first-team All-Pro as a member of which club?

In 2017, Hopkins was on fire, with 96 receptions for more nearly 1,400 yards. He played for the Houston Texans.

Which All-Pro player had the nickname "Mean"?

Four times, "Mean" Joe Greene, became an All-Pro as a standout defensive lineman for the Steelers. And by all accounts he was actually a really nice person when he wasn't trying to kill running backs.

How many times was tackle Anthony Munoz selected as a first-team All-Pro during his career?

Munoz is one of the most legendary tackles ever to play the game. Nine times, he was selected as a first-team All-Pro.

In 2017, Lane Johnson was a first-team All-Pro. What position does he play?

Lane Johnson plays right tackle for the Eagles. The 6'6" monster is the most valuable RT in all of football.

Don Huston was an eight-time All-Pro for which team?

In the '30s and '40s, Don Hutson was one of the game's best players, and he was on both offense and defense. He played 116 games in his storied career.

Lawrence Taylor was an eight-time first-team All-Pro selection. Which position did he play?

Taylor was a vicious linebacker with the Giants. Twice, he led New York's defense to wins in the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning was named All-Pro as part of how many different teams?

Manning only played for two teams during his career. And he was named All-Pro for both the Colts and Broncos.

Rod Woodson was one of the NFL's best defenders and became an All-Pro eight times. How many seasons did he play?

For a safety and cornerback, it's almost impossible to log 17 seasons in the NFL. But that's exactly what Woodson did.

Movie star and Browns running back Jim Brown was obviously an All-Pro. But how many times was he picked?

Browns star Jim Brown rushed for more than 12,000 yards and ran for 106 TDs. He was an eight-time All-Pro.

Which five-time All-Pro was known as "Sweetness"?

He ran for more than 16,000 yards as a Bears running back. He was Walter "Sweetness" Payton, and he was also a five-time All-Pro.

Terrell Owens was a five-time first-team All-Pro. Which position did he play?

In his prime during the late '90s, Owens was one of the best WRs in the game. He was a five-time All-Pro and in 2000 averaged more than 100 yards receiving PER GAME.

Who was selected as the first-team All-Pro QB in 2017?

Even in the late stages of his career, Tom Brady is virtually unstoppable. He was picked as first-team All-Pro for the 2017 team.

How many times has Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger been named All-Pro?

He has two Super Bowl titles and is a six-time Pro Bowler. But Rothlisberger has never been voted as an All-Pro.

J.J. Watt has been a four-time All-Pro for the Houston Texans. He plays on which side of the ball?

He's a 300-pound defensive lineman and four-time All-Pro. Watt is so talented that he's caught TD passes on offense, too.

Which of the following players had the most All-Pro honors?

Bills star Bruce Matthews literally played every position on the offensive line … and he did it well. It's no wonder he was a seven-time All-Pro.

In 2017, which receiver was the ONLY player unanimously selected to the All-Pro team?

Of all the players named All-Pros in 2017, just one was a unanimous selection. That was Antonio Brown, who played for the Steelers.

Why was it nearly unbelievable that Antonio Brown was the only unanimous selection to the 2017 team?

Brown missed the final two games of the season. In spite of that setback, he still led the NFL in receiving yards, with 1,533.

Michael Irvin was "The Playmaker" for the Dallas Cowboys. How many times was this WR named All-Pro?

Irvin won three Super Bowls with the Cowboys during the Aikman era. He made play after incredible play … but was only named All-Pro once.

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