Quiz: How Well Do You Remember '90s MTV?
How Well Do You Remember '90s MTV?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: MTV

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MTV hit the airwaves in 1981 with the announcement, "Ladies and gentleman -- rock and roll" before launching into "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles. While videos and even music are scarce at times on MTV in the 2010s, the network was just finding its stride in the '90s, masterfully blending music from every genre with hip personalities and classic programming. 

The decade saw MTV creating unforgettable events out of premieres from Nirvana, Britney Spears, Live and other acts, as well as the premiere of some of the earliest reality shows to hit television, including "The Real World" and "Road Rules." The decade is remembered for unforgettable "Unplugged Moments," insane awards show performances and fights, and of course, the premiere of teen favorite "Total Request Live."

It was a less polished MTV than the one you'll see today, but it was also an era of great journalism in the music world and beyond, including MTV's unique look at sports, the news and the issues facing its audience.

Think you can remember the people and events that characterized '90s MTV? Take our quiz to find out! 

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This long-time MTV VJ hosted "Total Request Live" when it premiered in 1998.
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What is the name of this totally bored animated high-schooler?
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Who is Butt-head's best bud?
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What year did "TRL" premiere?
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Which sports star was a long-time host of "MTV Sports" in the '90s?
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Which of these personalities is known for hosting "Loveline?"
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What did the cast of "Road Rules" travel in?
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What was the name of the "Jeopardy"-esque game show shown on MTV in the '90s?
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Which MTV series featured celebs giving house tours?
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What was the nickname of VJ Julie Brown?
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Which former VJ is now known as the Podfather?
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How many people of the same gender participated in each episode of "Singled Out?"
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Who is this celeb, who had his own MTV show in the early days of MTV?
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Who is this celeb, who had her own comedy show on MTV in 1997?
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Who is this comedian, who had an MTV show that premiered in 1989?
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Which doc co-hosted "Loveline?"
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Who made "The Bum Bum Song" famous?
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Who is this comedian, who hosted his own MTV series in the early '90s?
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Which genre was VJ Kennedy most closely associated with?
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Which of these men co-hosted "Yo! MTV Raps?"
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What was the name of the MTV series that featured a group of friends, including Neve Campbell, who formed a band?
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Who was the referee on "Celebrity Deathmatch?"
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What was inside of "The Head?"
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Who did Madonna dress up as during her epic 1990 VMA performance of "Vogue?"
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Which VJ hosted "120 Minutes?"
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Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth conducted a truly cringeworthy interview with this artist in 1994.
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What did Courtney Love do to Madonna at the 1995 VMAs?
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What did Michael Jackson do at the 1994 VMAs to make headlines?
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Which of these artists never did an episode of "Unplugged?"
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Where was the first season of "The Real World" set?
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Who got into a fight on stage at the 1993 VMAs with RuPaul?
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Which legendary singer got too hands-on with Lil' Kim at the 1999 VMAs?
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Who won MTV's first "Wanna be a VJ?" contest?
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Who fought Marilyn Manson in a much hyped round on "Celebrity Deathmatch" in 1998?
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What song did Britney sing in her debut VMA performance?
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What year did Nirvana record a revered set on "Unplugged?"
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What issue was the "Choose or Lose" campaign aimed at?
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Who called the world "bullsh*t" in her 1997 VMA speech?
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What show is Kurt Loder best known for hosting?
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