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Almost every kid in the '90s loved starting their weekend off with their favorite cartoons!

There was a cartoon of interest for everyone in the '90s. Cartoons made in the decade and even retro cartoons played at this time. Parents and their kids could relax and watch their favorite cartoons together as they kicked off their weekend.

Do you remember the characters in "Garfield?" What about the names of the four ninja turtles? Maybe, you can even name all of the Rugrats? Bring your knowledge of the characters in all of your favorite '90s cartoons. You'll need it to ace this quiz!

Do you know the world of Pokemon and the people in it? How much do you really know about your favorite cartoon heroes? Do you know the events that took place in the "Recess" playground? Cartoons allow us to immerse ourselves in other worlds, whether it is like ours or totally different. 

Do you remember Dot from the "Animaniacs"? Did you know that her real name is actually "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third"? Thankfully, Dot was used for short!

Cartoons have always been fun and entertaining, especially in the '90s. They never failed to provide endless laughs for kids and even adults worldwide. So, if you think you remember your '90s Saturday morning cartoons, jump into this quiz to see what you score!

Which show used giant turtles as heroes?

The four ninja turtles were trained and led by a mutant rat named Splinter. The turtles looked at Splinter as both a mentor and a father.


What were the four ninja turtles named after?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was not only a great cartoon, but it was also an educational opportunity for children. After all, the four turtles were named Donatello, Rafael, Leonardo, and Michaelangelo.


Who was a main villain in TMNT?

Shredder was the leader of the foot clan. While serving as their leader, he proved to be a master at ninjutsu with evil motives.


Who was a talking orange cat?

Garfield was the laziest cat on the block. Still, for seven seasons, that lazy cat was dear to our hearts.


Who was Garfield's owner?

Jon Arbuckle had a lot in common with the Garfield's creator, Jim Davis. This included being a cartoonist.


Which show followed younger versions of Looney Tune characters?

In Tiny Toon Adventures, the characters were working to become the next stars of Looney Tunes. In their pursuit of this goal, they all attended Acme Looniversity together.


Who were the main characters in Rugrats?

Rugrats followed the adventures of Tommy Pickles and his friends. These babies were often left unattended, so they relied on their vivid imaginations to keep them occupied.


What was the name of Tommy's favorite dinosaur in Rugrats?

Tommy had a cousin named Angelica. Being a moody 3-year-old, she often served as the antagonist to the babies.


What color was Chuckie's hair in Rugrats?

Chuckie was always the scaredy-cat out of the group of babies. However, despite their contrasting personalities, he was best friends with Tommy Pickles.


What show was Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine in?

In the first episode, Doug had just moved to town, but he quickly became friends with Skeeter after he helped Doug order food from a restaurant. That's a way to start a lasting friendship.


What was the name of Doug's dog?

On the verge of becoming a teenager, Doug was a very insecure kid, which he expressed in his journal. One of his main insecurities revolved around his attraction to Patti Mayonnaise.


Which show was based on a video game?

In Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic and his friends fought against Dr. Robotnik, as they tried to liberate Mobius. These heroes called themselves the Freedom Fighters.


Which show was based on a comic book?

Batman followed Bruce Wayne as he fought crime at night while dressed up as a bat. However, during the day, he was a very successful businessman.


Who was a Batman villain?

The Joker was voiced by Mark Hamill. Hamill was famous for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.


Who was NOT an Animaniac?

Dot was the sister of Yakko and Wakko. Her full name was Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third.


Who were the talking mice on Animaniacs?

Pinky and the Brain were quite popular, and eventually, they got their own animated series. The show ran for four seasons with a total of 65 episodes.


Which show followed a boy scientist?

Dexter's Laboratory was the first original animated series on Cartoon Network. It was created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky, who later created Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars.


Who was Dexter's sister?

Supposedly, Tartakovsky came up with the idea of Dee Dee before creating Dexter. Whatever the order, he created an award-winning series with Dexter's Laboratory.


Which show followed Ash Ketchum?

Pokemon was a great animated series, but for many kids, it was an even better video game. Not long after the game was released, kids from all over the world wanted to "Catch 'Em All."


What was Ash's first pokemon?

Today, Pikachu is recognized as a cultural icon. However, when the game was created, Pikachu didn't even make it onto the cover.


Who was Ash's rival?

The battles were what made Pokemon so great, and when Ash and Gary met, they never disappointed. When Charizard fought Blastoise in the Johto League, every Pokemon fan watched.


Which mutant sharks fought crime?

Street Sharks was supposed to be a replica of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, the show never had the same success as TMNT.


Where does Recess primarily take place?

Recess was driven by the unique cast of characters. Every child who watched had a character with which they could identify.


Who was the tomboy in Recess?

Recess dealt with complicated themes considering it was a kids show. One of these themes was class structure, which the kids in the show tried to fit into.


Which superhero was based on a spider?

Spider-Man looked over New York City like a hawk on a branch, except he was a spider-like man on a skyscraper. He possessed a combination of arrogance and sarcasm, making him the perfect superhero for a '90s cartoon.


In the first episode of Spider-Man, who turns into a giant lizard?

Dr. Connors was a scientist who wanted to regrow his lost arm. However, his experiment with regrowth turned him into a giant lizard. That didn't go as planned.


In Hey Arnold!, what was Arnold's head shaped like?

Every '90s kid wanted to be Arnold. Not only was he brave, but he also had a pet pig and a cool room.


Who had a crush on Arnold?

Though Helga loved Arnold, that love was rarely shown. Instead, she demonstrated her affection by mocking and bullying him.


Who was Arnold's best friend?

Gerald was considered one of the most popular kids in school by most of his classmates. He was even elected class president over Rhonda.


Who was NOT one of the X-Men?

The X-Men were a team of mutants who defended the world against crooked mutants and other evil. They were led by Professor Charles Xavier, a crippled mutant with extraordinary​ mind powers.


Which X-Men character had claws in his hands?

Wolverine was usually seen as an outcast from the rest of the X-Men. This was mainly because of his reclusive and secretive personality.


Which X-Men character shot lasers from his eyes?

Cyclops often viewed his mutant powers as a curse because he could not fully control them. However, Professor Xavier taught him to accept himself and his gift of being a mutant.


Which duck fought crime in St. Canard?

Darkwing Duck's real identity was Drake Mallard. The character was supposed to be a parody of Batman, whose real identity was Bruce Wayne.


Who was Darkwing Duck's sidekick?

Launchpad McQuack got his start on the show, DuckTales, before joining Darkwing Duck. He was a pilot known for his love of Darkwing, or DW as he called him.


What was the name of Lydia Deetz's undead friend?

Beetlejuice was a ghost from the Neitherworld who was known for pranks and scams. He could be summoned by saying his name three times, which is a little unsettling.


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