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"Billy Madison," "The Water Boy," and "Mr. Deeds;" are just a few of the movies that Adam Sandler has starred in as he brought laughs to millions of people around the world. Are you a fan of his movies? If so, can you pass a quiz about his films? Here's your chance to try.

During the 1990s, Adam Sandler rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, a late-night show that entertains with comedy sketches. With national fame, more opportunities came Sandler's way, and he took advantage of them, creating entertaining and hilarious characters that have endured through the ages. These roles bolstered Sandler's fame even further. In 1999, he opened up his own production company, known as Happy Madison Productions. After opening his production company, Sandler started making movies with more of his own creative input, and throughout the 2000s, he took Hollywood by storm as one of the greatest comedians in town with a ton of classic movies to his name. 

Are you an expert on Adam Sandler movies? Do you know every quote and every fact there is to know? If you think you do, then take this quiz and prove your knowledge of classic Adam Sandler movies!

This golfer is threatened by Happy Gilmore, so he outbids Happy for his grandmother's house.

As one of the top golfers, Shooter McGavin despises Happy's rise in the game. To keep Happy from succeeding, he does everything he can to stand in his way, but Happy refuses to quit.


In this movie, Adam Sandler goes back to school.

Not only did Adam Sandler star in "Billy Madison," he also wrote the script. The film was released in 1995, while Sandler was still in the early part of his career.


Whose house will be repossessed if Happy Gilmore doesn't earn enough money golfing?

Happy Gilmore's grandmother failed to pay her taxes for years, and the IRS finally came after her. While Happy tries to raise the money to buy back the house, his grandmother is forced into a retirement home, and it's not a very pleasant experience.


In this classic movie, Adam Sandler joins a local college football team.

Many real-life stars made appearances in "The Water Boy," following a theme from other Sandler movies. These stars included Lawrence Taylor, Jimmy Johnson, and Lynn Swann.


Who wants Billy Madison to finish school without assistance?

Billy's father owns a Fortune 500 company, which Billy is supposed to take over. However, his father won't give him the company unless Billy goes back to school.


What is the name of Adam Sandler's character in "The Waterboy"?

Bobby Boucher shares similarities with Canteen Boy, a character that Sandler played on "Saturday Night Live." This character drank water out of a canteen.


In this movie, Adam Sandler plays a man who finds a young boy left at his door.

This was Adam Sandler's final film before he started Happy Madison Productions. It was released in 1999.


Who trains Happy Gilmore in golf?

Chubbs Peterson was a former golfer. However, he was forced to retire after an alligator bit off his hand.


This person constantly tells Bobby Boucher that everything is the Devil.

Bobby's mother fears that she will have nothing if she lets go of her son. To prevent that from happening, she tells Bobby that everything around him is evil.


In this romantic comedy, Adam Sandler plays a veterinarian who dates a woman with memory loss.

"50 First Dates" also stars Drew Barrymore. She and Sandler starred in several movies together, including "The Wedding Singer."


In "The Wedding Singer," Robbie Hart had dreams of being what?

Not only do Robbie's career plans not work out, they ruin his relationship. His girlfriend, Linda, leaves him for failing to live up to expectations​.


How did Happy Gilmore's father die?

Gilmore's father taught him how to perfect his famous slap shot. The shot was very dangerous, though, and he was killed after being hit in the head. The irony is that Gilmore's father was killed by the sport he loved.


Who is on the plane at the end of "The Wedding Singer"?

Many Adam Sandler films have real celebrities making cameo appearances, playing themselves. In "The Wedding Singer," Billy Idol, shows up at the end of the film to help out Robbie, who is trying to get a girl. He even offers to help Robbie get a job in the music business.


What position on the football team does Bobby Boucher play?

Bobby has built up anger, which finally unleashes when the quarterback of the Mud Dogs starts mocking him. After the coach sees Bobby knock out the quarterback, he turns to Bobby for help with his failing team.


Sonny makes fun of Corinne for working where?

Sonny starts a relationship with Corinne's sister, Layla. This helps him get over his former love interest, Vanessa, who left him for another man.


In this movie, Adam Sandler is a former hockey player who tries his hand at golf.

While attempting to become a professional hockey player, Happy Gilmore developed an amazing shot. However, he was horrible at ice skating, which held him back from achieving his dream.


For what is Principal Max Anderson blackmailed in "Billy Madison"?

If Billy fails to complete school, Eric Gordon will be named Billy's father's successor. Eric will do anything to make that happen, including blackmailing the principal.


Where does "50 First Dates" take place?

Henry Roth doesn't typically date locals in Hawaii, but when he meets Lucy Whitmore, he changes his mind. However, Lucy has a problem; she keeps losing her memory.


In this film, Adam Sandler inherits a fortune from his distant uncle.

"Mr. Deeds" is a remake of the 1936 film, "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town." The film starred Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur.


How did Lucy lose her memory in "50 First Dates"?

Lucy thinks its the same day, October 13, every time she wakes up. For the longest time, her brother and father kept up the charade, thinking it was in her best interest.


In this comedy, Adam Sandler plays the Devil's son.

"Little Nicky" included other stars alongside Adam Sandler, like Harvey Keitel and Reese Witherspoon. It was directed by Steven Brill.


In this movie, Adam Sandler must overcome his temper problems.

"Anger Management" had two other heavyweight acting stars, Jack Nicholson and Marisa Tomei. The film was released in 2003.


What is Longfellow Deeds' job before he inherits a fortune?

Deeds' uncle, Preston Blake, froze to death while trying to climb a mountain. This leaves Deeds, who runs a pizzeria and writes greeting cards, as his sole relative.


Who bites off Adrian's head?

It was a case of art imitates life. Well, sort of. During a concert in 1982, Ozzy bit off the head of a bat. He, of course, thought the bat was fake and ended up in the hospital.


Nicky's mother is from where?

Nicky was always teased by his brothers when they said his mother was a goat. This all changes when Nicky dies and goes to Heaven because he finds out his mother is actually an angel.


Who shoots Eric Gordon at the end of "Billy Madison"?

Billy used to pick on Danny when they were younger, and this caused Danny to grow up deranged. However, when Billy finally apologizes years later, Danny decides he owes Billy a favor.


In which bowl game do Bobby Boucher and the Mud Dogs play?

The Mud Dogs play the Cougars in the Bourbon Bowl. The Cougars are coached by Coach Beaulieu, a former assistant coach with Coach Klein at LSU.


What does Nicky use to capture his brothers?

Nicky's brothers leave Hell when their father decides to stay on as the ruler. Nicky is left in charge of bringing them back, which isn't a simple task.


Where does "50 First Dates" end?

By the end of the movie, Lucy and Henry are married. Henry creates a video for Lucy to watch every day when she wakes up that tells her about both the accident and their wedding.


How does Deeds meet Babe Bennett?

Babe Bennett is a reporter who initially wants to use Deeds for a story she is reporting. However, over time, she falls in love with him.


Who is Julian's real father in "Big Daddy"?

Julian was actually dropped off for Sonny's roommate, Kevin. However, since Kevin is overseas, Sonny is left to raise the boy.


How many brothers does Nicky have in "Little Nicky"?

Nicky's two brothers, Cassius and Adrian, have their flaws, or attributes, depending on how you look at it. Cassius is the cruel brother, and Adrian is the devious brother.


Who is Dave's therapist in "Anger Management"?

Buddy Rydell is not your typical therapist. He would rather get you riled up and angry than help you deal with that anger. At least, that's what it seems like at first.


How long does Billy Madison have to complete each grade?

While in school, Billy falls for third-grade teacher Veronica Vaughn. Initially, Ms. Vaughn wants nothing to do with him, but Billy has his ways.


Who orders the security guards to let Dave speak at the Yankees' game?

Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York from 1994 until 2001. He was influential in leading New York after the attack on the Twin Towers.


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