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As if! If you think you're going to slide away from this "Clueless" quiz that easy, you have Cher mistaken! Rather than taking a trip to the mall, we're traveling back to 1995 with this cult classic!

In 1995, a coming-of-age film about a wealthy Beverly Hills teen came to life. Said to be based on the Jane Austen classic, "Emma," "Clueless" follows the story of a superficial teen who lacks direction - except to the mall! 

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, and Brittany Murphy, "Clueless" would go on to be a classic '90s film that was lifted by its massive following. After the huge success of the film, "Clueless" went on to become a lifestyle. The film spawned a sitcom that was released in 1996 and lasted three seasons. It would also lead to an extensive book series by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld. 

As big an impact that Clueless made on the public, there's no surprise that you're here! Let's hope you're not clueless! Can you remember all the details from this '90s classic or will you have to miss out on Cher's next shopping trip? 

What job did Cher's father have? What high school did they attend? Which "Clueless" characters didn't make an appearance in the series? If you can answer these questions, you're not clueless at all! Are you ready to prove it?

What is the profession of Cher's father?

Everyone's scared of him, except Cher.


What is the first name of the main character?

Dionne is her best friend; Cher points out they're both named after 70s singers.


Who played Josh, Cher's brainy stepbrother?

Rudd also had a small role as Paris in the 90s' "Romeo + Juliet."


Why isn't Christian interested in Cher?

It was Frank Churchill, in "Emma", who secretly had a fiancee already.


Who played Dionne, Cher's best friend?

Dash was actually in her late 20s when she played a 17-year-old.


What complimentary term does Cher call her mother?

This was one of several terms "Clueless" popularized in the 90s.


Why does Cher play matchmaker for Mr. Hall and Miss Geist?

The hapless Miss Geist was played by one of the film's producers, Twink Caplan.


What game do the kids play at the party?

The game involves passing a credit card from mouth to mouth using only lung power.


Why does Elton have the photo of Tai and himself in his locker?

Cher arranged the photo shoot to get Tai close to Elton.


Who played Tai, the transfer from New York City?

Sadly, Murphy died in 2009 at only 32 years old.


Who picks up Cher after she gets mugged?

It's Elton who kicks her out of his car in the first place.


Who gets married at the movie's end?

All three happy young couples attend the wedding: Cher and Josh, Tai and Travis, and Dionne and Murray.


Cher's school is holding a disaster-relief effort for which city?

The joke is that Pismo Beach is a fairly affluent town in itself.


Where does Tai reunite with Travis?

We don't see them meet here, but it's implied.


What does Travis contribute to the Pismo Beach relief effort?

Travis has decided to get clean and sober, which bodes well for a relationship with Tai.


Cher complains she doesn't "speak Mexican", but the maid Lucy is actually from where?

Josh finds Cher's ignorance really annoying.


Where does Tai have her life-threatening experience?

A couple of guys she's been flirting with dangle her over a second-story railing.


How did Cher's mother die?

Her portrait shows a blonde woman with a very 70s flip haircut.


What trauma does Cher suffer right before learning that Tai likes Josh?

Cher nearly hits a cyclist while driving with the DMV tester.


Who actually played Dionne's boyfriend Murray?

Terrence Howard did audition for the role.


Whom does Cher try to set Tai up with?

The original character in "Emma" was a vicar. As if!


Other than Alicia Silverstone, who else did not appear in the TV series "Clueless"?

Rudd has added charm to a number of big-screen comedies.


If a sexy girl is a "Betty," what is a sexy male called?

Alec Baldwin was a ways off from the days when he could convincingly play Trump on "SNL."


What is Travis's last name?

"Robert Martin" was the corresponding character in "Emma."


What atypical career move did Stacey Dash (Dionne) make in recent years?

Dash was vocal about her support of Mitt Romney in 2012.


Which of the following roles did Paul Rudd also audition for?

Rudd thought that Dionne's boyfriend Murray was a white boy who acted like a rapper.


What movie do Cher and Christian watch together?

Christian seems very interested in actor Tony Curtis, a hint about his sexuality.


On what classic novel was "Clueless" based?

The protagonist is based on rich, good-hearted Emma Woodhouse.


What moment leads Cher to pursue a more meaningful, charitable life?

Cher begins to imitate his altruism -- but she was never really very selfish to begin with.


Alicia Silverstone had a poorly-received role as which comic-book character?

Silverstone was in "Batman & Robin" alongside George Clooney.


What rather typical career move did Alicia Silverstone make in the 2000s?

Silverstone's book is called "The Kind Diet."


Which boy is Tai first interested in?

He admires her drawings of Marvin the Martian in her notebooks.


In which TV comedy did Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reunite?

She played George Altman's (Sisto's) sometime girlfriend.


What other high-school film did Amy Heckerling direct?

When she was asked to write another teen film, Heckerling says she immediately thought of adapting "Emma."


Which of the following characters was NOT based on one in "Emma"?

Emma's most intimate friendship is with George Knightley -- who corresponds to Josh.


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