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Welcome to the Upper East Side, where the lives of the rich and famous are not as they seem. From girls going to rehab and best friends sleeping with their bestie's boyfriends, "Gossip Girl" had it all. Do you remember enough about this hot teen series to ace a test about it? Let's take a walk down memory lane and see if you've still got it. 

The Upper East Side appeared to be the home of the elite, where money wasn't an issue, everyone was perfect and not a hair was every out of place. But little did they know that Gossip Girl was watching every one of their moves and was getting ready to spill it all. 

With endless plot twists and turns, the show gave us six seasons worth of gossip that had us coming back every week. We're guessing you were one of those people who just couldn't stop watching the exclusive, expensive, beautiful disaster that was "Gossip Girl."

So if you think you still know enough about Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Ivy and Nate to get 35 out of 35 on this fun quiz, click start and let us see what you've got. And remember, we're watching you! xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Serena has never dated which of these characters?

While many of the characters on the show have bounced around from date to date, Serena was never interested in Chuck, despite his many suggestions that they should take a roll in the sheets.


What is the name of the school that Serena and Blair attended?

In "Gossip Girl," all the teens attend two private schools. The girls attend a all-girl school called Constance Billard.


Who is the first person we see in "Gossip Girl?"

When "Gossip Girl" first opened, we heard Gossip Girl saying her intro while we saw Serena sitting on a train as she made her way back to Manhattan.


At what museum do Blair and Serena eat lunch?

When it comes to Serena and Blair, there's one place you can always catch them, and that's enjoying some yogurt on the steps of the Met!


Where does the opening of "Gossip Girl" take place?

When the show opens, we see Serena on a train that arrives in Grand Central Station. We also see Dan and Jenny meeting their father, Rufus, after visiting their mother.


Which actress voices Gossip Girl?

"Gossip Girl" got another CW star to voice their self-titled character. For the entire six seasons, actress Kristen Bell voiced "Gossip Girl."


What is the name of the school that Nate, Dan, and Chuck attended?

In "Gossip Girl," the girls attend the all girls' facility, Constance Billard, while the boys attend St. Jude's School for Boys.


Who does Blair crown queen of Constance upon her graduation?

When it comes to the succession, Blair wants to make sure that Constance Billard is taken care of. She promotes Little J to Queen Jenny.


What was the name of the party that Blair has in the first episode?

In the very first episode of the series, we see little Jenny Humphrey creating invitations for Blair's Kiss on the Lips party. When Serena returns from boarding school, she comes back to find out she doesn't get an invitation.


Which of these characters has Blair not dated?

When it comes to the characters, they bounce back and forth through relationships like a ping pong ball. Out of all these characters, Blair hasn't dated Aaron.


To which of these characters does Nate lose his virginity?

Nate loses his virginity to Serena. When Serena and Nate get drunk and have sex at a wedding, Serena flees to boarding school and comes back months later.


With who's father did Lily Van der Woodsen have a previous relationship?

In the series, we find out that Lily and Rufus had a relationship prior to the show's start. The duo met while Rufus was touring with his 90s rock band.


Which NYC borough is Dan from?

Dan's upbringing is brought up many times in the series, especially when it is compared to the glamorous lives of those living in Manhattan. At the beginning of the series, he is living in Brooklyn with his father and sister.


How many husbands has Lily van der Woodsen had?

Lily Van der Woodsen has been married four times in the "Gossip Girl" world. Her extensive list of ex-husbands includes Rufus Humphrey, William Van der Woodsen, Klaus Mueller, and Bart Bass.


To whom does Blair lose her virginity?

When Nate and Blair have a fight, Blair decides that losing her virginity to Nate isn't in the plans anymore. She ends up losing it to Chuck in the back of his limo.


Which of these characters in the show had an eating disorder?

Although she seemed like the ever-confident queen, Blair definitely had insecurities and her weight was one of them. In the show, we see Serena comforting her and addressing Blair's bulimia.


Whose wedding do we see in the final episode of the series?

In the final episode, we see the series come full circle with Serena getting married to Dan.


Which of these people have never worked for "The Spectator"?

Nate started working for "The Spectator" and eventually became Editor-in-Chief. In Season 5, Serena was hired to write a column on her life. In the final season, Nate brought Dan on to the newspaper where he published chapters of his book.


Which school did Serena dream of attending?

In the first season, especially during Ivy Week, we find out that Serena has hopes of attending Brown, but caught in a dispute with Blair, she almost loses her chance of attending.


Which university did Blair hope to attend?

Queen B definitely had some big ambitions. Blair had hopes of attending Yale University, but when she was originally rejected, she attended NYU until Yale accepted her.


Which school does Blair pretend to attend while attending NYU?

When Blair is originally rejected from Yale and begins attending NYU, she is initially embarrassed, so she pretends she attends Columbia.


Which of these actresses starred in "Gossip Girl"?

Michelle Trachtenberg starred in "Gossip Girl" as Georgina Sparks in all 6 seasons of the show. Although Haylie Duff does not appear in the show, her sister, Hilary Duff, did.


Which of these characters was in rehab during the first season?

When "Gossip Girl" begins, we see Serena visiting her younger brother, Eric, in a rehabilitation center. We soon find out it's because he self-harmed.


Which school did Nate's father want him to attend?

We see a lot of pressure coming from Mr. Archibald on where Nate should attend school. Nate has dreams of attending USC, but his father is purely a Dartmouth man. Nate ends up attending neither, and goes to Columbia.


Whose father leaves their mother for a man?

In the series, we find out that Eleanor Waldorf is divorced. When they explain the details of the Waldorf's separation, we find out that Blair's father, Harold, fell in love with a man.


At the end of the season after the time jump, who owns The New York Spectator?

Although his newspaper was struggling at the beginning of the season, Nate is able to revive it within five years. He is also working as its editor-in-chief and owner.


Who did Georgina pretend was the father of her child?

When Georgina shows up pregnant in season 3, she tells Dan that he is the father. After Georgina gives birth to Milo and convinces Dan that he is the father, he signs Milo's birth certificate only to later find out that his real father is a married Russian man with whom Georgina had an affair.


Which character had dreams of being a fashion designer?

When it came to fashion, Jenny was on her A-game. She would often go to stores to see what dresses were on trend and in fashion, and she would then go home and design her own.


Blair's first husband, Louis, was the prince of what country?

Louis Grimaldi is introduced in season 4. He is the Prince of Monaco, and Blair has a relationship with him that ends in marriage, but they divorce at the end of Season 5.


Rufus and Lily had a child together. What was his name?

In the show, it is revealed that Lily and Rufus had a son together, Scott Rosson. Initially, he tries to secretly infiltrate the group, but they soon discover that he is Lily and Rufus' son.


At the end of the series, who is Lily's companion?

Although "Gossip Girl" fans were probably thinking Lily and Rufus were the ultimate endgame, when they show the time jump five years later, we see that Lily has reunited with William Van der Woodsen.


What was the name of Dan's first novel?

Dan's novel, "Inside," is about the 'fictional' lives of him and his friends in Manhattan. Originally he tries to stop its publication, but it is ultimately released and strains many of his friendships.


How does Bart Bass die?

Although we thought Bart Bass died earlier in the "Gossip Girl" series, we find out that he faked his death. When it comes to his actual death, we see him and Chuck get into a physical altercation before he falls off the​ building.


Which actor in "Gossip Girl" is from the U.K.?

If he spoke with that accent on-screen, I'm sure we would swoon even more. "Gossip Girls" very own Ed Westwick was born across the pond in England.


Who was Gossip Girl?

At the end of the "Gossip Girl" series, everyone was shocked to find out who Gossip Girl was. As Dan revealed the chapters to his second book, "Inside Out,", he revealed that he was Gossip Girl. You know you love him! Xoxo


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