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Television crime shows have never been the same since "Ironside" - the show that started it all. With the barrage of recent crime shows, maybe you've forgotten the original. Time to brush up on your Raymond Burr knowledge.

The original "Ironside" aired on which network?

Ironside first aired on NBC. It was a popular crime show that followed investigative consultant Robert T. Ironside.

Who played Robert T. Ironside?

Raymond Burr is famous for playing Robert T. Ironside. The Canadian actor is also known for his work on the "Parry Mason" show.

Ironside was a consultant for which police department?

Ironside was a consultant for the San Francisco police department. He was often addressed as Chief Ironside.

When was the character of Ironside first introduced?

The character of Ironside was first introduced in 1967. This was for a television movie called "Ironside."

Ironside was ________.

Ironside was paralyzed from the waist down. A sniper shot him in the spine and left him in a wheelchair.

ironside lived in _____ ?

Ironside lived on the fourth floor of the Old San Francisco Hall of Justice building. The building housed the city's police headquarters.

Who is Ironside's angry ex-con assistant?

Mark Sanger was the name of the character that was Ironside's assistant. He was an angst-filled ex-convinct.

What did Ironside first drive?

Ironside drove an old 1940 fleet-modified Ford police paddy wagon van. When this was destroyed, he got a 1969 Ford Econoline Window Van.

Ironside had to rely on _____.

Due to his injuries, Ironside had to rely on brains and determination. He was a good-hearted man with a gruff persona.

Who was the young socialite who became an officer?

Eve Whitfield was the young socialite who became a plainclothes officer. She was played by actress Barbara Anderson.

What was the last name of Detective Sergeant Edward?

Det. Sgt. "Ed" Brown was played by Don Galloway. He was one of the most famous supporting characters on the show.

"Ironside" ran for how many seasons?

Ironside ran for 7.5 seasons. It was known for always having favorable reviews and high ratings.

Syndicated reruns were titled?

Syndicated reruns of Ironside were packaged under the title, "The Raymond Burr Show." It was common at the time to change the title once a show went into syndication.

Who composed the opening theme music?

Quincy Jones composed the opening theme music for Ironside. It was the first synthesizer-based television theme song.

When was "The Return of Ironside"?

1993 saw a revival with "The Return of Ironside." Burr and the main cast reunited for the movie.

Where did the reunion movie take place?

Although the original took place in San Francisco, the reunion took place in Denver, Colorado. That is also where most of the Parry Mason movies were shot.

Who starred in the short-lived remake?

The short-lived remake of "Ironside" came out in 2013. The show starred Blair Underwood and only had nine episodes. Only three aired.

How old was Ironside when he got shot?

Chief Ironside was 46 years old when he was shot. The shooting took place at the Commissioner's chicken farm in Glen, Ellen, California.

Does Quincy Jones ever make a cameo?

Quincy Jones makes a cameo in Season 1, Episode 4. The title of the episode was "Eat, Drink, and Be Buried."

What is the restaurant across the street from Ironside's office?

Chanery's is the restaurant across the street from the Hall of Justice. Police officers would often dine there.

What kind of ice cream did Eve prefer?

We learn in Season 1 Episode 22: "All in a Day's Work," that Eve really likes the Rum Crunch. Does that flavor even exist anymore?

Ironside had a _____ chair.

Ironside had a cool tiger-striped chair. Apparently, Raymond Burr was not happy with that little detail.

In "Return to Fiji," filming took place where?

The filming in Fiji actually took place in Fiji. This was because Burr was in Fiji on vacation.

How many Emmys did Barbara Anderson receive?

Barbara Anderson won one Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, in 1968. She played the spunky Eve Whitfield.

The show was known for being _______.

Ironside was known for being a rather fashionable show. Anderson's wardrobe alone was worth about $150,000 at the time.

How many crossovers did "Ironside" have with other shows?

Ironside had two crossovers with other shows. These were "Sarge" and "The Bold Ones: The New Doctors."

What movie was the film song used in?

Quincy Jones' theme song was used heavily in "Kill Bill." The song appeared on Jones' album "Smackwater Jack."

When was the Hall of Justice destroyed?

The old San Francisco Hall of Justice was demolished in 1968. That was right when the show was starting out!

Who appeared on the show?

All of these actors appeared on the show. They went on to star in "Star Wars" and "Star Trek."

Shortly after "The Return of Ironside," what did Raymond Burr do?

Sadly, it was shortly after "The Return of Ironside" that Raymond Burr passed away. He was suffering from kidney cancer.

Did Raymond Burr have a vineyard?

The vineyard closed in 2017, and the future depends on the new owner. It was called Raymond Burr Vineyards, located in Healdsburg, California.

Burr lived on a tiny island in ______.

Raymond Burr wanted a little privacy. For quite some time, he lived on the island of Naitauba, Fiji.

Who said, "I... LIKE... burned toast"?

Perhaps one of Ironside's most famous lines. He exclaimed, "I... LIKE... burned toast."

Who was the show's creator?

Although Raymond Burr helped produce the show, Collier Young was the creator.

What was the length of each show episode?

The length of each Ironside episode was 60 minutes. The show was filmed in Technicolor.

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