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"NYPD Blue" is the kind of cop show that delves into the darker sides of human nature, showing the flawed aspects of both criminals and the people who try to stop them. How much do you know about this intense police drama?

"NYPD Blue" is a series that shows which public service personnel?

"NYPD Blue" is a cop drama. It’s a gritty portrayal of law enforcement in New York City.


The precinct is located where?

It's a made-up precinct (the 15th Precinct) set right in the middle of everything -- Manhattan. Many of the stories revolve around detectives in the unit.


The show was incredibly successful. How many seasons were there?

There were a whole 12 seasons of "NYPD Blue." That amounted to 261 total episodes.


"NYPD Blue" is well-known for its consistent tone, which is ______.

The show is one of the grittiest and darkest police dramas in TV history. It often employed profanity, a fact that offended many mainstream family viewers.


The show gained notoriety for which trait?

This was one of the first series to feature nudity on broadcast TV. Conservative groups started a boycott due to the use of flesh-soaked scenes.


Actor David Caruso plays which character?

David Caruso is John Kelly, a detective with the NYPD police department. He teams up with Andy Sipowicz to investigate serious crimes.


Andy Sipowicz struggles with which problem?

Andy is an alcoholic. He often gets wasted when he's off duty, but he also drinks on the job, too, which becomes problematic at times.


Andy is a veteran of which war?

Andy is a Vietnam War veteran. He doesn't like talking about the conflict, but many of the show's storylines touch on ways the war probably affected him.


During the first season, Kelly is going through a divorce from his wife, Laura. How does he feel about the divorce?

Kelly is dragging his feet through the divorce proceedings. In the meantime, he strikes up a relationship with a uniformed police officer.


What is Andy like?

Andy is the drunk, racist homophobe who rarely likes anyone -- including himself. John Kelly often tries to keep his partner's base impulses under control.


What's the name of the squad's lieutenant?

Arthur Fancy is the unit's lieutenant. He's played by actor James McDaniel. Because he's black, he often challenges Andy's racist perspectives.


Sylvia Costas is a lawyer who starts a relationship with which character?

Sylvia is able to see past Andy's gruff exterior and she decides that she likes him. In Season 2, they get married.


Andy is almost killed on the job. How?

A gangster named Alphonse Giardella shoots Andy six times. Miraculously, he survives … and then makes a commitment to changing his life for the better.


Andy stops drinking to be with Sylvia. What situation sparks a new round of drinking?

Andy's son from his previous marriage is suddenly killed by a criminal. The death spirals Andy into a new bout of drinking, but Sylvia tells him that he has to stop.


Kelly starts a relationship with Janice Licalsi, who is a uniformed police officer. What complication is there in this relationship?

Kelly and Licalsi carry on a relationship, but there's a catch -- Janice's father (also a police officer) is a henchman for the local mob boss, Angelo Marino.


The mobster, Marino, clearly isn't happy that Janice is carrying on with a detective. What does he order her to do?

Marino orders Janice to kill Kelly. She can't bring herself to do it. So instead, she kills Marino, the local mob boss. She's eventually charged for her crimes.


Which character left the show after the second season?

Caruso's character, John Kelly, left the show after the second season. Then "NYPD Blue" began to feature more of an ensemble cast.


How is John Kelly written out of the show?

Kelly was involved with Janice (who was charged with manslaughter) and let the relationship get in the way of justice. He's threatened with a transfer, but instead, he decides to simply quit.


What job does John Kelly take up after leaving the police force?

Kelly decides to put his police skills back to work. He becomes an employee with a private security firm that flies him on assignments around the world.


After Kelly leaves the story, who replaces him?

Jimmy Smits played the part of Bobby Simone, who replaces John Kelly. Simone is a major character from Season 2 to Season 6.


Andy doesn't carry a typical police gun. What sort of weapon does he carry?

Andy likes his .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver. It's not a typical six-shooter -- instead, it holds just five rounds.


Andy has his own special brand of fashion, too. What bit of clothing makes him stand out?

Andy continually wears a short-sleeved collared shirt with a tie. It's an unusual pairing, and it's one that makes his character one of the most memorable on TV.


Andy's son is murdered. Who subsequently kills the murderers?

The detectives hunt down Andy Jr.'s killers. As Bobby attempts to take them into custody, they fight back, and he's forced to shoot them in self-defense.


James Martinez and Adrienne Lesniak begin a relationship. Adrienne ends the relationship and tells the rest of the department ______.

Adrienne ends their relationship and tells people that it's because she's gay. That's a lie, of course, and later the two reignite their relationship.


At one point, Andy develops which health problem?

Andy has a bout with prostate cancer. Ever invincible, he overcomes this threat to his health, too.


Bobby Simone undergoes which medical procedure?

Bobby becomes desperately ill and needs a heart transplant. But the procedure doesn't end the way the doctors want it to.


After Bobby dies due to complications from a heart transplant, who steps in as his replacement?

Detective Danny Sorenson steps into the huge void left by Bobby's death. The part is played by actor Rick Schroeder of "Silver Spoons" fame.


Sylvia gets married to Andy. How does their marriage end?

Sylvia is an assistant district attorney and she deals with many criminals. One day, at the courthouse, she's accidentally shot and killed by a man named James Mayo.


The show takes place in New York City. Where were most episodes filmed?

There are a few exteriors that were shot in New York. But almost all of the show was actually filmed in Los Angeles.


Parts of Season 9 include which major world event?

In Season 9, the 9/11 terrorist attacks come into play. The attacks served as plot points for a short time.


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