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With his hound-dog eyes, deep voice and cunning intellect, Perry Mason spent a decade piecing together serious criminal cases of all kinds. Do you remember the courtroom drama of "Perry Mason"?

In the TV series "Perry Mason," actor Raymond Burr is the title character. What's his job?

Mason is a lawyer, fighting for truth and justice the American way. The show was incredibly successful, running for 9 seasons and 271 episodes.


What sort of law does Perry Mason practice?

Mason is a fantastic criminal defense attorney. He's so good, in fact, that he never, ever seems to lose a case … even after 9 seasons of court battles.


Perry Mason almost always seems to be handling cases that involve ____.

Murder is the name of Mason's game. Most episodes open with our intrepid lawyer piecing together the facts about an infamous killing.


Our hero lawyer spends many episodes battling in the courtroom with which character?

Mason is our savior -- Hamilton Burger is his courtroom nemesis. But Burger can no more withstand Mason's brilliance than hold back a hurricane.


In "The Case of the Missing Button," what is the "button"?

In this season 8 episode, "Button" is a missing girl. A custody battle unravels into a murder case and Perry must save the day.


In "The Case of the Candy Queen," Perry comes to the rescue of a woman who thrives in what business?

A woman named Claire is fabulously successful in her candy business, but she attracts too much jealousy … and murder ensues. Perry will have a sticky, gooey situation on his hands.


In "The Case of the Restless Redhead," a waitress is accused of what?

In the very first episode of this legendary series, Mason helps a waitress who is arrested for homicide. But Mason enlists the help of a private investigator and they help prove that she's innocent.


Who is Della Street?

Della Street is a critical character in dozens of episodes. She's Mason's secretary, always digging up pertinent facts that turn the tide of tough cases.


In "The Case of the Fatal Fetish," Hamilton Burger's assistant falls for the wrong _____.

Burger's assistant pursues a less-than-moral woman and is later accused of murdering her. But Perry thinks there's more to the story than meets the eye.


In a season 8 episode called "The Case of the Grinning Gorilla," Della purchases a _____ and realizes that a suicide was actually a homicide.

Della decides to purchase a diary during an auction, and upon reading the contents, she's sure that a suicide was really a murder. It's up to Perry to bring about justice for the deceased.


Who turns up dead in "The Case of the Final Fadeout"?

A mean actor dies suspiciously in this season 9 episode, and Perry has to sort through many of the man's enemies to find the killer.


Paul Drake is an important character in many episodes. What's his profession?

Drake is Mason's best pal and he's also a private investigator. Together, the men untangle the twists and turns of dozens of complicated criminal cases.


In "The Case of the Nervous Neighbor," Perry must defend a woman who is suffering from what problem?

Perry must help a woman who is being charged with the murder of her husband. There's just one problem -- she's suffering amnesia and can't remember much of anything.


In "The Case of the Blonde Bonanza," a young woman heads to _____ to become a model. But then she's charged with murder.

Hollywood lures a country girl to the big city. But things go south in a hurry and she's wrongly charged with murder.


In "The Case of the Irate Inventor," why does an inventor want a divorce?

A successful inventor is tired of his wife's philandering and decides to divorce her. But he's murdered … and Perry must figure out why.


In "The Case of the Betrayed Bride," a French woman travels to America for what reason?

A woman named Marie is hot on the trail of her conniving husband, who has vanished to America to marry someone else. He winds up dead, and Mason must prove that Marie didn’t do it.


Who is murdered during "The Case of the Golfer's Gambit"?

In this season 9 show, a golfer with an ugly spirit is murdered and the wrong man faces charges. Perry must find the real killer as soon as possible.


In "The Case of the Nebulous Nephew," a man tries to convince people that he's part of the family for what reason?

A con artist pretending to be a long-lost relative shows up so that he can steal a family's fortune. But then he is wrongly accused of committing homicide.


Who winds up dead in "The Case of the Screaming Woman"?

In this season one episode, a gossip columnist is brutally killed and there are suspects galore. Perry must illegally tamper with evidence to find the truth.


In an episode called "The Case of the Badgered Brother," Perry must help a man accused of killing his _____.

Two brothers argue about their business venture and one turns up dead. Perry must rescue the innocent sibling from a wrongful murder charge.


What issue causes homicidal conflict in "The Case of the Bullied Bowler"?

In the '60s, bowling was no laughing matter. A bowling alley is forced to close and a murder unfolds … and Mason must roll a strike in his defense of the innocent.


In "The Case of the Laughing Lady," Perry must somehow find a woman who has a malevolent _____.

One woman swears she's innocent of murder and that a mysterious girl with a scary laugh is the real perpetrator. Perry must somehow find the wicked woman.


During a land dispute in "The Case of the Roving River," a man is killed by a _____.

It's a land dispute that turns ugly, and a witness is killed by a bomb. Perry must determine who killed the man, and why.


In "The Case of the Scarlet Scandal," Perry goes on a fishing trip but winds up dealing with a _____ case.

With Perry, it's almost always murder. He tries to relax for once by catching a few bass ... but can't get away. He winds up dealing with blackmail and murder.


In "The Case of the Renegade Refugee," a reporter is murdered while trying to track down which man?

A reporter is hot on the trail of a Nazi war criminal who is pretending to be an upstanding citizen. When the reporter is killed, Perry must find the murderer.


Who dies at the beginning of an episode titled "The Case of the Unwelcome Well"?

In this season 9 episode, a mean-spirited oilman is murdered … and it turns out that he had a lot of enemies. Perry must save a suspect who was merely trying to do the right thing.


In "The Case of the Tarnished Trademark," a man sells his company and is later charged with the murder of the new company owner. What's one motive?

The old company older is angered that he sold his cherished business to a man who runs the company into the ground. But Perry doesn't think it's motive enough for murder.


In "The Case of the Wrathful Wraith," a man named Jamison does what?

A man named Jamison Self fakes his own death, for which his wife stands trial. But then he reappears … and then dies for real.


Who dies in "The Case of the Midnight Howler"?

A late night talk show host mixes it up with the wrong person and winds up shot to death. Perry must figure out what caused all the "dead air."


In "The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang," a man named Grover convinces his new bride to live on a remote ranch with him. Then what happens?

Grover's married life doesn't last long. His new bride is killed … and he is charged with her murder. But the thing is, he didn't do it, and Perry knows it.


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