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How well do you remember "Smokey and the Bandit?" Take this quiz to find out.

What do you remember most about the 1977 film, "Smokey and the Bandit?" Is it Burt Reynolds' mustache? Is it the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am? How about Sheriff Buford T. Justice's colorful use of the word "sumbitch"? If you can't decide between them, you are probably a true "Smokey and the Bandit" aficionado.

In case you have forgotten some of the details, "Smokey and the Bandit," released in 1977, was a blockbuster motion picture that starred Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, and Jerry Reed. The film was originally planned as a low-budget B movie, but Reynolds' interest in the starring role made producers up the budget from $1 million to just over $4 million, and it's a good thing they did. The movie earned more than $300 million at the box office, second only that year to "Star Wars." Reed himself, already an established country singer when he starred in the movie, penned and sang the title song, "East Bound and Down," and is still covered by musicians today.

We've given you tons of information, but do you have the smarts to ace this quiz? Let's get started.

What did Big Enos say the biggest thing about the Bandit was?

Big Enos says that the biggest thing about the Bandit is his ego. Big Enos and Little Enos were looking for the Bandit so that they could have him bootleg Coors to Georgia. Big Enos said that the Bandit's ego combined with pay would be enough for him to gather up the courage to transport the beer.


How long does the Bandit have to transport the beer?

The Bandit only has 28 hours to transport the beer to Georgia. Big Enos gave him a generous amount of money to buy what he needed to pull off the job. With the money, the Bandit took the job.


Who does the Bandit ask to help him?

The Bandit asks Cledus to help him. The Bandit went to Cledus' house where he was asleep in bed and tried to convince him to help with the bootlegging of the beer to Georgia. Cledus was reluctant at first but after a little convincing from the Bandit he agreed to help.


What does the Bandit buy for the trip?

The Bandit buys a new car for the trip. He tells Cledus that he'll be driving the car while Cledus drives the truck. They call the car Bandit One and the truck Bandit Two.


Who does Cledus bring with him in the truck?

Cledus brought his dog Fred with him in the truck. Fred is a basset hound that accompanies Cledus throughout the movie. When they first start on the road, Cledus says that Fred wants to know why they're going to the trouble of transporting the beer. The Bandit says it's because they said it couldn't be done.


What town did Cledus and the Bandit go to pick up the beer?

Cledus and the Bandit go to Texarkana, Texas to pickup the beer. They arrive there an hour ahead of schedule and find the warehouse locked. The Bandit kicks a door open and gets access to the rest of the warehouse.


Who did the Bandit pick up in the middle of the road?

The Bandit picked up a bride from the middle of the road. Her car said "Just Married" on the back and was broke down on the side of the road. A few seconds later some men in a van pulled up to fix the car.


What did Carrie do for a living?

Carrie told the Bandit that she is a professional dancer. When the bride entered the car she started taking off her shoes and other bridal accessories. The Bandit started poking fun at her legs and she revealed her profession to him.


Who was the bride that the Bandit picked up supposed to marry?

The bride that the Bandit picked up was supposed to marry the Sheriff's son, Junior. The Sheriff knew that she had left in the Bandit's car and wanted to find her because he said that she had insulted him and his son.


What is Sheriff Justice's handle on the CB radio?

Sheriff Justice's handle on the CB radio is Smokey Bear. When the Sheriff took after the Bandit, he surprised him with a call on the CB radio. The Bandit asked him what his handle and location was and he replied "Smokey Bear." He told him he was right behind him.


What state was Sheriff Justice in when he first caught up with the Bandit?

Sheriff Justice was in Arkansas when he caught up with the Bandit. When the Bandit noticed him following, he asked why an officer from Texas would be after him in Arkansas.


What handle does the Bandit give to Carrie?

The Bandit gives Carrie the nickname of "Frog." When Carrie asked why he gave her that nickname, the Bandit said that she is always hopping around and that she is "kind of cute like a frog."


Where does the Bandit drop Carrie off?

The Bandit dropped Carrie off at the Choke N' Puke. When he dropped her off, he asked if she had enough money to get where she needed to go. She said that she had enough money to get to Jersey and she went on her way.


Who did Sheriff Justice unknowingly speak to in the Choke N' Puke?

Sheriff Justice spoke to the Bandit in the Choke N' Puke but he had no idea who he was. He told him about "the maniac" that he had been chasing since Texarkana, Texas. The Bandit played along and even offered to pay for his dinner.


Why did Carrie drive the Bandit's car?

Carrie started driving the Bandit's car because she saw the Sheriff inside of the Choke N' Puke. The Bandit jumped in and they sped off while the Sheriff was occupied in the bathroom to put as much distance as possible between them.


What happened when the Sheriff hit a transport that was driving across the middle of the road?

When the Sheriff was chasing the Bandit and Carrie, there was a transport driving across the middle of the road. The Bandit and Carrie managed to avoid hitting it, but the Sheriff went underneath it taking the whole top of the car off.


What does the Sheriff say he is going to do to the Bandit when he gets him back home?

When the Sheriff enters Mississippi, he calls the Bandit on the CB radio. The Sheriff says that when he gets the Bandit back home that he is going to find the tallest tree he can and hang him from it.


What does Junior hold onto for his father?

Junior held onto his father's hat while he was driving. Since driving under the transport, the roof was torn off their car. The demanding Sheriff Justice had his son make sure his hat stayed on.


What did a transport tear off of the Sheriff's car?

A passing transport tore the driver side door off of the Sheriff's car. The Sheriff made Junior "put the evidence in the car" in hopes of catching the transport driver and throwing him in jail.


What did a man in the bar claim that Fred did to him?

The man in the bar claimed that Fred bit him. When Cledus was on the phone a man yelled to ask if Fred was his dog. He told him that he bit him and Cledus didn't believe him. They got into a fist fight and kicked Cledus out of the bar.


What did Cledus do after being kicked out?

After being kicked out of the bar, Cledus took Fred and went back to the truck. His friend brought him a meal and Cledus got back in the truck and ran over the motorcycles to get back at the guys who picked a fight with him.


Who did the Sheriff arrest that he thought was the Bandit?

When the Bandit tricked the Sheriff about where he was headed over the CB radio, the Sheriff went there expecting to catch him. Another officer pulled up after the arrest and the Sheriff told him that he had finally caught the Bandit. The officer corrected him saying that he had actually arrested his captain!


How did the Bandit and Carrie distract the cop that pulled Cledus over?

The Bandit and Carrie distracted the cop by giving him the middle finger. When a police officer on a motorcycle pulled Cledus over for speeding, he called the Bandit and asked him to get rid of him. The Bandit and Carrie turned around to distract the officer by giving him the middle finger and speeding away.


What did the banner that some women held up while the Bandit was being chased by multiple police cruisers say?

The banner that was being held up during the police chase said "Go Bandit." The Bandit has many fans and they all want to help him out. The women that he passed showed their love for the Bandit through their banner.


What did Big Enos give to the Bandit so that he could get home?

Big Enos gave the Bandit his Cadillac so that he could get them out of Georgia and trouble. The Bandit and Cledus were able to deliver the beer 10 minutes earlier than expected but they were in trouble with the law. When they arrived they quickly asked for their pay and a way out.


What did Little Enos ask the Bandit for after the first delivery?

Once the Bandit made the first delivery, Little Enos gave him a double-or-nothing offer. He asked him to bring back clam chowder within the next 18 hours from Boston to Atlanta. The Bandit accepted the offer!


Who did the Bandit describe himself as to the Sheriff?

The Bandit described himself as Big Enos to the Sheriff. While the Sheriff was talking on the CB radio, he asked where the Bandit was. The Bandit told him that he was down the hill in a cowboy outfit with a smaller man beside him dressed the same. He then told him he was lying and to turn around to find out who he really was!


What type of car did the Bandit drive?

The Bandit drove a Trans Am. He bought the car with the money that Big Enos gave him. His car was black with a gold bird on the hood. The rims on the tires had gold on them as well.


What is Cledus' handle?

Cledus' handle is "Snowman." Since Cledus' last name is Snow, his handle became the Snowman. People from many different states knew who the Bandit and Snowman were.


What does Big Enos' license plate say?

Big Enos' license plate says "Mr. Big." He drives a red Cadillac Eldorado. There are horns that stick out of both sides of the Texas license plate. This car is the one that he gives to the Bandit at the end of the movie.


What actor played the role of Sheriff Justice?

Jackie Gleason played the role of Sheriff Justice. Jackie is best known for roles such as Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners and Chester A. Riley on The Life of Riley. He also played the role of the Sheriff in the next two Smokey and the Bandit movies.


What do the Bandit and Cledus transport in Smokey and the Bandit II?

In Smokey and the Bandit II, the Bandit and Cledus transport an elephant. The elephant was the mascot of the Republican Party and needed to be transported from Miami all the way to Dallas for a convention.


In Smokey and the Bandit Part Three, who was hired by the Enos family to replace the Bandit?

In Smokey and the Bandit Part Three, Cledus was hired by the Enos family to replace the Bandit. The Bandit was replaced because he was deemed too egotistical to handle. Cledus then became the distraction for the Sheriff.


What was the Bandit doing when he first met Big and Little Enos?

When the Bandit first met Big and Little Enos, he was laying in a hammock. The Bandit was relaxing when the Enos' approached him to ask him to transport their beer. He was reluctant at first but eventually took up their challenge.


What actor plays the role of the Bo "Bandit" Darnville?

Burt Reynolds plays the role of Bo "Bandit" Darnville. He was also in other movies such as The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights. He has even been on an episode of The Golden Girls. The Bandit can be considered one of his most well-known roles.


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