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The infamous A-Team dominated the television world and other media as well in the '80s. The four team members, B.A., Murdock, Hannibal and Face all work hard to serve and protect those who need them most. Throughout their five seasons on the air, they provided nonstop action for the whole family to watch. Which member of the team was your favorite?

Do you know what famous phrase many people think that Mr. T said on the show? Can you name the two reporters who worked with the team on the show? Do you know the military ranks of each of the team members? You'll be tested on the knowledge of the characters on this quiz!

So you know the characters, but how well do you remember the episodes? Do you remember the events that took place over the series? Do you know the people the team was up against and how they took them down? What about the catchphrases that were used in the show? Refresh your memory on the show and brush up on some fun facts before starting this quiz!

So, if you think you have what it takes to dish out knowledge on television's favorite military team, go full speed ahead into this quiz!

Let's start with the basics. Complete the opener: "If you have a problem, if nobody else can help, and if..."

The A-Team had to survive under the radar of the government, so they could be difficult to track down. The opening sequence did, however, also describe them as crack commandos and soldiers of fortune.


Every show needs a leader: who led the A-Team?

Hannibal was a lieutenant colonel. He often went by the name "Mr. Lee," as well.


What was Hannibal's full name?

Lt. Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith was played with swaggering precision by the incomparable George Peppard. Hannibal was a master of disguise, strategy, and cigar smoking. Maybe that's why he also got one of the show's best recurring lines, "I love it when a plan comes together."


Who was the team's charmer and Hannibal's second in command?

Templeton Peck was known for being the team front and scrounging up work for the team in the seedy underbelly of L.A. This usually involved charming a young woman. However, he had a strong moral core, and acted as the team's second-in-command.


Who was the team's aviator?

Murdock was an accomplished pilot who was part of the team. Murdock was skilled in driving and operating different types of machinery and vehicles.


Where did Murdock live?

Following a helicopter crash in Vietnam, Murdock had trouble adjusting to civilian life. For the first four seasons, he lived in the mental wing of the Veteran's Hospital


What phrase was B.A. Baracus famous for supposedly saying on the show?

Most fans attribute this famous line to the tough character played by Mr. T. But! A fun fact: this was never actually said on the show at all.


Which two members of team got on each other's nerves the most?

"I'm not gettin' on a chopper with this nutjob!" was B.A.'s initial pronouncement upon meeting Captain "Howlin' Mad" Murdock. And that was pretty much how it went from there. B.A.'s usual term of endearment for Murdock was, of course, "fool."


What does "B.A" stand for?

B.A. said that his initials stand for "Bad Attitude" and his real name in the show is "B.A. Baracus". Did you know that both his name and nickname change according to the language that you are watching the show in?


In military terms, what does the "A-Team" mean?

The "A-Team" is short for Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFOD-A). The term would refer to the primary fighting force of the Green Berets.


The intro states they were falsely accused of a crime. What was it?

In the show, the team mentions "a crime they did not commit," but they don't speak of what it was. The crime was that they robbed the Bank of Hanoi under orders of their superior, who was killed.


Which famous wrestler guest starred on the show?

Hulk Hogan made a guest appearance on the show in the episode "Body Slam." Hulk Hogan was a friend of B.A.'s who needed the team's help in taking out criminals who were working against him.


What make and model was the team's van?

The van that the team used was the GMC Vandura. It was an all-black vehicle with a flashy red stripe that circled around the top of it, making it a very memorable vehicle.


True or false: the members of the A-Team escaped from prison before the show began.

This is true. They were imprisoned for the famous crime that they were believed to have committed, even though they in fact did not.


Which famous musical artist made a guest appearance in the show?

Boy George made an appearance on the show in the episode "Country George." This was because he was accidentally booked rather than a similarly named star called "Cowboy George."


What was sure to happen at some point during every episode?

From makeshift tanks to fortified outposts, the team displayed mechanical prowess that was impressive even in the MacGyver era of television. Virtually every episode had a montage set to A-Team music showing them welding, building, digging, and otherwise preparing for a big showdown with that week's villainous force. Sure, Hannibal frequently turned up in disguise, and he and Face also had romantic interests, but that didn't happen with the same frequency as the team-engineering scenes.


In the season two episode "The Only Church in Town," where does Face's ex-girlfriend go?

In this episode, Face's ex-girlfriend went to Ecuador. She had become a nun, but needed help from the team to free the convent.


True or false: there are "A-Team" comic books?

This is true. The first comic books were released by Marvel in the 1980s and featured all four of the members. Another series from IDW in 2010, called "The A-Team: War Stories" had issues focusing on each character had a slightly darker tone than the franchise had taken previously.


Is it true or false that people have been shown to die on screen?

This is true. Although there are almost always explosions and gunshots in every single episode, no one is shown to be killed, except for one person, General Fullbright.


At the end of season three in the episode "Incident at Crystal Lake," who was taken hostage?

The park ranger was taken hostage in this episode along with his daughter, who was also a ranger. The team's vacation ended abruptly with the crime that took place.


True or false: during the show's run, the team only took jobs in America.

This is false. The team took on jobs worldwide on almost every continent. They travelled any place that their services were needed.


In the season one episode, "The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing," whose fear of flying was introduced?

B.A. was terrified of flying in this episode, but he was forced to get on the plane. Instead of Murdock taking on the role of pilot, this time it was Hannibal. That said, throughout the series, a recurring plot point was B.A.'s refusal to voluntarily get on any kind of flying machine, whoever the pilot was. At times the team even had to drug him and carry him onboard.


In the season two episode, "The Taxicab Wars," what did the rival taxi company do?

The rival taxi company tried to sabotage the competition. They did this through destroying the cars of their competition to try and take down the company.


What was B.A.'s military rank?

B.A.'s rank was sergeant. He was highly decorated as well, with awards such as the Silver Star and the Vietnam Campaign Medal.


Who did the team fight in the season one episode, "A Small but Deadly War"?

In this episode, the team fought the LAPD SWAT who were corrupt. The team was initially skeptical of helping but eventually decided to do it.


In the season three episode "The Big Squeeze," the name of what serial killer is used?

Jack the Ripper was the name of a loan shark rather than a serial killer in the show. The episode deals with the team as they come to do a job, but the family then deals with threats that make them uneasy.


In the season one episode, "Til Death Do Us Part," the husband of the bride was what?

In this episode, the husband of the bride is a murderer. She needed the help of the team to get her out of the marriage before disaster happened.


Who left the team in the season four episode "Mind Games"?

Face left the team in this episode after receiving a pardon from the government. What Face didn't realize at the time was that it was all a set-up.


Which of the following titles is a novelization of the show?

The book "Bullets, Bikinis and Bells" was based on the show. There was an episode in season three of the show with a similar episode name being, "Bullets and Bikinis."


Who was Tawnia Baker?

Tawnia Baker took over the role of the reporter in the second season, although her character exited not long after.


Who auditions for a television show in the season four episode "Uncle Buckle-Up"?

Hannibal auditioned for the television show "The Uncle Buckle-Up Show." After playing the role for a very short time, he decided his time in the spotlight was over.


Who was the reporter before Tawnia?

Amy Allen was the reporter before Tawnia took her place. She exited the show just before Tawnia joined the team in the second season.


At the end of season two in "Curtain Call," who is shot?

Murdock is shot in this episode, which leads to trouble with the mission. The team realizes that they value the life of their friend and colleague more than anything and they put that above the mission.


At the beginning of season five, what happened to the team?

At the beginning of this season, the team found themselves captured. After their capture, they were given an option – jail, or complete a mission.


Who was a guest star on the season four finale episode, "The Sound of Thunder"?

Tia Carrere was a guest star on this episode. She played the role of Tia Fulbright, the daughter of the general who was killed during the same episode.


In the season two episode, "Pure-Dee Poison" what illegal operation did the team bust?

In this episode, the team busted an illegal moonshine operation. The moonshine turned out to be quite poisonous, so the team was brought in to put a stop to it all.


True or false: the last episode was aired before the second-to-last?

This is true. The last episode of the series aired before the second to last. The second to last episode was never aired after the last, only during reruns of the show.


How many members of the team served in the military in real life?

Two members of the team served in the military, being Mr. T and George Peppard. George was a corporal in the Marines and Mr. T was enlisted in Army.


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