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Sometimes in life, you just have to line it up and take the shot. That's one of the many lessons you get out of "Tin Cup." How much do you know about this classic golf movie, though? Could you pass this expert level quiz on "Tin Cup?" Here's your chance to find out! 

"Tin Cup" was released in 1996 and was an immediate success at the box office, as both golf fans and sports fans rushed to the theaters to see it. The stars of the movie, Kevin Costner and Rene Russo, put on outstanding performances, and the rest of the cast followed their lead. Aside from the actors, the movie also featured several real-life golf stars, such as Phil Mickelson and Gary McCord, who helped add to the authenticity of "Tin Cup," making it one of the greatest sports movies to ever be released.

Are you a "Tin Cup" fan who has seen the movie dozens of time? Can you name all of the star golfers who made appearances or the major plot points that you cheered for? Why not take this quiz and find out? That's if you're up for the challenge. If you are, get started and show everyone just how much you really know about "Tin Cup." 

What is Roy McAvoy's nickname?

Roy McAvoy's character was inspired by golfer Chip Beck. At the Masters in 1993, Beck decided to play a par-5 hole conservatively and lost the tournament.


Roy was once a prodigy at what?

Roy is washed up when the movie starts. For the most part, he enjoys drinking more than playing golf.


What state does Roy live in?

Texas has a rich history of producing top level golfers. Legends like Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan hail from the state.


What kind of business does Roy own in Texas?

In real life, actor Kevin Costner spent plenty of time at the driving range, learning to play the game. He was even trained by professional golfers.


Where did Roy go to college?

Two golfers who helped train the actors were Peter Kostis and Gary McCord. Both men are well-known teachers of the game.


What does Roy hit with a golf ball to win a bar bet?

The strange thing about this event is that it actually happened to Gary McCord in real life. He even made a bet, which he won.


Who wants a golf lesson from Roy?

Betting in golf dates back to the pre-modern era. In fact, that's how many golfers made their money before tournaments became widespread.


What is Molly's job?

Similar to real golf, gambling was common on the set of "Tin Cup." In fact, the actors bet Phil Mickelson he couldn't hit a ball over a pine tree, which he did easily.


Who is Molly's boyfriend?

Years after the movie, actor Kevin Costner said his golf game never improved, though he was often asked to play in charity tournaments. That leaves many fans surprised since he starred in the movie.


David Simms does what for a living?

The actor who played David Simms went from shooting over a 100 per round to shooting near par over the course of the movie. That's quite an improvement.


What does David want Roy to do for him at a local benefit tournament?

In golf, a caddie does more than just carry golf clubs. They are also responsible for helping their golf partner determine what kind of shot to hit.


For what does Roy criticize David?

Of course, a golfer and his caddie might not always get along. This is especially true when the caddie thinks he could play a hole better.


David fires Roy after Roy does what?

Roy's ego runs wild while being David's caddie. He goes as far as taking a shot to prove he's better than David.


Where does Roy's ball land that he's fired over?

Golfer John Daly's famous slogan was "grip it and rip it." This was a philosophy that Roy seemed to follow.


Roy wants to qualify for what after being fired by David?

The U.S. Open is one of four major tournaments played each year in golf. The others include The Masters, the PGA Championship, and the British Open.


Who serves as Roy's caddie?

Romeo is one of Roy's best friends. They spend most of their time hanging out and drinking.


What does Molly trade Roy for golf lessons?

Many golfers have been known to suffer in the mental game. In fact, critics often contribute Tiger Woods' decline to his mental stability.


In the qualifying round, Roy wants to do what?

Sometimes athletes need to step back and just take advantage of an opportunity. It can be difficult, though, to tell a competitor to pull back and not go for gold.


Romeo breaks what when Roy ask for it instead of shooting a safe shot?

A driver provides a golfer with the opportunity to make the longest shots. However, they can also be more difficult to control.


Roy finishes the qualifying round with which golf club?

Frustrated with Romeo, Roy proceeds to break every club except his 7-iron. He's then stuck trying to finish the qualifying round with only his 7-iron.


Roy bets David he can beat him at what?

According to Guinness Records, the longest professional drive ever was 516 feet. It was hit by Mike Austin in 1974.


What does Roy lose in his bet with David?

Roy sure likes to bet. In fact, this isn't even the first time in the movie that he tries to bet his car away.


What problem does Roy develop leading into the U.S. Open?

The shanks usually come about because of nerves. It's actually a problem for many golfers on the course.


Where is the U.S. Open tournament?

Unlike the Masters tournament, the U.S. Open is held at different courses across the United States. The first-ever U.S. Open was held in Newport, Rhode Island.


What does Roy shoot in the first round of the U.S. Open?

Par on most golf courses is between 70 and 72. Most professional golfers play each round near par.


David refuses to give what to a kid during the U.S. Open?

This act is the final straw for Molly. She finally leaves David, as her attention turns to Roy.


What does Roy shoot during his record-breaking round?

The lowest score ever at a U.S. Open is actually a 63. Five different golfers share this record with Justin Thomas being the latest to reach it.


Besides Roy and David, who else is in position to win the U.S. Open in the final round?

Peter Jacobsen turned professional in 1976. He has 22 professional wins over the course of his career.


Where does Roy keep hitting the ball on the 18th hole?

There are two types of hazards in golf. The first is, of course, water hazards, and the other is bunker hazards.


Who tells Roy to hit the same shot on the 18th hole instead of playing it safe?

There's only one way for Roy to play, and that's to be himself. That's why Molly encourages him to go for broke on the last shot.


After Roy's ball hits the green on the 18th hole, what causes it to roll backward?

Over the years, golfers have learned many tricks to playing in the wind. One such trick is to hit the ball softer instead of harder because you can't fight the wind with a hard swing.


How many shots does it take for Roy to make the 18th hole?

Roy is ecstatic when he finally nails the final hole after 12 tries. Those 12 strokes sure are costly, though.


Who wins the U.S. Open?

In real life, Peter Jacobsen never won the U.S. Open. At least he got his chance in this movie.


For his finish, Roy qualified for what?

Luckily, Roy's dream of being a pro golfer is only getting started as the movie ends. With Molly's encouragement, he looks forward to future tournaments.


What's Molly's new job at the end the movie?

Roy also ends up getting a kiss from Molly at the end of the movie. This makes it a happy ending for everyone.


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