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No one told you life was going to be this way, and I bet they didn't tell you how "Friends" was going to end either! When it comes to the final episode of "Friends," how well do you remember what happened?

In 1994, "Friends" premiered on NBC. The sitcom followed around a group of 20-somethings who were still trying to navigate their personal and professional lives. After 10 years, 10 seasons, and more than 230 episodes, fans like you were left with lasting memories.

Rachel was known for her chic style and loving nature. Who could forget Monica's nurturing behavior and excellent cooking skills? No one is getting past Phoebe's eccentricities and her 'excellent' guitar skills. What about Joey's acting dream and love of food? Chandler is always ready with a joke or two... or 10. Ross's sometimes erratic behavior gave way to a dedicated friend and father. 

The entire 10 seasons of "Friends" gave you and all the other ultimate friends out there something to remember. The show holds a memorable place in TV history, but just how much do you remember about the series finale?

What final tasty gift does Monica leave in Joey's freezer? Who announces that they "got off the plane?" After Monica and Chandler move out of the apartment, where does the gang head together? If these questions are a piece of cake, you just might be the ultimate 'Friend,' but can you prove it? Sit back with a cup of coffee from Central Perk, and let's begin!

What is the name of Chandler and Monica's surrogate?

The beginning of the series finale starts with Erica going into labor. The character is portrayed by actress Anna Faris.


Who drives Ross to the airport to stop Rachel?

When Ross decides he is going to stop Rachel at the airport, Phoebe offers to drive him in her cab. After that crazy ride, we're sure Ross wished he took an actual cab!


What are the chick and duck stuck in?

When Joey and Chandler hear the chick tweeting, they figure out that both the chick and duck are stuck in the foosball table.


To where is Rachel planning on moving in the finale?

During the finale, Rachel is planning on moving to Paris with her daughter, Emma, for a job opportunity.


What does Joey buy Monica and Chandler as a housewarming gift?

Joey's housewarming gift for Monica and Chandler are a chick and a duck that he names Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.


To how many children does Erica give birth?

When Erica gives birth, everyone is expecting her to have one child. After giving birth to a son first, the doctor tells her she has no time to relax because she's having twins!


What does Phoebe say is wrong with the plane?

When Phoebe is trying to get Rachel off the plane, she tells her that she has a feeling something's wrong with it. When Rachel asks for further explanation, Phoebe tells her that it's a problem with the left phalange.


What food does Monica leave in Joey's freezer?

After Monica finishes packing up the house, Joey asks her if that means all the food is gone. Monica tells Joey that she left him three lasagnas in his freezer.


Where is the group headed after they leave Monica's apartment for the last time?

As the friends get ready to leave the apartment, Rachel asks if Monica and Chandler have to go to their house immediately. When they mention having free time, they decide to grab a cup of coffee.


What do Monica and Chandler name their daughter?

After Erica lets Monica and Chandler adopt her child, she ends up having twins. They decide to name their daughter after her.


Who is the first person to profess his love to Rachel in the finale?

After Rachel and Ross get together for one night, Ross plans on telling Rachel that he has feelings for her. Before he gets the chance, Gunther beats him to the punch.


What are Erica's plans for the summer?

When Monica leaves Chandler alone in the hospital room with Erica, Chandler awkwardly asks Erica about her summer plans. She tells him that she'll most likely be attending church camp.


After whom do Monica and Chandler name their son?

When Chandler and Monica reveal their son's name, they say they named him Jack after Monica and Ross's father.


What is the title of the final episode?

The series finale of "Friends" comes in the form of two parts with the episode exceeding 45 minutes.


When Monica thinks she steps on a chick or duck, what does she actually step on?

When Joey says he can't find the chick or the duck, Chandler decides to help him look while Monica goes to check on the babies. On her way out, she hears a crunch but finds she only stepped on an eggroll.


Who demolishes the foosball table?

When Joey and Chandler decide that neither of them can demolish the foosball table to free the chick and the duck, Monica easily demolishes it with glee.


When Mike tells Phoebe he wants kids, which family does she want to emulate?

In the series finale, Phoebe has a slight obsession with musicals. When Mike tells her he wants to have a bunch of children, she tells him they can have a musical family like the von Trapps.


When Ross was living with his grandmother, what profession was he pursuing?

Before they leave the apartment, the friends make the observation that everyone has lived in Monica's apartment at one point in time. When Ross says that he hasn't, Monica reminds him that he stayed with their grandmother one summer to pursue dancing.


Phoebe refers to Paris as the city of what?

After Ross decides not to tell Rachel about his feelings, Phoebe tells him it's a mistake because Paris has too many attractive men. She tells him it's a city filled with Gunthers.


When Chandler tells Joey to keep the chick and duck, what other animal does Joey say he can get?

After Chandler tells Joey he can keep the chick and the duck, Joey wants to increase the family by getting a goose, but Chandler tells him that he owns enough poultry.


To what airport do Ross and Phoebe accidentally go?

In their haste to get to Rachel, Ross and Phoebe don't check from which airport Rachel is leaving. When Monica tell him that Rachel's flight is leaving from Newark, Ross realizes they made a mistake by going to JFK instead.


What does Joey's welcome sign say?

When Joey shows Phoebe the sign he made to welcome the new baby, it says "Welcome Home Baby." When she asks if he drew a picture of a baby on the sign, he tells her he accidentally sat in paint.


Who questions whether the color of Monica's apartment was always purple?

Once Monica's apartment is empty, we see the friends making their observations about it. Joey questions whether the apartment was always purple. The answer is yes!


What does Rachel say her mom will talk to Emma about on their 8-hour flight to Paris?

When Phoebe tells Rachel that her mom will have a rough time with a one-year-old on an 8-hour flight, Rachel says that Emma will need a lot of luck because her mom won't stop talking about Atkins.


What seat is Rachel supposed to be sitting in on the plane?

When Rachel can't find her boarding pass, she tells the attendant she remembers her seat number because it's the same as her bra size - 32C.


What TV show does Monica reference when she finds out they're having twins?

When Chandler starts panicking about having twins, Monica tells him that she doesn't care how many children there are. She then references the Bradford family of "Eight is Enough" who have eight children.


From which airport is Rachel leaving?

When Ross can't find Rachel's flight on the board at the airport, he calls Monica to get Rachel's boarding information. Monica tells him that Rachel's flight was set to leave at 8:40 from Newark Airport.


What is the last thing shown in the finale?

As the camera pans over the apartment in it's final shot, the last thing we see is the iconic gold picture frame hanging on the door.


For what does Rachel ask the flight attendant during the left phalange commotion?

After Rachel's seatmate begins panicking when he overhears Rachel's conversation with Phoebe, Rachel asks the flight attendant for peanuts before everyone on the plane starts leaving.


What color shirt does Monica wear for most of the finale?

Most of the finale episode occurs in the same night and we see Monica wearing an oversized purple blouse that matches her apartment.


What does Chandler say the baby boy has of Monica's?

When Erica first gives birth to the baby boy, Chandler tells her that he has Monica's eyes even though it's not possible.


What can't Rachel find when she gets to her gate?

When Rachel reaches her gate, the attendant asks her for her passport. After handing it over, she realizes she can't find her boarding pass.


Who keeps interrupting Phoebe's musical numbers?

After Ross reveals that he'd like to have a relationship with Rachel, Phoebe feels the need to turn his situation into a musical. Every time she gets ready to belt a few lyrics, Rachel walks in and cuts her performance short.


Which of these isn't one of the names of Joey's foosball players?

After the chick and duck get stuck in the foosball table, Joey plans to take it apart. Before he can continue, he says goodbye to his foosball players, Jordan, Victor, and Joel.


What's Phoebe's cab number?

Although we've seen Phoebe's cab throughout the season, we get a great look at it while she's speeding towards the airport to make it to Rachel in time.


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