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On Ahch-To, he strolls across the cliffs alone, mumbling to himself over his failures. He’s Luke Skywalker, one of the last Jedi knights in the universe, and the only man who can keep the First Order at bay. What do you know about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”?

You RottenTomatoes trolls can click yourselves into the Internet’s ether for all we care. We want readers who really know the “Star Wars” canon … and who think they remember their Hux from their Holdo. So what will it be: the blue lightsaber … or the red?

Sure, that Han guy kicked the bucket, but what do you expect when you give life to an oversized oaf with a bad case of chronic sinusitis? At least Kylo’s mom is still around. Oh, wait. Too soon? Too soon.

“The Last Jedi” had a budget of around $200 million, an amount that would make most producers gasp in horror. This being a “Star Wars” movie, however, there was never any concern – it’s already raked in more than $1.3 billion at box offices around the world.

In this star-speckled quiz, we’ll see if you’re more aligned with the First Order or the Resistance. Queue up the “Star Wars” theme song and see if you really know anything about “The Last Jedi”!

At the beginning of the movie, ____ is commanding Resistance fighters to evacuate in advance an assault by the First Order.

The First Order has located a remote Resistance base and they've decided to blast it to smithereens. General Leia is leading the evacuation, which isn't going as quickly as she'd hoped.


General Hux is planning to attack the Resistance base. He's aboard which craft?

General Hux, the ridiculously snooty moron who attempts to attack the Resistance, is aboard a Star Destroyer. His ship causes some massive damage but then gets distracted by other developments.


Why does Poe Dameron disobey orders from General Leia?

Poe sees an opportunity to destroy a huge First Order dreadnought. His relentlessness puts the Resistance in a position to possibly take away one of their enemy's most powerful ships.


How does the Resistance finally manage to destroy a First Order dreadnought?

The Resistance, under heavy fire, manages to drop a load of bombs on the dreadnought. The ship explodes, but the Resistance loses many of its own ships in the process.


TIE fighters attack the primary Resistance ship. What happens?

The TIE fighters blast the bridge and Leia is flung into open space. She appears to be dead at first … but then she uses the Force to propel herself back to the safety of the ship.


Rey begins to have really weird Force-driven conversations with ______.

Rey and Kylo are connected by the Force, and they begin having strange, intense conversations from afar. It's a little like Snapchatting but without the smartphone.


Rey travels to a distant planet to find which character?

Rey feels like the Resistance needs help if it is going to survive. She seeks out Luke Skywalker, who is hiding himself away on a remote planet.


Luke wants nothing to do with Rey or her quest. How does she convince him to join the cause?

R2-D2 plays that dusty old recording of Leia begging for help at the beginning of the first "Star Wars" movie, and Luke is swayed. He begins training Rey in the ways of the Jedi.


"The Last Jedi" will be the last time we see which major character onscreen?

With the death of actress Carrie Fisher, Leia is no more. Unless, you know, Disney decides to use some fancy hologram-type special effects to bring Leia back in a future film.


After Leia is hurt by the TIE fighter attack, who takes command of the Resistance?

Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern) is next in line in the chain of command. But not everyone (cough, Poe) believes that Holdo has what it takes to lead the Resistance to safety.


As Rey and Kylo communicate from long distance, how do their envision their futures?

Rey and Kylo have conversations that lead to both of them thinking they might partner in the future. But cold reality eventually sets in.


What does Rose do when she realizes that Finn is trying to escape a Resistance ship?

Rose mistakenly thinks that Finn is a coward who is running away. So she stuns him and reports him to the authorities.


What realization does the Resistance make as they try to escape the First Order fleet?

The lead Resistance ship realizes that not only are they nearly out of fuel but that the First Order is tracking them … making it impossible to flee.


Luke introduces Rey to the Force, and Rey is immediately drawn toward what?

As she meditates on the Force, Rey is drawn to a deep, dark pit … the dark side of the Force. Luke is exasperated with Rey's inability to fend off the darkness.


Finn and Rose arrive on Canto Bight looking for what?

Finn and Rose race through a casino looking for a code breaker. They need him to help them defeat the First Order's lead ship.


While on Canto Bight, Finn and Rose witness which sad spectacle?

Finn and Rose witness fathier racing. The gentle creatures are mistreated and forced to race, much like greyhounds on Earth.


Why did Luke once try to kill his student, Kylo?

Once upon a time, Luke realized that Kylo would never resist the dark side of the Force. So he tried -- and failed -- to kill his wayward student. He decided that he just couldn't do it.


Poe disagrees with Holdo's strategy to save the Resistance. What does he do?

Poe is certain that Holdo is leading the Resistance to an untimely end. He tries to initiate a mutiny … and is immediately foiled.


While pondering the future of the Jedi, Luke encounters the ghost of which person?

After all of this time, here comes Yoda again, yammering to Luke about the nature of reality and such. Then, he sets the sacred Jedi texts on fire.


Yoda says, "The greatest teacher, ______ is."

Yoda says, "The greatest teacher, failure is." When Luke hears those words, he realizes that his "failures" must propel him to try and try again.


Kylo brings Rey to Snoke. What does Snoke want Kylo to do?

Snoke wants Kylo to prove himself worthy of the First Order. He wants Kylo to kill Rey.


How does Kylo kill Snoke?

Kylo uses the Force to control a lightsaber, which he triggers right next to Snoke. The blade cuts Snoke in half, bringing the evil leader to an early end.


What happens after Kylo kills Snoke?

Kylo kills Snoke, but then falls into the thrall of the dark side. He tries to convince Rey to join him, but she's all like, "Talk to the hand."


Resistance fighters board small transport ships to the planet Crait, but what happens?

The Resistance fighers board small, defenseless transport ships in hopes of reaching safety on a planet below. But the First Order begins picking off the ships, one by one.


What does Holdo do to stop the First Order from slaughtering all of the Resistance ships?

Holdo, now alone on the lead ship, turns her craft toward the First Order attacks. Then, she rams them at full speed, saving what's left of the Resistance.


During an escape, Phasma attacks which character?

A lead storm trooper named Phasma finds Finn and ridicules him, calling him "scum." Finn proudly replies, "rebel scum." And then he rids himself of the overbearing shiny lady.


As the First Order aims a large cannon at the Resistance base, who appears?

Luke Skywalker strolls onto the scene, like a gunfighter at the O.K. Corral. It's the ultimate showdown scene.


What happens to Luke when the First Order unleashes all of its weapons on him?

OK, so we made up the nose-picking part, but you get the point. Luke absorbs every blow the First Order has to offer without so much as an elbow ding. Not only does he survive, but he strides forward to face Kylo.


Kylo fights Luke in lightsaber duel, only to realize what?

Luke isn't real -- he's using the Force to project his image from a planet far away. Kylo howls in rage, with that really nasally, annoying voice that he has. It's not even a howl, it's more like, I don't know... a drunken yawn? But I digress, he's really mad.


True or false, at the end of "The Last Jedi," is the Resistance dead?

Yes, they are all dead. The First Order has finally clamped down on the universe with its cold, clammy hands. Or maybe not.


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