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Ben truly is a gentle giant! Grizzly Adams met his friend when he was just a cub, and the two became inseparable. Although his home was secluded, Grizzly found friends all around him, both people and animals. Did you know that the character of Grizzly is based off of a man of the same name who lived and trained bears in the 1800s?

Do you remember the people and animals that Grizzly came across throughout the show? Can you remember the things that happened to Grizzly, Ben, Mad Jack and Nakoma? Do you know the troubles that came about throughout the show? There were many memorable moments and lessons to be learned from the show.

Can you name the presidents who were portrayed on the show? Can you name the vehicle that Mad Jack got an unexpected ride in? Do you remember how Grizzly got rid of his beaver problem? Keep in mind that the show takes place in the 1800s! This can help you when answering the questions.

Mad Jack told you the story, now you just have to remember it! So, if you think you know the story of the infamous mountain man and his friends, what are you waiting for? Don't be "grizzly" and take a shot at this quiz!

What animal did Trapper Tom catch in his trap?

Trapper Tom caught a mountain lion that luckily, Grizzly Adams came across. Grizzly was able to convince Trapper Tom to find a better way to do his job as well as save the mountain lion and her cub.


Who was a good friend of Grizzly's?

Nakoma was a good friend of Grizzly's from a nearby Native American tribe. The two were Blood Brothers, as discussed in the episode of the same name.


Which president-to-be made an appearance in one episode?

Theodore Roosevelt makes an appearance in one episode as a man who wants to prove that he can survive in the wild. Most of his attempts fail, however, and he finds that he needs the help of the men who truly do live among the wilderness.


On Christmas, what natural disaster took place?

There was an avalanche on Christmas that caused problems for the group. The avalanche was caused by Ned, who fired his gun.


Is it true or false that Ben was played by a real bear?

This is true. There are no special effects in this television show! Ben was played by a female bear named Bozo who Dan Haggerty adored and loved to work with.


What type of animal did Marvin the Magnificent have?

Marvin the Magnificent had a bear that he named Babe. Babe was able to do tricks with Marvin due to her life of show business, although at this point, she was getting to be too old.


In the first episode, what happened to a little girl Grizzly Adams finds?

Eliza, the little girl from this episode, was accidentally left behind by her parents. Thankfully Ben was around to keep a look out for her!


What was the name of Mad Jack's donkey?

The name of Mad Jack's donkey was Number Seven. His mule often accompanied him where he went, carrying bags of his things.


In Season One, who captured Ben?

Ben was captured by a circus owner in this season. It came after the presumed loss of his owner Grizzly, who had been the subject of a rock slide, but Grizzly survived and came just in the nick of time.


Who did Nakoma's tribe blame for the disappearance of their fish?

Nakoma's tribe blamed Ben for the disappearance of their fish, as fish are commonly on the diet for grizzlies. Ben's innocence was eventually proven and he was spared.


Which holiday was once celebrated on the show?

Easter was once celebrated on the show and was a special occasion for Grizzly. Grizzly's Easter party ultimately turned out to be a little larger than he had previously thought!


Why did Grizzly Adams turn to living in the wilderness?

Grizzly Adams was accused of murder, forcing him to retreat to the wilderness where no one from town would find him. In doing so, he even had to leave his daughter behind.


What pet did Robbie Cartman have in Season Two?

Robbie Cartman had a pet deer in Season Two that he named Ginger. In one episode, Ginger gets sick and Robbie seeks the help of Grizzly.


Which animal did Grizzly train to come to him when they're called?

Grizzly trained hawks to come when called, which came in handy on a few occasions. In one instance, Grizzly called a hawk so that an airman could study it to get his plane back into the air.


When the animals were acting weird because of what they thought was a gorilla, what did that gorilla turn out to be?

The gorilla was actually a chimpanzee. The chimp belonged to a man in the area who took care of it, and it was revealed that its name was Sally.


In the episode, "Howdy Do, I'm Mad Jack", what happened to Mad Jack?

In this episode, Mad Jack fell over a waterfall, which made Grizzly believe that he had died. Luckily, Mad Jack made it through the fall and came back to the cabin.


Who starts off the narration in the show?

Mad Jack starts off the narration, stating that he is telling the story of his good friend Grizzly Adams. He also wants you to know that he's giving you the exact story!


What did Jack's donkey step on in the episode titled "The Rivals"?

Jack's donkey struck gold when a piece got stuck in his foot. Mad Jack noticed it when Number Seven started limping suddenly. He would have never noticed it without his donkey!


What was the name of Grizzly's bear?

Ben was the name of Grizzly's bear, who was also a grizzly himself. Did you know that a cub named Bart played the role of Ben when he was cub?


What did Findhope lose in the forest?

Findhope lost his camel in the forest and the people of the wilderness believed it to be a monster. Did you know that the camel's name is Hi-Jolly?


What kind of vehicle does Mad Jack end up in when he tries to repair it for someone?

Mad Jack found himself inside a balloon after trying to repair it for Andre. He had a bird's eye view of the land that he lived on!


How did Grizzly impress Pinkerton when he came to take him to trial in town?

Grizzly impressed the lawman by rescuing animals from the danger of the volcano. Although he was a wanted man, he was able to convince Pinkerton of his innocence through this one heroic act.


The theme song for the show wants you to "take me" where?

The theme song for the show says the line "take me home" at the ending. It was sung by Thom Pace, who also wrote for other film and television.


Which president from the 1800s was portrayed in the show?

Theodore Roosevelt wasn't the only president to appear in the show! Ulysses S. Grant was portrayed in an episode where he was interested in learning more about the wild and nature.


Is it true or false that there was a television movie that was used to end the series?

This is true. The movie was called "The Capture of Grizzly Adams" where Grizzly fights to prove his innocence. Grizzly's daughter is also heavily involved in the plot of the movie.


Who showed up to Grizzly's cabin after running away from their home?

Two orphans showed up to Grizzly's cabin after running away from the orphanage. Thankfully, Grizzly was able to give the orphans and their guardian some insight into how to get along and they agreed to leave.


The son of which movie star made a guest appearance on the show?

John Wayne's son, Patrick Wayne, made an appearance on one episode of the show. He played the role of a settler who was staying with his son in the area for a short time.


How many seasons did the show have?

The show has only had two seasons in the 1970s. The first season had 13 episodes, whereas the second season had 27 episodes.


What did the drought in Season Two cause?

The drought caused a forest fire to set ablaze in the woods. It threatened the life of Nakoma and the other animals, but thankfully everyone got relief when the rain finally started.


What mythical creature did Mad Jack once believe that he saw?

Mad Jack once thought that he saw leprechaun and captured the man because he heard him talking about gold. He and Grizzly came to find out that the man was having money and family trouble and that he was not a leprechaun after all.


Who did Mad Jack once have to give Number Seven to?

Mad Jack had to give Number Seven to his old friend Gus Thackery due to the fact that he had lost a contest to him. Luckily, Grizzly was able to help win his furry friend back and return him to his rightful owner.


What was Kate Jackson's father killed by?

Kate Jackson's father was killed by a black bear, and so she was dedicated to getting rid of them. Fortunately, Grizzly and his friends were able to educate Kate and help her find better closure in the event of her father's death.


What sickness did Mad Jack get that made him hallucinate?

Mad Jack contracted a fever that made him hallucinate quite badly. He thought that he was a bounty hunter but eventually got over it.


What happened to Sekota the cougar?

Sekota had a mouth full of thorns and tried to find help at Nakoma's village. Her actions of desperation were interpreted as an attack by the tribe, but after investigation from Nakoma and Grizzly, they were able to get everything sorted out.


How did Grizzly get the beavers that were causing problems to leave?

When the beavers that moved into the area started daming the water and jeopardizing Grizzly's cabin, he had to figure out a way to stop it. He had a great idea of bringing in a few skunks to get rid of them.


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