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These wacky yet thoughtful military men and women kept the world laughing for more than 10 years. The last episode still ranks as one of TV's most-watched moments. How much do you remember about the series finale of M.A.S.H.?

What was the name of the final episode of M.A.S.H.?

The final episode of M.A.S.H, is named "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen." The two-and-a-half hour episode marked an end to one of TV's most successul shows.


The episode was the last show of an 11-year run. What year did it air?

The final episode aired in 1983. It was so highly anticipated that it cost advertisers more to run commercials during "M.A.S.H." than during the Super Bowl that year.


As the show begins, the members of the 4077th M.A.S.H. unit are counting down the days to the end of what?

M.A.S.H., of course, is all about the Korean War. The personnel of the 4077th are hopeful that the conflict will soon end after years of gruesome fighting.


The show opens with Hawkeye Pierce suffering from what problem?

Hawkeye's mind and heart have suffered during the war. As the program begins, he's struggling with a nervous breakdown that's affecting all parts of his life.


Dr. Sydney Freedman is trying to help Hawkeye get past his nervous breakdown. He sees that Hawkeye has which issue?

Sydney begins talking to Hawkeye, and he realizes that the surgeon is repressing some tragic memories of the war. Those memories are now causing Hawkeye severe emotional distress.


Hawkeye is repressing memories about an event in which he and refugees were forced to hide from ______.

A fun, daylong outing turned into a scary moment in which Hawkeye and some refugees had to hide from an enemy patrol. But there's much, much more to the story than that.


In Hawkeye's memories, as the terrified people hid from enemy soldiers, a refugee's chicken wouldn't stop clucking. But in reality, what was the chicken?

As the enemy patrol passed by, Hawkeye angrily told a woman to silence her chicken. But it wasn't really a bird -- it was a baby.


In a desperate effort to avoid detection by the enemy patrol, how did the refugee woman stifle the cries of her baby?

Hawkeye, frantic to avoid being caught by the North Koreans, tells the woman to shut up the baby. In a panic, she smothers the infant. And suddenly, we know why Hawkeye is repressing his memories of the day.


After the traumatic event, what did Hawkeye do?

Immediately after witnessing the traumatic event, Hawkeye drove a Jeep through the wall of the officer's bar and ordered massive amounts of liquor, ostensibly so he could try to forget about the baby's death.


At the beginning of the show, Charles Winchester encounters a group of Chinese soldiers. What do they do?

The soldiers, knowing that the war is all but over, surrender to Winchester. As a music lover, he's initially intrigued that his "prisoners" are musicians.


Who does Klinger fall in love with?

Klinger is head over heels about Soon-Lee Han, local Korean refugee. Later in the episode, this becomes a life-altering plot point for the cast's weirdest character.


What big news does B.J. receive during the episode?

B.J. is thrilled because he's finally received his discharge papers. Now, he can finally go home to be reunited with family.


How is Father Mulcahy injured during the episode?

The enemy attacks the camp with mortar fire. Mulcahy is knocked out as he tries to assist prisoners who are trapped amidst the falling munitions.


After the mortar attack, what health problem does Father Mulcahy fear?

Mulcahy is so close to the mortar blasts that his ears experience terrible ringing. B.J. tells him that he might eventually go completely deaf, a health problem that would end his military career.


Why did the enemy attack a medical camp in the first place?

The North Koreans keep shelling the camp because there's an abandoned tank sitting in full view. Klinger covers the tank with a large tent, but his ploy works for only a short time.


As the episode continues, Klinger opens camp mail regarding B.J. What does the letter say?

So much for going home. B.J.'s discharge has been rescinded. But Col. Potter decides to try and ignore the message long enough for B.J. to get out of the country.


Hawkeye returns from his mental health leave and sees the tank in the middle of camp. What does he do?

Hawkeye, still reckless in spite of his therapy sessions, jumps into the tank and moves it safely from camp. Along the way, he causes plenty of collateral damage.


After B.J.'s departure, the camp gets a replacement surgeon. Who is it?

B.J. didn't make it very far. He got to Guam and then the Army realized that his discharge was no longer valid, so he winds up right back where he started.


Winchester is annoyed by the Chinese musicians at first. But he teaches them to correctly play a song by which musician?

At first, Winchester is aggravated that the musicians are in camp. Then, he successfully teaches them Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A, K. 581 … and he's so happy that he doesn't want them to leave.


Why do Winchester's beloved Chinese musicians have to abruptly leave camp?

The Chinese P.O.W.s are being exchanged for American prisoners. They are trundled onto a truck and sent away, to Winchester's dismay.


The camp is elated to learn that a cease-fire has been announced. Then what happens?

The 4077th is overjoyed about the cease-fire. But then more and more wounded soldiers arrive, and many of the men have life-threatening injuries. It's back to the grind for the front-line doctors.


Dark news rolls in regarding Winchester's beloved Chinese musicians. What happened to them?

On their way to the prisoner exchange, the truck carrying the musicians was attacked. All of Winchester's new friends are dead.


The team gathers and chats about their post-war plans. What does Hawkeye plan to do?

Hawkeye once aspired to become a big-city bigwig at a major hospital. But after his experiences in Korea, he wants to open a simple practice in his small hometown, Crabapple Cove.


What major life change does Klinger announce?

Klinger's spent years acting crazy in hopes of being discharged and sent home. Now, he's decided to marry Soon-Lee, and she's told him she won't leave Korea until she finds her missing parents.


As the camp packs up to leave, Potter takes one last ride on Sophie, his horse. What does he do with Sophie?

Potter, the animal lover, doesn't really want to say goodbye to Sophie. But he leaves her behind so that the children of the orphanage can care for her.


Hawkeye and B.J. are finally leaving camp, meaning they have to tear down their tent. What's the nickname for their quarters?

As the show winds down, the men must pack up the Swamp, the tent that's served as their home for years. They are not very sad to see the cursed tent go.


Winchester finally gets to depart the 4077th. How does he leave?

Winchester is happy to be leaving, even if it is on a garbage truck, the last available vehicle. He says that the vehicle is appropriate given that he's leaving behind a "garbage dump."


True or false, is the final episode still the most-watched finale of any TV series in American history?

It's true, the finale is still the highest-rated final show of any TV series in U.S. history. It wasn't surpassed by any sort of programming whatsoever until the 2010 Super Bowl.


As Hawkeye departs via a helicopter, he sees that B.J. has constructed a message made of rocks that can only be seen from the air. What does the message say?

Hawkeye was frustrated that B.J. couldn't seem to say goodbye properly. But as he ascends, he sees that B.J.'s rock message reads, "Goodbye."


Winchester is worried about what will happen to his professional life after the war. How does Margaret help him?

Margaret helps Winchester apply for a prestigious surgeon gig in Boston. Her string pulling works. He gets the job, then resents the fact that he needed her help at all.


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