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Imagine the feeling of finding out that you have a sister that you never knew about. Now imagine that your sister was actually your twin!

If you're a fan of the movie, you'll for sure know where each of the girls lived, but can you name their parents? How about the camp that both of the girls attended? Can you match the girls to the parent that they lived with?

Lindsay Lohan was the star of the movie, playing both of the girls. Imagine the fun she must have had getting to play two different personalities! Which of the characters in the movie was your favorite?

So you know how the girls met, but do you know how they tricked their parents? How about who came up with the plan? You might even know how they made it all happen without getting caught. They were very sneaky about it!

And lastly, you'll need to know if it all worked out for them. Did the girls get their wish? Did their parents make up? What happened to Meredith when it was all over? If you can answer these questions, this quiz will be easy for you!

"The Parent Trap" has been a fan favorite since it was released. So, if you think you really know the movie, prove you're a true fan and take this quiz!

Where were the girls' parents, Nick and Elizabeth, married?

Nick and Elizabeth were married on a cruise. Shots of their wedding ceremony were shown at the beginning of the movie.


Where do Hallie and Annie meet each other?

The girls met each other at Camp Walden and later faced off against each other in a fencing battle. Lindsay Lohan played both Annie and Hallie in the movie!


What did Hallie say that she lived next to in California?

Hallie told the girls at summer camp that she lived right beside a vineyard in California. Her father actually owned the vineyard.


Where was Annie from?

Annie came all the way from England to attend summer camp. She even arrived in a limo along with her butler.


What did Hallie ask another girl for help with at summer camp?

Hallie asked another girl for help with grabbing her duffle bag from the pile. Her duffle bag was buried by the other kids' bags and she couldn't get it out.


What did the poker game loser have to do?

The loser of the poker game between Hallie and Annie had to jump in the lake naked. Annie lost the game, and while she was in the water, the other girls stole her clothes.


What happened to Hallie and Annie after Hallie made of mess of the cabin?

After Hallie made a mess of the cabin, the camp counselor and the rest of the kids escorted her and Annie to the isolation cabin. Their bickering continued inside.


Who was in the picture that Hallie said was ruined by the storm?

Leonardo DiCaprio was in the picture that Hallie said was ruined by the storm. Despite his fame, Annie didn't know who he was.


What made Hallie and Annie realize that they were sisters?

A photograph made Hallie and Annie realize that they were sisters. The two girls each had a picture of the parent they never knew, and when they put them together, the pictures matched perfectly.


What does Hallie say that she and Annie should do when they leave camp?

Hallie said that when she and Annie left camp, they should switch places. Both of the girls wanted to meet the parent they never knew.


What type of piercing did Hallie give Annie?

Hallie pierced Annie's ears so that she could pretend that she was Hallie while she was with her father. She also cut Annie's hair to the same length as she had.


What did Martin find in Hallie's suitcase?

Martin found a stuffed bunny in Hallie's suitcase. Thinking that she was Annie, he asked her if he should throw it out. Hallie covered it up by saying that it was her friend's bunny.


What did Hallie and Annie's mother do for a living?

Hallie and Annie's mother designed wedding gowns for a living. Hallie was able to see her mother in action when she went to the studio with her.


Who did Nick want Annie (who he thought was Hallie) to meet?

Nick wanted Annie (who he thought was Hallie) to meet his new girlfriend, Meredith. Chessy told her that Meredith was actually hired to be the vineyard's publicist.


About what did Chessy question Annie (who she thought was Hallie) at breakfast?

Chessy questioned Annie (who she thought was Hallie) about why she was making a phone call at midnight. Annie tried to cover it up by saying she had been talking with a friend from camp


To what were Hallie and Annie allergic?

Hallie and Annie were both allergic to strawberries. The girls confused one of the camp counselors, because they looked alike and shared the same allergy.


Who was the first person to find out about Hallie and Annie's switch?

Chessy was the first to find out about Hallie and Annie's switch. She noticed that "Hallie" had changed, and it all made sense when "Hallie" revealed that she was actually Annie.


What happened while the James family was eating dinner?

While the James family was eating dinner, they received a fax with the picture of a dog on it, indicating there was an emergency. Hallie ran to a phone booth right away to call her sister.


After Hallie told Liz who she really was, what did they do?

After Hallie told Liz who she really was, the two of them, along with Martin, flew to the United States. They were going to meet up with Nick and Annie.


What did Liz do before she was supposed to see Nick again?

Liz drank before she was supposed to see Nick again. Annie said that she had never drank more than one glass of wine in her life and was surprised to see that she was drunk.


Who did Liz see on the elevator at The Stafford?

Liz saw Nick on the elevator at The Stafford. Although she thought he knew that she and Hallie were coming, she realized that he had no idea by the way in which he looked at her.


What did the girls try to do to stop their father from getting married to Meredith?

The girls tried to set their father up with their mother to stop him from marrying Meredith. They knew that Meredith wasn't the right person for their father and had high hopes that their parents would get back together.


Who did Liz meet at the bar at The Stafford?

Liz met Meredith at the bar in The Stafford. Meredith was surprised to find out that Liz was there, because she had been looking at a wedding dress that Liz had designed.


What happened while Hallie and Annie were dueling?

While they were dueling, Hallie fell into a water trough after Annie pushed her. Hallie got her back by pulling her into the trough as well.


What happened to Nick when he went to talk to Liz for the first time in years?

When Nick went to talk to Liz for the first time in years, he fell in the pool. He was extremely surprised to see her, and he had no idea about the girls' plan.


Where did the girls take their parents for dinner?

The girls took their parents on a cruise for dinner. This was significant because their parents had met, and gotten married on a cruise!


What did Nick and Liz toast to on the cruise?

Nick and Liz toasted to their daughters while on the cruise. After all, Annie and Hallie had done a lot to get their family back together.


Where did Hallie and Annie want their family to go before Annie and Liz went back to England?

The girls wanted their family to go on the camping trip that Hallie and Nick went on every year. They refused to tell their parents who was who until they came back from the trip.


Who decided not to go on the camping trip at the last minute?

Liz decided not to go on the camping trip. She invited Meredith instead, and the girls weren't very happy about it.


What was on Meredith's water bottle?

There was a lizard on Meredith's water bottle. Annie put it on the bottle to scare Meredith. Later, she put the lizard on Meredith's head.


What did the girls do while Nick and Meredith were sleeping?

The girls put Meredith and her air mattress on the lake. She woke up and fell into the lake after she realized where she was!


What did Meredith do with her engagement ring?

Meredith threw her engagement ring at Nick after he chose the girls over her. It was at this point that he realized that she was only with him for his money.


Who was at Liz and Annie's house when they got back home?

When Liz and Annie arrived back home, Hallie was there waiting for them. Nick went as well and told Liz that he didn't want to make another mistake.


Where did Liz and Nick get remarried?

Liz and Nick got remarried on the same cruise on which they had first been married. Only this time, Hallie and Annie were able to attend.


What did Martin do on the cruise?

On the cruise, Martin proposed to Chessy during the wedding. Chessy said "yes" to Martin's proposal.


Who did the girls say chipped in to pay for the cruise and dinner for their parents?

The girls said their grandfather had chipped in to help pay for the cruise and dinner for the girls' parents. They also said they had used some of their allowance.


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