Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Popular Western, "Hondo?"
How Well Do You Remember the Popular Western, "Hondo?"
By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

'Hondo' is a classic Western movie that is popular due to its portrayal of Native American warriors and ongoing altercations between Hondo and the Apaches. Starring actors like Lee Aaker and Leo Gordon, this film also features top-notch acting from some great actors of the decade.

The film also contains many memorable quotes, most of which are said by Hondo himself. Some of these include "I don't guess people's hearts got anything to do with a calendar" and "Oh, he was testing me. Indians hate lies."

The film also garnered several awards, including an Oscar nomination for Geraldine Page, who portrays Angie in the film. Louis L'Amour was also nominated for an Oscar, in the category of Best Writing, Motion Picture Story for 'Hondo.'

In this quiz, we're taking you back to the past with 35 questions on everything about Hondo. Some questions will ask you about the actors, while other questions will ask you to fill in the blanks on popular quotes and taglines. For the most part, though, you'll just need to know what 'Hondo' was about, as the quiz will test your knowledge on various plot points. If you think you know everything about the classic Western, 'Hondo,' then it's time for you to take this quiz now! Good luck!

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What year was 'Hondo' released?
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Finish this popular 'Hondo' tagline: "Out of the gunsmoke into her ________!
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Which actor played the title character of Hondo Lane?
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What was the name of Hondo's dog?
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Who does Hondo approach at the ranch in the beginning of the movie?
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Hondo's horse was taken by the __________.
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Who says the following quote in 'Hondo:' "That dog don't take to pettin', son."
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Hondo is part _______.
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Who captures Hondo after an attack with the Apaches?
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Fill in the blank of this 'Hondo' tagline: "First she was afraid he'd ________---then she was afraid he wouldn't.
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After being captured, who does Hondo have a one-on-one fight with?
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After being captured, what do the Apaches find on Hondo?
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Where does Hondo get the tintype from?
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Where did Lieutenant McKay graduate from?
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Which of these actors portrayed Buffalo Baker in 'Hondo?'
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What does "Varlabania" mean?
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Where is Hondo's ranch located?
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Who is on the tintype that Hondo retrieved?
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Finish the following tagline: "They called him _______.
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What were the names of Lieutenant McKay's scouts?
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What type of rifle does Hondo carry?
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Which of these actors portrayed Major Sherry?
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After Vittorio is killed, who leads the Apaches?
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Who killed Hondo's dog?
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Fill in the blank of this popular 'Hondo' quote: "A man oughta do what he thinks is ______."
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Who was the actor who played Vittoro in 'Hondo?'
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Who does Hondo fight with at the saloon?
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Who does Johnny shoot at the ranch?
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Who is the leader of the Apaches?
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