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'Hondo' is a classic Western movie that is popular due to its portrayal of Native American warriors and ongoing altercations between Hondo and the Apaches. Starring actors like Lee Aaker and Leo Gordon, this film also features top-notch acting from some great actors of the decade.

The film also contains many memorable quotes, most of which are said by Hondo himself. Some of these include "I don't guess people's hearts got anything to do with a calendar" and "Oh, he was testing me. Indians hate lies."

The film also garnered several awards, including an Oscar nomination for Geraldine Page, who portrays Angie in the film. Louis L'Amour was also nominated for an Oscar, in the category of Best Writing, Motion Picture Story for 'Hondo.'

In this quiz, we're taking you back to the past with 35 questions on everything about Hondo. Some questions will ask you about the actors, while other questions will ask you to fill in the blanks on popular quotes and taglines. For the most part, though, you'll just need to know what 'Hondo' was about, as the quiz will test your knowledge on various plot points. If you think you know everything about the classic Western, 'Hondo,' then it's time for you to take this quiz now! Good luck!

What year was 'Hondo' released?

The correct answer is 1953. Specifically, it was released on November 27, 1953 and has a run time of 1 hour and 23 minutes.


Finish this popular 'Hondo' tagline: "Out of the gunsmoke into her ________!

The correct answer is "heart." Thus, the tagline reads as "Out of the gunsmoke into her heart!"


Which actor played the title character of Hondo Lane?

John Wayne played the title role of Hondo Lane in 'Hondo.' He starred in many movies, such as "The Train Robbers" and "Rio Lobo."


What was the name of Hondo's dog?

"Sam" was the name of Hondo's dog. We first see the dog when Hondo approaches a ranch.


Who does Hondo approach at the ranch in the beginning of the movie?

The answer is Angie and Johnny. Johnny is the son of Angie, and they both live on the ranch with Ed, Angie's husband.


Hondo's horse was taken by the __________.

Hondo's horse was lost because of the Apaches, but Hondo survived. Because of this, he's had to travel on foot with his dog.


Who directed 'Hondo?'

John Farrow was the director of 'Hondo,' and directed many other movies as well. Some of these include "You Came Along " and "The Invisible Menace."


Who says the following quote in 'Hondo:' "That dog don't take to pettin', son."

Hondo says the famous quote, "That dog don't take to pettin', son." Another famous 'Hondo' quote is "Everybody gets dead. It was his turn."


Hondo is part _______.

Hondo is actually part Indian, and seems to be proud of who he is because of it. He says this in the following quote, "I could find you in the dark, Mrs. Lowe, and I'm only part Indian."


Who captures Hondo after an attack with the Apaches?

Rodolfo Acosta played the role of Silva in 'Hondo' and was the one who captured Hondo after an encounter with the Apaches. He is also the sub chief of Vittorio.


Fill in the blank of this 'Hondo' tagline: "First she was afraid he'd ________---then she was afraid he wouldn't.

The correct answer is "stay." Angie wants Hondo to eventually stay, but was actually afraid of him at first.


Why does Angie try to shoot Hondo in the beginning of the film?

When Angie sees that Hondo's rifle has his name on it, she recognizes him as the man who was responsible for the deaths of several men. Thus, she tries to shoot him, but is unsuccessful in her attempt.


After being captured, who does Hondo have a one-on-one fight with?

After being captured, Hondo has a one-on-one fight with Silva. He eventually wins the fight, but doesn't kill Silva.


What lie does Angie tell to Vittoro?

Angie lies to Vittoro by telling him that Hondo is actually her husband. She tells this lie so that she doesn't have to marry an Apache man.


After being captured, what do the Apaches find on Hondo?

A tintype is a type of photograph that is also referred to as a "ferrotype." This was what the Apaches found on Hondo after he was captured.


Where does Hondo get the tintype from?

The right answer is Ed Lowe's body. During a brief run-in with some Apaches, Hondo shoots Ed and takes a tintype from him.


Where did Lieutenant McKay graduate from?

Lieutenant McKay graduated from West Point, which is also known as the United States Military Academy. The actor who played him was Tom Irish.


Which of these actors portrayed Buffalo Baker in 'Hondo?'

Ward Bond was the actor who portrayed Buffalo Baker in 'Hondo.' He also starred in "The Searchers" and "Wagon Train."


Which of the following describes Hondo?

Hondo is a scout for the US Army Cavalry, as noted by his conversation with Angie in the beginning of the film. He also asks Angie for one of her horses.


What does "Varlabania" mean?

Hondo says the word "Varlabania" to Angie at the end of the movie, which means "forever." This implies a love connection between Hondo and Angie.


Where is Hondo's ranch located?

Hondo's ranch is located in California. He traveled on his horse to scout Indian Territory as part of the US Army Cavalry.


Who is on the tintype that Hondo retrieved?

Johnny is Angie's son, and is on the tintype that Hondo retrieved. He got it from the body of Ed Lowe, who is Angie's husband.


Finish the following tagline: "They called him _______.

The answer is the title of the movie, Hondo. You have to be a pretty strong character to get your own tagline.


What were the names of Lieutenant McKay's scouts?

The correct answer is Lennie and Baker. These two scouts were portrayed by James Arness and Ward Bond, respectively.


What type of rifle does Hondo carry?

Hondo carries a Winchester rifle. This type of rifle was also used throughout World War I and World War II.


Which of these actors portrayed Major Sherry?

Paul Fix portrayed Major Sherry in 'Hondo' and starred in many TV shows and films. Some of these include "King of Alcatraz," "Force of Evil" and "The Rifleman."


How did Lennie find out that Hondo killed Ed?

Because of Hondo's horse, Lennie was able to track him down through the horse tracks. Angie also overhears this conversation.


After Vittorio is killed, who leads the Apaches?

The correct answer is Silva. He replaces Vittorio, but is killed by Hondo during one of the final battles in the movie.


Who killed Hondo's dog?

Silva kills Hondo's dog after Hondo is returned to Angie and the ranch. He does this because he's still angry at Hondo from their one-on-one combat.


Why is Silva so angry at Hondo?

Silva is angry at Hondo because he was responsible for the death of his brother. A one-on-one confrontation then takes place between the two of them.


Fill in the blank of this popular 'Hondo' quote: "A man oughta do what he thinks is ______."

The correct answer is "best." Thus, the quote (which was said by Hondo himself) reads as, "A man oughta do what he thinks is best."


Who was the actor who played Vittoro in 'Hondo?'

Michael Pate played Vittorio in 'Hondo,' as well as Bruno in "Beauty and the Beast." Other film credits include "The Howling III" and "Duet for Four."


Who does Hondo fight with at the saloon?

The correct answer is Ed Lowe. He is Angie's husband and fights with Hondo at the saloon. Angie also doesn't love her husband Ed anymore due to his ill-tempered manners.


Who does Johnny shoot at the ranch?

The correct answer is Silva. Johnny is Angie's son and shoots at Silva when they are confronted in the ranch.


Who is the leader of the Apaches?

In the film, the chief of the Apaches is Vittoro. He is briefly replaced by Silva at the end of the movie after he is killed.


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