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Many westerns are disposable, meant simply to keep studio revenues flowing. But "Silverado" was different. It was a big-budget film full of notable stars and expensive sets. How much do you know about "Silverado"?

"Silverado" features all sorts of big stars. Who is NOT in the movie?

No, Tom Cruise isn't in this movie. It features Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Kevin Klein, Rosanna Arquette and many other recognizable stars.


What nearly happens to a cowboy named Emmett at the beginning of the movie?

Emmett is sleeping in a cabin when multiple gunmen try to shoot him. He manages to kill all of them, and on one of their horses, he sees a brand emblem that he recognizes. That emblem will tie things together later in the story.


The last line of the movie implies that there will be a sequel. How many sequels were there?

Fans of the movie were surely disappointed. The sequel promised at the end of the movie never happened.


In the desert, Emmett comes across a clothesless man named Paden. What happened to Paden?

Paden was robbed, so Emmett helps him to town. The two run across one of the robbers … and Paden kills him.


Kevin Kline got top billing in this movie. What is his character's name?

Kevin Kline plays the character named Paden. Scott Glenn is Emmett, Kevin Costner is Jake and Danny Glover is Mal. Together, they make a superstar team of gunslingers.


Emmett and Paden arrive in a town called Turley, where they find Emmett's brother in jail. Why has he been arrested?

Jake is in jail because he shot a man in self-defense. He simply kissed the wrong woman; a story as old as humankind itself.


Paden and Emmett witness a man being refused drinks at the local bar. Why won't the bartender serve him?

The black cowboy, named Mal, can't get service because of his skin color. After an intense fight with the locals, he dusts himself off and saunters out of town.


How does Paden wind up in jail with Jake?

Paden spots one of the men who robbed him. The man draws his gun, but Paden is faster. He shoots the man and winds up in jail with Emmett's brother Jake.


The movie was directed by Lawrence Kasdan. What other roles did Kasdan have in the making of the film?

This is definitely Lawrence Kasdan's movie. He not only directed, he produced and wrote the story, too. He co-wrote the story with his brother Mark.


The movie was made in 1985. What was its budget?

For 1985, this movie had a large budget. It cost around $23 million to make, in part because of the elaborate sets and huge numbers of costumes that were necessary.


Which famous river is the setting for some of the most memorable action scenes?

The steep, rugged banks of the Rio Grande River are memorable in the background of many of the action scenes. This river is the setting for many famous westerns.


How do Paden, Emmett, and Jake escape the jail cell in Turley?

The three cowboys set the cell on fire and then ambush the deputy when he arrives to investigate the flames. Then they fight their way out of town, thanks in part to help from Mal, who is more than happy to sling bullets at the local lawmen.


Most of the story takes place in an Old West town. What's the name of the town?

Most of the story takes place in a town called Silverado, thus, the film's name. All sorts of bad things are happening in Silverado, but a group of cowboys comes to the rescue.


The men arrive in the Silverado area and hear stories about a local man named Ethan McKendrick. What is McKendrick's occupation?

Ethan McKendrick is a cruel rancher who is driving other people off the land so that he can use it for his huge cattle herds. This injustice, of course, cannot stand.


The movie hardly made any money.

Given its huge budget, the movie made hardly any real money at the theater. It grossed only around $32 million on its budget of $23 million.


Silverado was a hit with audiences everywhere. How many Academy Award nominations did it receive?

The movie was nominated for Best Sound and Best Music. However, it didn't manage to win any of those awards.


Rosanna Arquette plays a widow from Silverado. She develops a fascination with which one of our hero cowboys?

Rosanna Arquette is Hannah, who clearly likes Paden. The pair shot many scenes that further developed their relationship, but most of those parts were removed from the final film.


Mal arrives in town to visit his father, Ezra. How does Ezra die?

McKendrick's henchmen burn Ezra's house, run him off of his land and as a final insult, they murder him. Mal is stricken with grief for his father.


The movie just barely made money at the theaters. How did it fare with critics?

Critics raved about the excellent production quality of the entire film. The story was a bit trite, but the amazing music helped sell the drama.


This was a big budget western film. About how long did it take to shoot all of the scenes?

Considering the expansiveness (and expensiveness) of this movie and it's high production values, it didn't take overly long to shoot. The schedule ended after about three months.


Brian Dennehy plays the part of Sheriff Cobb. What's wrong with Cobb?

Sheriff Cobb is corrupt. He's supposed to be a man of justice, but he's really just a paid pawn for McKendrick.


The evil Ethan McKendrick despises Emmett. Why?

Long ago, Emmett's father shot McKendrick's father to death…for a good reason, of course. But McKendrick wants revenge and will do anything to kill Emmett.


Paden gets a job in Silverado. Who does he go to work for?

Paden gets a job...and the crooked Sheriff Cobb is his supervisor. He's tasked with maintaining order at the local saloon.


Jeff Goldblum plays the part of Calvin Stanhope. What's his nickname?

Stanhope is a henchman for McKendrick, and his nickname is "Slick." Goldblum is just one of many notable actors in "Silverado."


Mal is particularly skilled with which weapon?

Mal is practically a sniper with a rifle. He can hit just about anything and even shoots the hat from the top of a man's head.


What happens to Emmett's nephew, Augie?

McKendrick's men kidnap Augie. Emmett and the three other cowboys decide to rescue Augie and also agree that McKendrick needs to be taught a lesson.


There's a whole lot of shooting in this movie. How many people die?

Is it a western or a World War II film? A whopping 33 people die in this movie, almost all of them by gunfire.


The evil McKendrick dies. How is he killed?

During a fight with Emmett, Emmett's horse kicks McKendrick in the head. The criminal falls to the ground, dead.


At the end of the movie, one of the cowboys becomes the new sheriff of Silverado. Which cowboy is it?

At the end of the movie, Jake and Emmett head off to California. Mal works on his father's homestead. And Paden becomes the new sheriff of Silverado.


The movie features big Western landscapes. Where was it filmed?

The movie was almost entirely filmed in New Mexico. The scrubby desert landscape is perfect for the town of Silverado.


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