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If "Tombstone" taught you anything, it's that you can't escape the law. This classic American Western film follows the actions of Wyatt Earp as he struggles to enforce law and order by clashing with criminals in Tombstone, Arizona. He's joined by his brothers and another gunman named Doc Holliday. Together, they square off against a group of outlaws, a conflict that ends in bloodshed on both sides.

Most of the characters in the film were historical figures, including the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday and many members of the outlaw Cowboys. Their famous duel at the O.K. Corral occurred in 1881, resulting in the death of three Cowboys and further escalating the conflict. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are considered two of the greatest gunman from the Old West. Their form of justice has found its way into stories and media of all forms, as they are still seen as heroes who took the law into their own hands when there was no law to help them. 

If you believe you're a "Tombstone" expert, saddle up and take this quiz!

Where did the movie take place?

The Earp brothers traveled to Arizona separately. After they reached Arizona, they met up and started a new life in Tombstone.


Who played Doc Holliday?

Val Kilmer played the gunslinger, Doc Holliday. He was widely praised for his performance.


Who was NOT an actor in the movie?

"Tombstone" turned out to be a classic Western film. This was in part thanks to the movie's strong cast, even without Tom Cruise.


Who did Kurt Russell play?

Kurt Russell was cast in the leading role as Wyatt Earp. Although he didn't receive any awards, Russell was praised for his performance.


Who was NOT an Earp brother?

Doc wasn't an Earp. He was a Holliday and a dentist.


What disease did Doc Holliday suffer from?

Doc Holiday's mother died of tuberculosis when he was young. He suffered from the same disease that took her life.


What did the Cowboys wear around their waist?

The Cowboys were identified by the red sash they wore around their waists. Of course, this helped Wyatt Earp track them down during his vengeance campaign.


What business did Wyatt invest in?

Wyatt Earp saw the potential of a saloon in Tombstone and decided to take over part ownership. The saloon became very successful under his guidance.


Who became the town marshal?

Virgil Earp had trouble dealing with the lawlessness after the death of Fred White. For that reason, he became a marshal to confront the criminals in Tombstone.


Why was Curly Bill found innocent?

Wyatt Earp made sure Curly Bill stood trial for murdering Marshal Fred White. However, no witnesses stepped forward to testify against Curly Bill.


What did Virgil outlaw in Tombstone?

After becoming the new marshal in Tombstone, Virgil Earp outlawed firearms in the town. This didn't go over well with the Cowboys.


Who was NOT involved in the shootout at the O.K. Corral?

The shootout at the O.K. Corral involved the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday on one side and a few members of the Cowboys on the other. However, Johnny Ringo was not present during the fight.


Who tried to arrest the Earp brothers?

Usually, sheriffs tend to work on the side of the law. However, after the O.K. Corral, the Earp brothers found out that the sheriff of Tombstone, Johnny Behan, sided with the criminals.


Which Cowboy escaped from the O.K. Corral?

Ike Clanton ran from the gunfight as his brother was shot down. He was the only Cowboy to escape with his life.


Which Earp brother was killed by the Cowboys?

The Cowboys sought revenge after the events at the O.K. Corral. They went after the Earps and were able to kill Morgan Earp, which strengthened the feud between the two groups.


Who did Wyatt kill at the train station?

Frank Stilwell planned on ambushing Wyatt on his way out of town, but Wyatt discovered that he was being set up. He killed Stilwell and threatened to come after the other Cowboys next.


Whose body was sent to Wyatt as a message?

Wyatt and his gang were pinned down due to Doc's health. During this time, Ringo sent Sherman's dead body to Wyatt and asked for a duel to settle the dispute.


How did Wyatt kill Curly Bill?

Wyatt Earp and his gang got into a gunfight with the Cowboys. In an act of heroism, Earp ran into the gunfire to shoot and kill Curly Bill.


Who challenged Wyatt to a duel?

The feud between the Earp brothers and the Cowboys came down to Wyatt Earp and Johnny Ringo. Since both men knew this, they decided to finish the fight between themselves.


Who killed Johnny Ringo?

Doc Holliday knew Wyatt Earp and Johnny Ringo were going to have one final duel. Holliday decided to take the place of Earp because he knew that Ringo would defeat Earp head to head.


Who was Wyatt Earp's third wife?

Wyatt Earp and Mattie Blaylock fell out due to Maddie's drug addiction. Therefore, Earp moved on to a new wife, Josephine.


How did Doc Holliday die?

Doc Holliday suffered from tuberculosis for most of his adult life. Despite this, he became one of the most famous gunslingers.


Where did Wyatt Earp die?

After Earp finished his business in Arizona, he decided to retire in Los Angeles. He died in Los Angeles in 1929.


What kind of job did Josephine Marcus have?

Josephine Marcus worked as a traveling actress when her troupe came through Tombstone. There, she met Wyatt Earp and they started a relationship.


Why did Marshal Fred White try to take Curly Bill's gun?

While high on opium, Curly Bill started shooting his gun in the air. Marshal Fred White was forced to step in and handle the problem.


Who was Wyatt's wife when he arrived in Arizona?

When Wyatt moved to Tombstone, he brought Mattie with him. However, by this point, their relationship was already deteriorating.


What was Mattie Blaylock addicted to?

Mattie took laudanum, an opiate, for her headaches. This reliance on the medication turned into an addiction.


Who led the Cowboys?

Curly Bill led the Cowboys and was the antagonist to Wyatt Earp. The two men were on a collision course from the moment they first met.


Who killed Marshal Fred White?

Marshal Fred White confronted Curly Bill when Bill started shooting his gun wildly into the air. Sadly, Curly Bill turned his gun on Fred White during the confrontation.


Who took Curly Bill into custody?

Curly Bill killed Fred White. Feeling a sense of duty, Wyatt Earp took Curly Bill into custody so that he would stand trial for the crime.


Who did Wyatt throw out of the saloon?

Johnny Tyler, played by Billy Bob Thornton, ran many of the customers out of the saloon because of his bad attitude. To help business, Wyatt Earp confronted Johnny and threw him out.


When was "Tombstone" released?

"Tombstone" was released on December 24, 1993. Six months later, Kevin Costner's "Wyatt Earp" hit theaters.


Why did Wyatt Earp head to Arizona?

Wyatt Earp retired as a peace officer before moving to Arizona to make his fortune. He hoped to live out a peaceful life there.


What region was Doc Holliday from?

Doc Holliday was from Georgia. After coming down with tuberculosis, he moved west for his health.


Who directed the movie?

The original director was Kevin Jarre, the film's writer. He was replaced with George P. Cosmatos.


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