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If this is your mindset heading into this quiz, you're definitely ready to tackle these questions (pun intended). 

Based on the true story of a high school football coach, the 2000 sports film follows his life and his struggle of coaching a newly integrated football team. Starring Denzel Washington and Will Patton, the film presents viewers with two opposing coaches who bring together their white and black football players during a divisive time in 1970s Virginia. 

With appearances from other actors and actresses such as Donald Faison, Nicole Ari Parker, and even Ryan Gosling and a young Hayden Panattiere, the Titans weren't the only thing you should remember about this film! 

What '60s classic was the football team singing in the locker room? Was the team's quarterback nicknamed Sunshine or Moonshine? The "Titan's Spirit" was captured everywhere in the film and especially on the soundtrack. The film's theme would go on to be heard during the closing credits for 7 Olympic games. 

The soundtrack was able to capture the Titan spirit, but can you? Watching Remember the Titans is easy, but can you remember on your own? Let's see if you're scoring a touchdown with this quiz!

What was the name of the high school in the film?

After the integration of the high school in 1971, it was renamed T.C. Williams High School.


What state is T.C. Williams high school located in?

T.C. Williams High School was located in Alexandria, Virginia.


What are the names of the two head football coaches?

Coach Herman Boone was brought to T.C. Williams to act as head coach with Coach Bill Yoast is made to be his assistant. They then fall into the rolls of acting as the offensive and defensive coaches, respectively.


Which actor plays Coach Boone?

Coach Herman Boone was played by Denzel Washington who has won two Academy awards, one in 1989 for Best Supporting Actor in "Glory" and another in 2001 for Best Actor in "Training Day."


Which actress played Coach Yoast's daughter, Sheryl?

Hayden Panetierre played Sheryl Yoast, a 10-year-old who often yelled and coached the players from the bleachers.


What was the mascot for T.C. Williams High School?

As clearly seen from the title of the movie, the mascot for the T.C. Williams High School football team was the Titans.


Who was the captain of the football team?

Before the team was integrated, Gerry Bertier acted as team captain and he made sure no one was going to come and usurp his title.


Who does Louie describe as wearing "leopard-spotted underwear, bikini style?"

When Coach Boone was asking Louie questions during training camp, he revealed Blue's particular choice in undergarments.


Which teammates were Coach Boone speaking to when he called them "Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin?"

When Boone is introduced to Gerry and Ray, he immediately mocks them by referring to them as Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.


Who kicked Ray, Gerry's best friend, off the team?

When Ray purposely misses a block during practice, Gerry goes to Coach Boone about having him removed from the team.


After the team returns from training camp, who does Gerry's girlfriend refuse to shake hands with?

When the Titans return from training camp, Gerry introduces Emma to Julius. When Julius goes to shake her hand, she turns and walks away.


Which teammates became best friends by the end of the film?

Although they were immediately at odds when the Titans formed, Julius and Gerry were able to become friends, even referring to each other as "brothers."


What nickname did Julius have for Gerry Bertier?

Although Julius initially uses the nickname to mock Gerry, it later sticks when they become friends.


How many siblings did Coach Boone have?

In an effort to teach the team about working together, Coach Boone initially lies and says he has 12 siblings. He later reveals to another coach that he only had 8.


What song did the Titans bond over in the locker room?

When the team finally started putting their differences aside, they were able to bond over their shared interest in the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."


While at training camp, where did Coach Boone make the team run to at the crack of dawn?

In another effort to get the team to work together, Coach Boone takes the team to the Gettsyburg Cemetery. He tells the team to take a lesson from the men who died and learn to play and act like men.


What was Sunshine's real name?

Ronnie Bass came from Huntington Beach, CA to play football for the Titans.


Who gave Sunshine his nickname?

Petey gave Sunshine his nickname as a joke, but it later became what he was known as on the field.


Who called Sunshine a fruitcake when he showed up at training camp?

When Sunshine showed up at training camp with shoulder-length blond hair, Gerry couldn't help but to call him a fruitcake. Sunshine then threw a football across field to hit Bertier in the back.


Which team members bonded over their love for the Temptations?

When Louie asks Rev. for academic help, they soon find that they both love The Temptations. This leads Louie to playing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in the locker room.


Which famous actor appeared in the film as Alan Bosley?

Ryan Gosling made an appearance in Remember the Titans as Alan Bosley, a football player who had a few issues in playing his position.


Who had a brick thrown through their window?

As Coach Boone was relaxing at home with his family, a group of people through a brick through his window. When he responded to his, he said, "Whoever threw this brick through my window can come visit me anytime."


Who was up for an induction into the Virginia High School Hall of Fame?

Coach Yoast was a nominee for the Virginia High School Hall of Fame and could only be inducted if the Titans lost. The Titans losing a game meant that Coach Boone would lose his job.


Who kisses Gerry in the locker room?

After Gerry calls Sunshine a fruitcake, Sunshine kisses him in the locker room as a means to get back at him and make him uncomfortable.


When Sheryl comes over to the Boone's house, what does Nicki say she's doing with her dolls?

When Sheryl comes over, she sees Nicki 'playing' with her dolls and questions her about it. Nicki makes sure to clarify that she isn't playing with them - she's 'accessorizing.'


Who asked for a water break during training camp?

During training camp, Blue 'foolishly' asked Coach Boone for a water break. The coach then responded that was was 'for cowards.'


Who did Coach Boone say was "outside their mind."

When Blue asked for a water break during practice, Coach Boone made sure to drill into their minds that water makes you weak and makes you a coward.


When the Titans are practicing and Coach Boone asks them if they will ever quit, what do they respond with?

At training camp, Coach Boone gets the guys into a routine with a series of chants that lead to a team huddle.


According to Coach Boone and the Titans, what is pain?

When Coach Boone begins the chant, he starts by asking the team what they are and is met with the response, "Mobile, agile, hostile." When he asks them "what is pain," the team responds with "French bread."


Which teammate is injured before the finals game?

Before the finals game, Gerry Bertier is injured leaving him unable to play in the finals game.


How does Gerry get injured?

As the team is celebrating after their semi-finals win, Gerry gets into his car and is injured in a car accident that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.


Who makes the final touchdown in the Finals game?

In the final seconds of the game, we see Rev. running for the end zone with Sunshine blocking the other team.


Who is the T.C. Williams gym eventually named for?

At the end of the movie, we see that the school gym has been named for the Titans captain, Gerry Bertier.


Which of these members went on to play football in college?

At the end of the film, it is revealed that Sunshine went on to be the starting quarterback for USC and Louie played for 4 years at Austin Peay State University.


The team came back together 10 years later on whose behalf?

At the end of the film, we see the team come together again 10 years later. They return for Gerry Bertier's funeral. Shockingly enough, he was involved in another car accident where he was killed by a drunk driver.


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