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What would you do if you were stranded in space for the rest of your life? Just ask the Robinsons! 'Lost In Space' is a television classic that follows the Robinson family along with their crew into space and unfortunately, things didn't always go as planned. Do you remember what happened to the family?

Can you name each of the Robinsons? What about their pilot? Maybe you can even name their daughter's pet that traveled along with them?  Do you know where the Robinson family was going when they got lost? Did the Robinsons have a one-way ticket into space? Do you know what happened along their travels through the universe? What about the people, aliens, and monsters that they encountered on their journey? Each character on the show had their own personalities and quirks that made them unique. And the crew met all kinds of space creatures that were either good or evil! 

The Robinsons and their crew taught viewers many lessons over the years. They always managed to escape trouble and work their way through any problems they encountered. So, if you think you have what it takes to blast into space with the Robinsons, take the quiz and see how well you do!

What mechanical non-human traveled along with the Robinsons?

A robot traveled along with the Robinsons. The robot's name was simply, 'Robot' and he was there to keep an eye on Will, the Robinsons youngest child.


What did the shuttle hit which caused the Robinsons to become lost in space?

The space shuttle hit a meteor storm. This caused the shuttle to veer off the path it was supposed to follow and quite literally get the Robinsons and their crew lost in space.


Who was the villain on the show?

Smith was the villain on the show. He was always up to something that could get the Robinsons in trouble, or that could get him a ticket back to the Earth. Sometimes, both!


Where were the Robinsons heading to when they set off into space?

The Robinsons were on their way to colonize Alpha Centauri. It is a star system that is located outside of our galaxy in the Milky Way.


In season one's "Welcome Stranger" episode, the Robinsons help an astronaut who offers to take Will and Penny back to Earth. Why don't they go?

Will and Penny were supposed to go home with an astronaut that they came across who was also wandering space. But they're convinced not to leave their family, so they run off - knowing the astronaut won't be able to delay his launch.


Who turned into a giant in season one?

Smith turned into a giant after he ate some fruit. The fruit was supposed to be tested before anyone ate it, but that didn't stop Smith! This happened in the episode, 'The Oasis.'


What was the name of the spaceship on the show?

The name of the space shuttle in the show was the Jupiter 2. Before this name was used, the pilot called the space shuttle the Gemini 12.


Which of the Robinsons had a pet that was called 'Debbie?'

Penny had a pet that was called 'Debbie.' Her pet was a creature that made a noise that sounded like a 'bloop' and resembled a monkey.


How many people were in the Robinson family?

There were five people in the Robinson family. John and Maureen were the parents of three children, Penny, Judy and Will. They went to space along with Smith and Don West.


In season one, what did The Keeper collect?

The Keeper collected creatures and was very interested in collecting the Robinsons. This episode was a two-part episode that saw the Keeper continuously try to capture the Robinsons.


What was the original comic that preceeded the show called?

The original comic that was created before the show was called 'The Space Family Robinson.' The show was based on this comic book using the Robinsons name and sometimes using a similar storyline.


In season one, what item found by Penny and Smith could be used to turn anything into platinum?

Penny and Smith found a ring with special powers. It is eventually discovered by Smith that when the ring is worn, the person wearing it can turn anything platinum.


Who was responsible for the crimes that the Robinsons were accused of in season two?

Smith was responsible for these crimes; the Robinsons were originally being accused of these crimes until it is eventually revealed that it was Smith.


Is it true or false that the Robinsons eventually get to return to Earth for good?

This is false. In the last episode, the Robinsons are still stuck in space forever, along with no way to even get home. It is assumed that they stayed in space.


Why did the Robinsons leave Earth?

There were 2 million volunteers for the colonization of space because of the difficulties living on Earth. The family that won the chance to go was the Robinsons.


What was the name of the Robinson's eldest daughter?

Judy was the Robinsons eldest daughter and was briefly romantically linked to Don West on the show. Penny and Will are her younger siblings.


Is it true or false that the show was cancelled?

This is true. The show had an unexpected cancellation. This explains why it was left on a cliffhanger in the third season that was not finished.


Which of the following was a weapon that the Robinsons had with them on their travels?

The Robinsons had laser guns with them. The laser guns were used to protect themselves while venturing into space alone. They never knew what could happen!


What is the name of the Robinson's youngest child?

The Robinsons youngest child is named Will. He often hung around Smith and the robot. Robot often says: 'Danger, Will Robinson!'


In the first season, the Robinsons have to leave a part of the planet because of its cold temperatures. Where do they go?

The Robinsons have to go south. The cold temperatures would have interfered with their food supply. This took place in the episode titled, 'There Were Giants in the Earth.'


What was the original name of the spaceship that the Robinsons used in the pilot for the show?

The original name of the space shuttle that the Robinsons used in the pilot was the Gemini 12. The name was changed for the rest of the series.


Who was Penny mistaken for in season three?

Penny was mistaken for a princess in the episode called 'Princess of Space.' A group of aliens believed that she was the real Princess Alpha.


Which season was not filmed in color?

Season one was not filmed in color. The show had a total of three seasons, with seasons two and three both being filmed in color.


What did Farnum B. run in season three?

Farnum B. ran a zoo in the episode called 'A Day at the Zoo.' He wanted the Robinsons to be in his zoo and captured some of them, locking them in a cage.


Who was the pilot of the Jupiter 2?

Major Don West was the pilot of the Jupiter 2. He was responsible for getting the family where they were supposed to be. But things happened to take a turn for the worst.


Is it true or false that Smith made it back to Earth for good in season two?

This is false. In the episode, 'The Deadly Games of Gamma 6,' there is a chance that Smith could return to Earth. He had to first win a boxing match, though!


What is the name of the vehicle that was used for traveling on the ground?

The vehicle that the Robinsons used when traveling on the ground was called the Chariot. It had windows all around to help it navigate the rough terrain of the planets.


How did the Robinsons get food while in space?

The Robinsons had a garden in space. They grew food in a hydroponic garden and sometimes even on the soil of a planet if they could.


Which character, related to Smith, tried to kill him in season two?

Smith's cousin tried to kill him in the episode titled 'Curse of Cousin Smith.' He was trying to kill him to get Smith's inheritance for himself.


What did Will and Smith find that allowed them to time travel in season two?

Will and Smith found a cave that allowed them to time travel. The cave brings them back to Earth, but not in the way they would have hoped!


During an episode in season three, Smith was sent to jail. What crime did he supposedly commit?

Don also ended up in jail with him, all because they found an escaped prisoner. The guards believed that Smith had helped with the escape, and it didn't help that he was wearing the escapee's clothes!


Which wrathful god made an appearance in season two?

Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning shows up in the episode 'The Space Vikings.' Smith gets involved in a messy situation and faces Thor's mighty wrath.


A group of what arrived on the planet the Robinsons were on in season 2?

A group of robots arrived on the planet that the Robinsons were on in season 2. The Robinsons robot becomes the king of the group.


When the Robinsons encountered one colony of aliens in the first season, what do they make Smith?

When Smith encountered a colony of aliens they tried to make him their leader. He was whisked away to their land in the episode called 'His Majesty Smith.'


In the very last episode of the show, what difficulty did the Robinsons face?

The Robinsons faced a lack of food in the very last episode. They were left in space after trading away their things to try and get their hands on some food.


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