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Sandpiper Airlines is the best choice when flying in and out of Nantucket Island! You'll be taken care of by the team comprised of Joe, Brian, Fay, Helen and Casey. "Wings" ran for a total of eight seasons, and starred Steven Weber and Tim Daly. The show revolved around the main characters and their airline business as well as their personal matters. Who was your favorite character on the show?

Do you know who the rival airline in the show was? Can you name the instrument that Helen played? Do you know which character had to decide whether or not to join the Witness Protection Program? Can you name Helen's sister? The show had many characters who dealt with difficult topics.

Do you know who Brian lived with? Do you know what the fate of Joe and Brian's father was? Can you name the couple who got married on the show? What about Fay's strange goal in life? Each character had their own quirks and happy moments that made the show memorable.

"Wings" is a classic '90s show that dominated the airwaves during its time. With a few awards to its name, it was popular even past its last closing credits. So, if you think you're a true fan of the show, you'll be able to pass this quiz with flying colors!

What did Helen own?

Helen owned a restaurant that she operated inside the airport. Although she does a good job of running the place, her true calling in life is making music.


At the end of Season 2, where did Helen go?

Helen went to New York City at the end of Season 2. She went there to pursue her big dreams of working in the music industry but finds herself working a regular job.


What happened to Helen in "Goodbye, Old Friend"?

Helen got a concussion in this episode. She had no choice but to stay awake after being diagnosed and Joe and Brian did their part to help her out.


What was Fay's occupation?

Fay was a flight attendant before she went to work for Joe. After joining Joe, she ran the ticket desk for him while he handled the flights.


Is it true or false that Casey and Helen are sisters?

This is true. Casey was the eldest of the two and their mother, Dee Dee also appeared in the show. Casey only came into the series in Season 6.


What did Antonio do for a living?

Antonio worked for a taxi service. He first worked a job as a waiter while he was still a guest star on the show and only started the taxi service after becoming a series regular.


In the episode "Murder She Roast," who did Brian believe to be a killer?

Brian believed that Fay was a murderer in this episode. This was due to the resemblance she had to the accused murdered on a television show that he was watching.


What was Lowell's job title?

Lowell was a mechanic for the airport and worked on both the Sandpiper plane and Aeromass planes. He would also do work on any other planes that needed service.


Which episode does the character Frasier appear in?

Frasier appears in the episode, "Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes." The producers of "Wings" also worked on "Cheers" and "Frasier," making the crossover that much more possible.


Is it true or false that the Sandpiper's rival airline is Aeromass?

This is true. Aeromass is the bigger airline, but Sandpiper Air puts up a big fight. The two airlines are in constant competition with each other.


What did Brian buy with his tax refund?

Brian bought a vacation to the Caribbean with his tax refund on the episode, "The Bank Dick." He got a surprise when he found out that the IRS had made a mistake on the amount!


Who got married at the end of Season 6?

Joe and Helen got married at the end of the season. They were engaged at the beginning after Joe went to win his ex-girlfriend back from the guy she was seeing.


What happened at the end of Season 3 while Helen was on her way to an audition?

The crew's plane crashed at the end of Season 3. This left a cliffhanger that led into the fourth season of the show, where the crew had to be rescued.


Who sank Lowell's boat?

Brian sank Lowell's boat, which left Lowell without a home in the episode, "It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House." Brian then felt obligated to allow him into his home.


Is it true or false that Joe and Brian are father and son?

This is false. Joe and Brian are brothers. They were separated for a period of time until the death of their father brought them back together and Brian was hired by Joe to work at the airline.


What did Lowell and Bunny do in "Bye-Bye, Bunny"?

Lowell and Bunny got a divorce in this episode. This didn't stop the two from still getting together, but this time they had no marital obligations.


What did Lowell buy with his inheritance?

Lowell bought a wax museum with his inheritance in the episode, "The Waxman Cometh." Unfortunately, the museum burned down after his purchase.


Who was Dee Dee?

Dee Dee was Casey and Helen's mother who appeared in the episode, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother." She arrived to help Helen with her wedding to Joe.


Who did Brian hire to promote Sandpiper?

Brian hired Ace Galvin, who had previously been an astronaut, to promote the airline in the episode titled, "The Wrong Stuff." He ended up helping out the airline with their problem of getting more interest from clients.


Is it true or false that Helen married Antonio?

This is false. Helen married Joe after they made it through their bumpy relationship. Although many things tried to tear them apart, their love kept them together.


Which airline does Joe own?

Joe owned the Sandpiper Air airline. His airline consisted of only two employees until his brother joined. Joe is the pilot of the airline, while Brian is his co-pilot.


What game is played in the episode "Sports and Leisure"?

Trivial Pursuit is played in this episode with the owner of Aeromass, Roy. Nobody got along with him as he was the rival of Sandpiper.


Who found out that they might be a father in a two-part episode?

Joe found out that he could possibly be the father of Brian's ex-girlfriend's child. The two-episodes involved Joe navigating the newly rocky waters between his brother and fiancé.


What was the theme song of the show called?

The theme song for the show was "Piano Sonata No. 20" by the composer Franz Schubert. The song sounded different than the original as it was played in a different key.


Is it true or false that there was a replacement for Lowell in Season 7?

This is true. After Lowell left the show, Budd Bronski replaced him for a brief time before disappearing from the show himself.


Who struggles with the decision of joining a Witness Protection Program?

Lowell struggles with this in Season 7 after he becomes the witness to a crime. He had a hard decision as he would have to leave behind the life he knew with the people that he loved.


In the episode, "The Team Player" a player from what hockey team missed his flight?

A player from the Boston Bruins missed his flight in this episode, causing Antonio some grief. The player didn't treat Antonio very nicely despite his efforts to please him.


In the episode, "Life Could Be A Dream", how long was the time capsule buried for?

The time capsule in this episode was buried for 20 years. The episode revealed the crew's predictions for their futures and looked at how wrong or right their predictions turned out to be.


What instrument did Helen play?

Helen played the cello, and many times went out in search of a job where she could play her instrument. It was only toward the end of the series that she finally made it into the industry that she had worked so hard to get in to.


Who visited Fay after she had a yard-sale?

Fay's dead husbands visited her after her yard-sale in the episode titled, "Fay There, Georgy Girl." This is because she had items from each of her husbands for sale.


Who ate an air traffic controller's donut, setting him off?

Antonio ate the donut and irritated the air traffic controller so much that he pulled out a gun in the episode titled, "Insanity Claus." Worst of all, the incident took place on Christmas Eve.


In the very last episode, what did Brian want to do?

Brian wanted to leave Nantucket Island in the last episode. This was after he and Joe received their father's inheritance and they were deciding what their next step in life would be.


Where is the airline that Joe and Brian own located?

Their airline is located on Nantucket Island. This is a real-life island as well which you'll find off the coast of Massachusetts and it is a great spot for a vacation.


A band member of which band made an appearance on the show?

Peter Tork from the band The Monkees appeared on the show. His cameo took place in the episode titled, "She's Gotta Have It."


What does Fay make an effort to do?

Fay makes an effort to touch every first lady. Her quest started after Eleanor Roosevelt touched her head when she was a child.


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