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Multiplication is the cornerstone of all mathematics. It's a shortcut for addition, and division isn't possible without knowing it. As one progresses through algebra, geometry and calculus, the importance of multiplication increases x to the nth power.😊 And math problems that contain multiplication are easy to work with since it doesn't matter which number comes first when you multiply. 

What's more, numbers you are multiplying have great significance in our daily life, (10 fingers, 12 inches in a foot) as well as in history. For instance, the Chinese believe the number nine is special because it's associated with the Chinese emperor. The emperor's robes had nine dragons on them, officials were organized in nine ranks and the Forbidden City is known to have a total of 9,999 and a half rooms. It's a very royal number indeed!

Just know that by taking this quiz, you will help sharpen your brain function. And that's important since as we age, we don’t just lose muscle over time — our brains can atrophy, too. Doing math in your head, learning a foreign language, even brushing your teeth with your opposite hand can help. So get ready to flex that mind muscle! Take the quiz now and multiply your brain power. 

At the beginning of the multiplication table you'll find this one, 2 x 3 = ? What's the answer?

Multiplication is easy, it's simply adding numbers together. so 2 x 3 means you have 3 "2's" or 2+2+2, which equals six.


Is this too easy for you? What does 3 x 4 equal?

Remember you can always start with adding the numbers until the entire multiplication table is memorized. For this equation, 3 x 4 means there are four "3's" or 3+3+3+3 which equal 12.


You're on a roll, what does 4 x 5 equal?

If you don't want to add up five "4's", it may be easier to add up four "5's" until the table is memorized. So 5+5+5+5 = 20


What is the number, that when multiplied by any other number, always equals the other number?

We love multiplying with the number one because the answer is so easy to get. It's the number you multiplied it by. 1 X 3 = 3.


This answer should instantly pop into your head. 2 x 10 = ?

The number 10 is a favorite for multiplying. Just add a zero after the number that's being multiplied.


Let's get this straight. What is 8 x 8?

Eight sounds like "ate'". Maybe that's why foodies like this multiplication problem so much, Let's make it even better -- 8 doughnuts times 8 doughnuts equals 64 delicious doughnuts.


Any number multiplied by zero gives you what number?

It's easy to fill in the multiplication table on the zero row because you instantly know the answer. Anything multiplied by zero equals zero.


It's a little more difficult when the numbers get higher, but you've got this. What is 4 X 7 = ?

If multiplying this in your mind was difficult, break it down to 2 X 7 =14 plus 2 X 7 = 14 or 14 + 14 = 28


Another fun one for you: 7 x 10 = ?

Remember, with the number 10 just add a zero after the number that's being multiplied. So 7 x 10 = 70.


We have five fingers on each hand, so five is meant to be used for counting. What's 5 x 8 =?

When you multiply by five, the answer to the equation has to have a five or a zero in the "ones" column. Just look at the multiples of five to see this: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, ...


"Give me a six." "Six!" Now give me a 6 x 7. What does it equal? Rah!

We'll give a cheer if you got this right. The answer to this equation is right in the middle of the multiplication chart, where many people have some difficulties in recalling the numbers.


Let the odds be with you when you solve 11 X 7 = ?

Seven and 11 are lucky numbers for gamblers. Keep that lucky streak going with the next few questions.


We like how the answer to 6 x 6 repeats the "6". Which of these is the correct answer?

The magic number is 36. Since it rhymes with and repeats the six, it's easy to remember.


There is much significance in the number three in literature. What's 3 x 9 = ?

The number three is a significant number in literature, especially when it refers to the triad (a set of three) such as beginning, middle and end, or heaven, earth and waters or body, soul and spirit.


We'll tell you why the number 7 is symbolic if you tell what 7 x 8 equals?

With seven days of the week, the number seven has a connection with our daily lives. Seven is also a prime number, which means it can only be divided by itself and one, making it a special type of number.


Take it from us, eights are special. What is 8 x 4 = ?

The number eight is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures because it sounds like the word meaning to generate wealth.


How good were you multiplying your nines way back when? What's 12 x 3 = ?

Are we still in your comfort zone? Are double digits harder for you? Then break the 12 down to 10 X 3 = 30 and 2 x 3 = 6 , then add together to get 36.


Just double the number you're multiplying to fill in this row. What numbered row are you completing?

You're filling in the row for multiples of 2. So 2 x 4 = 4+4. And 2 x 7 = 7 + 7. Just double the number which you are multiplying by 2 to get the answer.


Put the calculator down and see if you can solve 12 x 7. What's the answer?

Twelve is a very useful number because it is the total number of the hours of the day and of the night. It's also the number of inches in a foot. So practice those multiples of 12, you'll use them!


Which of these equations equal 24?

The number 24 shows up many times on the multiplication table. All three equations are correct.


How easy is 10 x 12 for you? If it's easy, select the correct answer below.

Ten is an important number in today's society. You're someone great if you've made it into the "Top Ten". And in athletics (think Olympics) the competitors try to earn a "Perfect 10."


It gets a little harder when multiplying two-digit numbers in your head. What's the solution to 12 x 11?

In this case it may be easier to multiply 12 X 10 and then add one more 12 to it. In other words 12 x 10 = 120 plus 12 = 132. Or simply memorize it and no "tricks" are needed.


Larger numbers don't have to be harder. What is 11 x 10 = ?

If you recall that all numbers that are multiplied by 10 have to have a zero in the "ones" column you got this right!


The last column and row in the mulitiplication chart is 12 x 12. What is that final number?

Whether it's a dozen doughnuts or a dozen eggs, we love our twelves.You probably memorized 144 since it was the last number you had to write when filling out the multiplication chart.


Nines are special, too. And so are you if you can solve 9 x 12 = ?

The number nine was associated with the Chinese emperor. The emperor's robes had nine dragons on them and officials were organized in nine ranks. So nine became associated with nobility.


Twenty-eight is the product of which two numbers?

Since you have multiple choices possible, a fast way to answer this is by multiplying an easier equation, say 5 x 7, which equals 35. So you know the answer has to be smaller than 5. The only possible answer that would be correct is 4 x 7.


Time yourself. How fast can you figure out what 10 x 8 equals?

Time to set up a buzzer and test your smarts against your friends. The best part about multiplication is when you can impress others with your calculating skills.


21, 28, 35, 42, 56 ... These numbers are multiples of what number?

All of these numbers are multiples of seven. This took a litle more multiplication memory than the others!


48, 72, 88, 96 ... These numbers are multiples of what number?

If you guessed six, you were close but it is not a multiple of 88. Only the number eight is a multiple of all of these numbers.


Getting a bit harder. Which of these equations equals 96?

Were you able to look at the numbers and realize you still get 12 x 8 with the other two equations? It's nice that in multiplication the order of numbers doesn't matter.


Thirty-two is the product of which two numbers?

We hope you didn't have to multiply each answer in your head to find the correct one. But if you did, good for you, there's nothing wrong with giving your brain a little workout.


We're going off the chart to see if you can do it. What's 13 x 10?

We hope 13 wasn't an unlucky number. Just remember when you multiply by 10 you can add a zero to the other number to get 130.


Sixty-three is the product of which two numbers?

Even if you had to figure out each equation to get the correct answer, doing math in your head can sharpen your mental abilities. You can thank us later. 😊


Which of these equations equals 36?

Just by looking at the numbers being multiplied you could tell A and B would give you the same product.


What about 14 x 8? Even if it IS off the chart, it's really just 7 x 8 x 2. What's the answer?

If your multiplication skills are good, then you quickly knew that 7 x 8 is 56. Then when you double 56 (or multiply by 2) you get 112.


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