How Witchy Are You?

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The definition of "witch" has gone through a profound evolution since its inception. There was a time when it was considered heretical not to believe in the existence of witches, and within the span of a century it became heretical to believe in the existence of witches. In some cultures, witches were healers or seers. In other cultures, witches were malevolent worshipers of evil, ranked among monsters like vampires and kobolds.

Today, most people know better. There are people who call themselves witches; practitioners of any of various neopagan religions and the like. There are people who go by "witch" or some cultural variant, who practice their culture's black magic, casting spells that terrify. Being witchy is about more than either of those things. Being a witch comes from within, and stems from an inner light, an inner power that takes one of many forms. What it boils down to is a latent power to influence others and to influence outcomes through force of character. To be witchy, one needs integrity because it comes from being truly oneself without making excuses, all the while being powerful in a unique way.

If you are questioning how witchy you are, question no more! We'll figure it out. Take this quiz and we'll tell you how witchy you are!

Have you ever been accused of manipulating others when you really weren't?

How do you greet others?

What is your magic phrase of choice?

How do you view your powers, morally speaking?

How often do you worship?

What word best describes how you look when you wake up in the morning?

What do you think motivates most men?

What appearance-related item do you always carry when you go out?

What's your idea of a a romantic getaway?

What best sums up your image from high school?

How would you describe your role at work?

How long was your longest relationship?

What do you think motivates most women?

How many unconventional romantic relationships have you been a part of?

What is your god or goddess of choice?

Have you ever escaped accusations of manipulating others while you really were?

What do people want more than anything?

In an ideal world, how would you make an entrance at a fancy party?

With which of these symbols do you most identify?

What is your go-to ritual when confronted by an obstacle to your major goals?

What is an example of an event you feel you influenced through force of will alone?

What condition do you depend on for luck?

What season makes you feel most energized?

How would you use your wiles on someone you viewed as a potential soulmate?

Which witch do you look up to most?

What color dominates your "power wardrobe"?

Which of these is most like your foible?

How much would you want your partner to be like you?

In which area of life do you most often use your powers?

How witchy do you feel?

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