How Would You Die in "Game of Thrones"?

Zoe Samuel

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One of the things we learn early on in "Game of Thrones" is that you win or you die. You can't just play a little, then quit, or take second place and expect everything to turn out well. We also learn, though it is not said so explicitly, that a lot of people die who never actually played, just because they got on the wrong side of the wrong House at the wrong time.

There are a lot of ways that characters on "Game of Thrones" meet their makers, and while some are very grisly, others are relatively peaceful. Most are somewhere in between, though a few are so ghastly that you wonder how on earth the actor playing the role didn't need therapy to get through it. 

If we're honest, most of us probably wouldn't last very long in Westeros, but how we'd end up making our final journey depends on our choices. Not all choices in the world of "Game of Thrones" lead inevitably to a grim end, of course, which means that it might just be possible to make it to the very end. It's time to figure out just how much of you will be left when they finally gather around your tomb to say those immortal words, "And now his/her watch is ended."

Which House would you support for the throne?

Do you intend to become a knight?

You got caught and now you're on trial. What option do you like best?

Which of the seven kingdoms would be the best one to live in?

Maesters in "Game of Thrones" get a link in their chain for each area of expertise. How many links would in yours?

How good a horse rider are you?

What cape will you wear into battle?

Who would you root for in the War of the Five Kings?

Would you ever want to ride a dragon?

Which GOT language is most fun to speak?

How often do you break your promises?

What symbol not already in use by a GOT house would you adopt as your sigil?

In which GOT city would you like to live?

How would you get around?

If you were to pack it all in and retire, which GOT island would you retire to?

How many faces are in your face collection?

What would your House motto be?

If your goldmine ran out of gold, how would you get your hands on more money?

Which of the GOT deities do you hope would answer your prayers?

Do you always pay your debts?

Which GOT saying always rang true to you?

You've been invited to a wedding! How do you feel about that?

Next time you're seeking a job, which castle will receive a copy of your resume?

How do you feel about the Stone Men?

Would you rather be stuck in Winterfell for a year of crushingly cold winter, or Sunspear for a year of unbearably hot summer?

What mechanism do you recommend for getting rid of mad kings?

You've screwed up really badly and justice is coming for you. How do you evade it?

What do you think is the best career choice in Westeros?

It's the night before a battle. What are you up to?

The bad guys are here! Where will you ride out the battle?

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