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Men, women and children around the world have become the victims of human trafficking. They're forced to labor in sweatshops, mines, fields or homes, or they're pushed into prostitution on the street and in brothels. Are you informed about this terrible crime?

According to the most recent human trafficking report from the U.S. State Department, how many people worldwide live as slaves, subjected to forced labor and sexual exploitation?

According to the U.S. State Department, 12.3 million people are currently living as slaves.


Is the State Department's estimate of 12.3 million slaves in the world correct?

There is no way to know how many people are living in slavery today; often, when discussing ways to end human trafficking, people debate just how big (or small) this problem might be.


Which is more common: sex trafficking or labor trafficking?

Though sex trafficking tends to garner more headlines, it's now believed that labor trafficking happens far more often than sex trafficking.


According to the State Department, how many successful prosecutions of traffickers were conducted in 2009?

Though there may be millions of slaves worldwide, and tens of thousands of them in the U.S., a mere 4,000 traffickers were prosecuted for their crimes in 2009.


Often, traffickers will tell their victims that they must work as a prostitute or a manual laborer until they've repaid money owed for travel to a new country. What is this practice called?

Debt bondage, or the practice of forcing debts to be paid off in labor or prostitution, is an extremely common practice in human trafficking. In many cases, the victims never notice that the debt never gets any smaller.


Which country has become associated with "slave redemptions," in which aid groups pay traffickers to free slaves?

Many aid groups have tried to buy slaves' freedom in Sudan, but the practice of slave redemptions is controversial because it may only further fill the coffers of dangerous criminals.


What's the difference between trafficking people and smuggling people?

One of the many differences between trafficking and smuggling is consent -- people consent to a business arrangement that ends in smuggling, whereas there's no consent in trafficking, or the consent is rendered invalid by fraud on the part of the trafficker.


When was the United States' Trafficking Victims Protection Act passed?

The TVPA was passed in 2000. The act established trafficking as a crime in the U.S. and identified protections and services that victims could access.


The U.N.'s Palermo Protocol said that the governmental response to human trafficking should be the "3 P's." What are the three P's?

The 3 P's are prevention of human trafficking, prosecution of human traffickers and protection for human trafficking victims.


Which major website did human trafficking advocacy groups target in the late 2000s, claiming that it was a venue in which human traffickers were able to sexually exploit girls and women?

Craigslist shut down its "Adult Services" section in 2010, after trafficking groups made the case that it was a venue for underage prostitutes to be bought and sold.


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